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Daclix is very new ptc site that is experiencing issues with payouts recently. As it can be seen on their website, there are no new payments since February 26 and there are lot of complaints regarding this issue, but the admin and forum staff are inactive and not responding to members questions and concerns. I wouldn’t expect things to get back to normal at Daclix. For me, it is quite clear that this site turned into a scam. Daclix will be placed on the Not Recommended list and will remain there until things improve, if ever.

Current Issues at Daclix.com

No Longer Paying – There are no new payments since February 26. The very same date, they offered “too good to be true” deal, substantial “discount” (50%) on membership worth $150. A well known scamming tactic. No wonder they stopped paying after that date.

daclix no new payments since February 26

Forum Complaints – The forum is full of complaints about pending payments. There is no word from the admin nor moderators regarding the payout issues.
daclix forum complaints regarding pending payments

Inactive Admin; Site Neglected – The admin has been inactive for the last 10 days, he doesn’t respond to members questions and concerns on the forum. No replies to support tickets either. The forum is not being moderated and it is getting full with spam posts, obviously some members are abusing the point system and post non-sense replies just to earn points.

Bottom Line:

Daclix stopped paying. I wouldn’t recommend this site at this moment. The site didn’t reach a month old before they turned into a non-paying one. Daclix will be placed on the Not Recommended list due to the reasons described above. We’ll continue to monitor this site, and if there are any changes/improvements of the current situation, we’ll make the necessary updates to this review.

Review Published: 7 Mar 2014

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6 comments on “Daclix Review – No Longer Paying | Site to Avoid

  1. Creeper

    As of today, the site is still active (and people are still joining and clicking the ads on it!), but it’s obvious that it has been abandoned a long time ago. Specially when you check the forums, it’s total chaos in there, not a single moderator shows up.

  2. nice work´╝îhow about manybux.com?

    • Use caution with new sites that are showing self-sponsored ads without referral links. It means they have something to hide – the same admin is owning another scam site where the same ads are displayed with referral links. So on the new site he will add these ads without referral links because if he include referral links he will get caught.
      For example, on Manybux.com the self-sponsored micro ads for Neobux and Probux are without referral links. Also these ads are displayed on the grid, without referral links as well.

      The same applies for Daclix too, they are also displaying self-sponsored ads without referral links. Probably the same admin had another scam site prior to opening Daclix.

      I am pretty much sure Manybux is from previous scam owner, but I’ll have to do my research first and will get back to you later.

      • PTCCentral

        It appears that Manybux is from the same admin of 4Gbux, a non paying scam site. Credits to PTC-Investigation for finding out this. More info on their facebook page.

        Moreover, the IP addresses of these two sites are too similar.
        manubux 4gbux ip addresses

  3. This is primarily the reason why i can’t join just any PTC site, especially if its brand new. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Yep, that’s why I will no longer review and promote new “bux” sites, unless there are big red flags or the site already turned into a scam. No point in reviewing and adding “bux” sites to the New Sites list, just after 1-2 months to move them to the Sites to Avoid list. Bux sites are unsustainable ponzi schemes that eventually will end up as a scam.