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Update: Clixzone is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The review below will remain intact for information purposes and will not be updated anymore.

One of our visitors asked if is owned by the same admin of Exchangebux, and I can confirm that it is – Clixzone is a PTC Site that belongs to a large network of scam sites, all of them owned by the same admin. This network is nothing more than a ponzi scheme. As you know, ponzi schemes require consistent cash flow from new investors in order to continue, that’s why this owner is opening new sites, one after another and closing the older ones. The same admin is involved in the following sites: Quickbux, Exchangebux, Facebookclix,, and already closed, and

These sites are not paying or some of them are paying selectively (until the moment they stop paying). What matters more is this admin is known for running scam sites and neglecting them after a while which is why we will not recommend Clixzone. We do not recommend new sites from owners notorious for running scam sites. Therefore Clixzone will be placed on our Not Recommended list. For more details and proofs, you can read the PTC-Investigation’s review of Clixzone, which is already posted on their Facebook page.

Review Published: 3 Jun 2014

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11 comments on “ – Scam PTC | No Longer Online

  1. tenho mais de 30 dias gue pedi o pagamento no moussebux e nao recebi

  2. o feclix tambem virou scam,mais o linkaado

  3. j wait 2 payment clixzone scam

  4. loydbux is scam not payed many people

  5. scam

  6. valsamma

    linxpays, wsbux and rrpays are scam sites which owed me my payments. I requested a payment for $28/- after paying $24 for upgrading to 4th level and clicked 3111 clicks totally.Now i checked my payment section, it is not there at all! They eliminated all levels and only two levels are remaining now. I think a lot of people invested huge amount in this site and it simply ignored their pain by cheating like this.
    Sunnyclix, xclix, shbux all are scam sites.

  7. scam ptc site not pay

    • Kajal

      yeah its scam website 🙁

  8. omid


  9. surman

    check out and
    both are very legitimate and pays you good .

  10. HELDER

    This is right Clixzone is SCAM don’t pay i’m waiting since 23/06 and they block me so i can’t send msg to forum to other people know, when i see here the warning i already have signup on this PTC. Wrong Choice. The only PTC’s that i trust is where you win 1 dollar a day and i be paid 2 times 21$ and the same administrator of My Traffic