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Update: Clixzor is back under the original admin. For more details, you can read the announcement posted on their forum. The site has been reset and relaunched, using new database – meaning all old login details will not work. The admin claims that he will be refunding 50% of the money owed to old members over time. Despite this promise, we would not recommend it to any new members at the moment. You can’t just reset all accounts, including balances, memberships and referrals and start over, promising to refund members sometimes in the future. Clixzor will remain on the Sites to Avoid list for now. If they refund members, we will reconsider to change their status here.

December 27: Clixzor is listed for sale. According to the admin, accounts will be reset when the new management takes over. Clixzor will remain on the Sites to Avoid list. We do not recommend sites that reset accounts without providing refunds/compensation to members.

Latest update from the old admin
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Update 30 October: Things at Clixzor didn’t improve at all since our last update, therefore we are moving Clixzor to the Sites to Avoid list. Clixzor stopped paying through other payment processors as well, besides Paypal and Payza. The forum is currently unavailable and most likely intentionally removed. We would recommend to keep away from Clixzor.

Update 22 October: There are payment issues at Clixzor. Members reported on the forum that payouts are marked sent but not received in their Paypal and Payza accounts. Apparently, Clixzor’s Paypal and Payza account have been limited. Also there are complaints on the forum regarding pending payout requests. The Admin appears to be inactive since the last update a couple of days ago. There is no update from him about the current situation at Clixzor. Until they post a official update, if any, Clixzor will be moved to the Suspect List. Anyway, if the current situation do not improve in a reasonable time, their status here will be downgraded further.


Downsides – Issues to Pay Attention to:

Payment Issues; Stopped Paying – Initially, Paypal and Payza payout requests were marked sent but not received. Moreover, there were pending Paypal and Payza payouts. At that time the site was paying through Solid Trust Pay and Perfect Money, later they have stopped paying through all payment processors.

Paypal Limited – Their Paypal account has been limited. We have seen many times before that limitation of payment processor account can cause a PTC program to collapse. This is a common issue for New PTC sites. We strongly advise to wait and see if they manage to resolve this issue. Do not rush with investments through other payment processors.

Revenue Shares – Any site that is selling revenue shares and using Paypal as payment processor is at risk of having their account frozen due to Paypal policies regarding such activities. Paypal may consider revenue shares as ponzi or “get rich quick” schemes and technically that would be a violation of their Terms. I believe that this was the main reason why they got their Paypal limited.

New & Unproven Program – As usual, we do not recommend buying memberships on new sites (under a year old). Why? Well, most new PTC sites turn into a non-paying programs. In our opinion, it would be better to wait some time until the site proves that it is stable and credible, rather than invest in the early phase and risk to lose your investment if the site stops paying. Be sure to test a new site if you plan to invest. It is best to do your research to make sure it is a legitimate opportunity.

A “Bux” Site – Clixzor can be categorized as a Bux site. The “bux” model have been proven many times as unsustainable. Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members, and usually they are displaying self sponsored ads with high click rate. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue to cover the cost of the self sponsored ads, which is why they tend to collapse. Be sure to fully test a bux site and do your research if you plan to invest money.

  • Changes and Updates
  • October 30, 2013 – Site moved to the Site to Avoid List.
  • October 22, 2013 – Site moved to the Watch List due to payment issues.
  • August 3, 2013 – Direct referrals limit increased from 50 to 100.
  • July 9, 2013 – Review published, site added to the New Sites List.


Clixzor is PTC that was not paying for months. Recently the site relaunched but all data has been reset. They claim they will start refunding old members at some point in the future. Until that happens, Clixzor will remain on the Sites to Avoid list.

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Review Published: 9 Jul 2013

Review Last Updated: 08 July 2014

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43 comments on “ClixZor Review – Scam or Legitimate PTC? | Site to Avoid

  1. i have requested for payout two months ago. but it is still not paid. so i stopped working on it.

  2. Hello Clixzor Users!

    First of all we like to say many investors have recovered there money as we never disputed and chargebacks or disputes..We infact went in favour of those who disputed.. Many users disputed even when they got paid scamming Clixzor.. we didnt get support from or users – 90 days was a long wait, we warned Paypal 90 days will destroy Clixzor..We had to limit incoming money as it was not fair that Paypal limited Clixzor account.. Having $20k+ in 1 day alerted Paypal and it came to our attention and was too late..

    What i am willing to do is help as many clickers who have balance from previous to be paid back only 50% of total amount due but i cannot say i will be able to pay back within time scale.. this will take time.. The new clixzor reborn will be fresh and the old Clixzor we still have the database of old users and will look into the system and will update clients balance time to time.. We need start without revenue share as it didnt help Clixzor.. Total amount paid out was $380,000+ within 4 months out of $469,000 70% payment was to Paypal and then Payza again Payza got limited with $22k the rest processors where ok.. The worst thing that ever happen to us was no mass payment.. we was calling paypal nearly every single day for mass payment as many of you know making payouts like 200+ a day and answering tickets solving problems wasn’t easy at all.. Many users got paid twice on many occasions and many where sincere paying back even though we never asked a single cent back.

    My intention was not here to upset was paypal that really damaged us and i agree with PTCCENTRAL rev share always avoid revshare any site that have revshare are unstable – We must have been the first to introduce revshare and then many PTC followed after us but could not be where we was in such a short time.

    I want to bring back Clixzor and help those last few clickers who were clicking and have funds in there balance.. Also i see user who is claiming to have $300 that we owe but need to checkup and confirm cuz alot of scammers disputed and chargeback even though they had got paid.. Many took advantage and made serious money on Clixzor..

    I am going to do my best to eventually make many clixzor users happy and put alot of trust back into Clixzor.. it will take time and alot of effort..

    I close my case and will see many of you come back and support Clixzor.. many of you will hate and discourage Clixzor.. im going to take it easy and steady and build a strong community over time.. I promise to keep Clixzor going with my new strategy.

    I hope to start Clixzor reborn by mid July 2014 i know it will be a bumpy ride.


    Admin Clixzor

    • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Clixzor Admin, You are a charlatan. You will die soon.

    • David

      You don’t have any idea to refund our amount. I have sent many support tickets about the old amount. I have even specified that you can put them in purchase balance. But no reply. Hi clixzor admin, you are shamming. Don’t cheat people again.
      Lesson learnt from clixzor:Scammer is always a scammer.

  3. From California,USA

    Clixzor is a really scam PTC website. The revenues shares did not paid investment members after PayPal review the Clixzor account. The admin provided fake and failed contact phone number and office address. I had been lost over US$1,000.00 on this scam site. So don’t waste your valuable time and money on those scam,fake、trick PTC Website.

  4. i am a member to clixzor,my first two payment get on time via paypal.but after paypal limitation i am requested via egopay on nov 19,but still this day that amount is not credited in my egopay account .now i am using my earning balance to purchase ad credits to promote own website .But i am still making clicks and hope fully waiting for their paypal limit will solving .I am not thinking they will stoping this site,because their active members level is too high,i think clixzor is one topest ptc site with highest number of members.

    • You may want to spend your advertising credits as soon as possible. As the admin stated in his latest email update, Clixzor is for sale and the new management probably will reset accounts, so you may lose your credits.

  5. doverlave

    I do not find any honesty in Clixzor. As far as I know their minimum amount for withdrawal was $2. I sent in a trial withdrawal request when my balance was $2.70. now I see a message that says “the payment could not be possessed because the required minimum balance of $3 is not there”. Infact now more than $3 is available in the balance.

    • muhamad

      you use what payment prossesr? i use paypal before this shit clixzor stop operating… no see any way to cash out, even i have $71.00 there.. so scammer

  6. I heard that the admin is quickly responding to critical issues on time, that he purposely removed the forum to prevent gross abuse, within a week, everything may be ok, let’s hope so.

    • muhamad

      i just open the clixzor, even forum not there yet… the rev share start paying start nov 16… dono it will pay or not

    • Ahmed

      When and how did you hear that ..I I submitted several tickets and got nothing from them ..last we heard from them it was from one of his moderators ..that it will be ok between Oct 25th and Nov 1st ..and it is now Nov 1st and nothing ..Have several direct referrals doing my best to keep them from disputing hoping like you that things will work again ..but nothing can tell they will

  7. marco

    Now the forum is locked and I can not access my account

  8. vicpar

    Soy miembro de clixzor desde hace 5 meses y desde el pasado lunes no he podido entrar a mi cuenta, se puede entrar a cualquier otra parte del sitio menos a la cuenta.

    Translation: I’m clixzor member for 5 months and since last Monday I could not access my account, you can enter any part of the site except your account.

  9. Could someone tell me what to write in paypal dispute to have a small chance to get a refund since it invest so what do i claim could you help me MELLY since you win a Dispute

  10. Cwhdon

    Clixzor – I have $300 approx Pending Withdrawals PayPal say they are unlikely to accept dispute since classed as an investment. Is this true?

  11. melly

    clixzor was scam my file dispute has won :) just one day

    • what do you wrote into your paypal to get a refound cause it invest and for now i invest in 3 payemant of 40$ 20$ and 30 and one of 11 but it more than 45 days so that one i wont dispute it but what i should write in my payapl dispute claim for what ???

    • noedev

      @ Melly: how do you win a dispute against clixzor, what payment processor paypal or Payza.

      thank for your reply.

  12. ghosty1

    I can no longer get to my account. Nothing happens.I got on to the account through another site, and my account showed up, but as soon as I clicked on “my account” the screen went blank

  13. Muhammad Mansoor

    I have pending withdraw to my payza account.

  14. melly

    i have 2 pending withdraw to perfect money

  15. Brenda

    Hi. How are you? Well, I have been a member of Clixzor for a little while now. I did get paid. For the last 4 days, I have not been able to log in to the site. I don’t know if it’s for maintenance reasons or what. I have sent them an email on the 17th of October. As of now I have not received any response from them. I have not had any problems that I know of with Clixzor. I really don’t want to jump to any conclusions. I would really like to know what is going on

    Thanks for listening. Have a good day.

    • Hi, Brenda. I’m fine, thanks for asking. Clixzor is working fine on my end, I am able to log in without issues. If you can’t log in successfully, there must be a message displayed with the reason why you couldn’t log in. What does it say?

      • Brenda

        I tried once more and now I am able to log in. Thank you for listening.

      • Brenda

        I just tried to log in again. I am not getting a message or anything. The login page reloads back to the login page. I really don’t know what the problem could be.

        • I just downgraded their status here and moved Clixzor to the Suspect list. Clixzor is in mess right now, there are a lot of serious issues going on.

  16. Lems64

    Clixzor is very great and it paid Try it now you wont nothing to lose

    I invest to Business and now i have 160 referrals and i made around $2,00 everyday It my second payment now dont know how to copy my proof here but if you know i will do it thank

    • I still dont know how to copy paste my proof here if someone could hep i will do it thank

      • I change my mind about them now and i lost 110$ with them and i have 1 payment in pending 49$ and now it white screen when i try to see my account and the forum as error and dont go true so Scam site i will try litige to get my invest back will let you know if i win

      • Just insert the image link in img tag like this one:

  17. Very goog reviw this is what i was looking for and honet review i’ll bookmark this site for future reference.

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