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Few days ago someone asked me to review Dingbux.com, which is a new “bux” site, but we do not review, promote or endorse anymore new sites based on the unsustainable “bux” model due to their high failure rate. I’m starting to hate saying this as I have already said it countless times, but “bux” sites usually are out of business after few months of their launch. Speaking of bux sites, 9 sites out of 10 do not last more than a year. You should always have that in mind when joining new bux sites. Anyway, as this Dingbux site looks suspicious to me, I did a quick research and found few discrepancies about the site, particularly about the people of their team.

On the Dingbux homepage you can see images of “the people behind Dingbux”, but certainly the images are not from the people behind Dingbux. The images are taken/stolen from social media profiles and belongs to other people. The names doesn’t match, these people have different names than those displayed on the Dingbux homepage. Not hard to guess which ones are real and which are fake. I will provide just screenshots, without links to the social media profiles and I will mask out part of their names in order to respect the privacy of these people, because obviously they have nothing to do with Dingbux.

Dingbux team fake images

Someone on their forum asked them to clarify about these images, and this is their response:

Really? Someone blames you that you use fake images/names and this is your response? Doesn’t sound convincing. Calling English names each other only? Yet you officially introduced under these names so the whole PTC community will remember you by these names. Better admit that you are liars and deceivers, at least you may gain some “respect” for speaking the truth, as sooner or later, people will find it out anyway.

I guess their customers are also “calling English names each other only” in their testimonials, which are also fake.
Dingbux fake testimonials

Other warning signs – they claim to use custom Ding Script which is a lie, they are using the Evolution script. Dingbux is just another probux/fusebux/zapbux wannabe, they are showing the same self-sponsored ads with the same description, just without affiliate links. Afraid that your affiliate links may reveal connection to some of your previous scams? I would say so.
Displaying self-sponsored admin’s ads increases their debt each day. As the site doesn’t make any money by showing those ads, ask the admin who and how is going to pay for those 1 cent ads when the flow of new incoming funds (member’s investments in upgrades,rented referrals) starts to dry up? Obviously, no one.

To sum things up, the administration of Dingbux is lying about who they really are, in order to gain your trust and that’s a reason enough for me to not recommend this site. Besides that, it is a typical garbage bux site, based on ponzi foundations. It is more Ponzi to Crash, rather than Paid to Click (PTC) website. My advice would be avoid this site, however the choice is yours and you should decide for yourself. But if you ask me, I would definitely not recommend Dingbux.

Review Published: 8 Nov 2014

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15 comments on “DingBux.com Review – Suspicious Program | Site to Avoid

  1. eribiri

    then why is it on the 10th position in emoneyspace

    • PTCCentral

      Because they have ad on their site asking members to vote for them on eMoneyspace. Paying members to ‘vote’ for them, not really reliable ranking.

    • emoneyspace listing actually does not have any importance. If you run a ptc campaign in your ptc site saying that ‘vote for us’, people will obviously vote, and most of them do not know if the site is legit or not. But most importantly, emoneyspace has been down for a long time 🙂

    • kevin kostan

      its scam site, my payment was pending like 10 days, when i post it in forum my account suspended .. its bloody scam site

  2. Mousebux earning here paid me 2 times I got paid twice a account


    sir,please review ptcstair,minbux,natyclix,firstclix & lynkar.i like your reviews as they help many people to decide to work or not for a ptc-site. thanks for your valuable & honest suggestions.

    • PTCCentral

      These sites are based on the unsustainable bux model, we do not review/promote bux sites due to their high failure rate. I just don’t see a reason why they would be different than thousands of failed bux sites. That means I don’t recommend such sites either.

  4. Thank you admin I love your site more and more you’re is the most trust with proof and explore with sincerely for beginner I have fail in to pct with no experience but from your advice I have some profit.and Thank you again and please hard working I will support you and let fight for scammer and get risk out or of them..
    Love and Cheer up …PTCcentral

  5. Simey

    If you go on emoney space.com you would see a lot of people have signed up to that site

  6. I always listen to your advice and I am quite sure that I never regret.

  7. Stat0290

    Sir please review buxleader, antclix and buxsteps..

    • PTCCentral

      Buxleader is a scam and it’s already reviewed, you can read the review here.

      BuxSteps is also a scam in the making, owned by previous scammer review just published.

      Antclix is Buxhost clone site, not eligible for review until it reach at least 6 months old, but I doubt that.

      • Bruce

        Sir , I would like you to review transitbux …. .. I am working on it .. I have doubts if its a legit site. Thanks …

        • PTCCentral

          Transitbux is listed on the Not-Reviewable list due to their payout policy:

          “Standard members will receive in Paypal or Payza 50%, the other 50% will go to Purchase Balance.”

          Moreover, they have some cashout rules that I do not like, for instance they are forcing members to make 5 posts on the forum in order to become eligible for payout, and after placing a payout request, a member must remain active and click every day during the payout waiting time (20 days), if the member miss to click for 2 days then his payout request will be canceled and 0,2€ fee will be deducted from his account balance.
          The total maximum payout is fixed to $25. After that, you are “forced” to upgrade, you can’t cashout as a standard member.

          I would not recommend a site that doesn’t pay what you have rightfully earned and transfer half of your payout amount to purchase balance, but it is up to you to decide whether that’s acceptable for you or not.

          • Benjamin Franklin

            Thank you very much for your valuable information about dingbux.com.
            Please review ptc stair,Grandbux.net,electbux and ptcrewards.com.
            Thank you