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clixten ptc advertising service
Clixten has been online for 2 Years 5 Months and 2 Days
Click Rate
$0.002 - $0.0001
Minimum Cashout
$2.00 1st
Payout Wait
3 - 5 BS days
Payment Options
Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money
Ads per Day
50 +/-
Affiliate Program
100 DR Limit
20% ref earnings
Avg Daily Earnings
$0.02 +/-
Country Policy
China and Vietnam
must upgrade

Update: Standard ads click rate increased from $0.002 to $0.0025. Points earnings have been also increased. More details here.

Clixten Review – Introduction:

Clixten is over 2 years old Paid to Click program that pays its users for doing simple activities on their site, such as viewing advertisements, completing offers (PTSU and Offerwalls), watching videos or playing the grid game. In addition, they have a referral program, so users will earn click and upgrade commissions from the members they have referred to the site. Clixten currently is paying as per their terms of service. Initially Clixten was placed on our New Sites list and now after reaching one year of successful service, we are moving them to the Legit list.

Positive Aspects about

Paying – Clixten currently is paying its members and payment proofs can be found on their website and on other places over the web. On the links below you can see payment proofs from other users of Clixten:
Clixten Proof of Payments page
Payment proofs on Clixten forum
Clixten Payment proofs on eMoneyspace forum

Various Earning Features – You can earn money using multiple earning features like view ads, watch videos, play the grid game, complete offers, like and follow facebook pages and few others.

Affiliate System – You can refer up to 000 new members to Clixten. It’s not unlimited, but 100 direct referrals should be a downline big enough that will help you to increase your daily earnings.

Forum – They have a forum. In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. The forum is a place where members and staff can communicate with each other. Members can post their success stories or doubts, post payment proofs, share the experience that they had with the site, ask for support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site. Usually, on the forum you can notice the first signs if something is wrong. If members complain about non-payments or payment delays, then most likely the site is experiencing problems.

Negative Aspects of

A Bux site – Clixten can be categorized as a Bux site. It’s not a pure bux site, it’s more like a bux site mixed with GPT. Anyway they are using “bux” features, such as admin’s self-sponsored ads (although the value of these ads is $0.0025, not the standard bux rate of $0.01), low direct referrals limit and expensive upgrades. The “bux” model has been proven unsustainable many times. Bux sites heavily relies on selling expensive upgrades or renting referrals to pay members, and usually they are displaying self sponsored ads with high click rate. Typically, a bux site will lack of advertising revenue to cover the cost of the self sponsored ads, which is why they tend to collapse. Be sure to fully test a bux site and do your research if you plan to invest money.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Earnings per referral click – 20% of click value (Standard and Extended ads only), up to $1.00 upgrade commission for free members. You must view at least 4 advertisements each day to continue to earn from your referrals the day after.
  • Paid to Like – You can earn 0.1 xTenPoint for each facebook like. There is a limit of 12 Likes per day that will be credited.
  • Videos – You can earn by watching Virool videos (1 xTenPoint per watched video).
  • PTSU Offers – You can earn up to $1.00 by completing Sign Up Offers.
  • Offer Walls – Matomy, Super Rewards, Swarmads, Minute Staff and PTC Wall offer walls are available. Users will earn xTenPoints or cash for each offer they complete.
  • XtenPoints – XtenPoints can be earned by watching videos, completing offers and Facebook likes. XtenPoints can be converted to money in Main balance.
  • Points – You will earn points for different activities you make on the site. You will earn 5 points for each forum post, 1 for each viewed ad and Clixgrid click, 25 points for each new referral, and 25 points per deposited dollar. You can convert your points to use them to purchase advertising or upgrade your account. 10,000 points equals to $1.00.
  • Grid Game – They have a grid game which you can play daily. All you need to do is to click anywhere in the grid and an ad will appear, once the ad has been viewed (8 seconds timer), you will be given a notice if you have won or you need to try your luck again. You will get credited as soon as you win and your winning prize will go directly to your account balance. You will be given a number of tries daily which will depend on your membership. Standard members get 20 chances per day. Prize is up to $2.00.
  • Traffic Exchange – The traffic exchange allows you to click for traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will earn credits which you can use to create traffic exchange ad. While you surf, you can earn cash prizes from 0.001$ up to 1.00$ and advertising credits.
  • Cashout Options and Conditions – Payments are made through PayPal, Payza and Perfect Money. The minimum amount required for the first cash-out is $2.00. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each next payout request until it reaches a fixed minimum of $5.00 for the 5th and all next requests. Payments to members are processed within 3 – 5 business days. There is a 2 day hold on all payouts through Payza. Users need to provide their real full name, otherwise their payment will be cancelled and refunded to their account. If you invested through one processor 60% of total funds you are not allowed to withdraw to the second payment processor. Standard members can request maximum $6 per request once every 9 days.
  • Inactivity Policy: Account inactive for 90 days will be automatically suspended.
  • Script: EvolutionScript
  • Owner: Pascal Mihaela (Romania)
clixten terms of serviceclixten frequently asked questionsclixten upgrade options
  • June 23, 2014 – Standard ads click rate increased from $0.002 to $0.0025.
  • May 27, 2014 – New offer walls added – Swarmads and Minute Staff.
  • April 06, 2014 – Standard ads click rate lowered from $0.005 to $0.002. Direct Referrals limit changed from unlimited to maximum 100 direct referrals for standard members.
  • January 08, 2014 – Direct Referrals limit removed.
  • November 4, 2013 – Site moved to the Legit List.
  • October 16, 2013 – Traffic Exchange added.
  • October 1, 2013 – XtenPoints introduced. Super Rewards and Matomy offer walls added.
  • September 17, 2013 – Review published, site added to the Test List.

Review Bottom Line:

Clixten is over 2 years old PTC site that has been paying on time. Recently they have made some changes to the membership plans and the click rates, the direct referrals limit has been decreased and they have set maximum amount ($6) to cashout per request for standard members. I would recommend to join the site as a free member and see how it works out for you. If you are considering to upgrade, be sure to test the site, do your research and make sure it is a reliable opportunity before buying membership. We’ll continue to observe the development of Clixten and we’ll update the review if changes are made to the site.

Review Published: 17 Sep 2013

Review Last Updated: 23 June 2014

Note: The information included in this review is based on Free/Standard membership details. Please refer to the site for information about upgrade/rented referrals features and do your own due diligence before using those features.

We would like to hear your opinion about Clixten. You are welcome to share your experience that you had with this site. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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31 comments on “ Review – Does it Pay? | Legit PTC Site

  1. Eddie Palermo

    The owner pays, so as Clixten. See details:

  2. Petros

    Dear sir’s
    I’m from Greece and I m working with clixten for one year! Of course I m not getting rich from this site BUT I had good payments this year!I have been paid from this legit site 4 times.. I want you to be my refferal! Is one of the most amazing ptc sites and I can give you the strategy I m following to win money from this site! Please be my refferal

  3. Stefan

    This PTC is stable. I have 60 RR and they click EVERY DAY , yes every single day! The only thing is that you must keep the AVG above 2,5 or 2,25(with autopay). This is’t hard because the price for recycle is only 0,01 with is good. The price for one RR is 0,15$. The grid gives you points with every click (20 clikcs/d for standart member). 1000 points =0,1$. So please join me, let’s help each other

  4. Stefan

    Hi everyone, can you tell me about the RR click rate.Are they goog or what? Thank you :)

  5. Alfred Success

    Clixten pays, click this link:

  6. I’m sorry, but any site having MAXIMUM limit 6 dollars per cashout is not worth investing time on the long run. No additional testing needed.

    • zanzi

      maximum es $6 for standard, cashout every 9 day, so max for basic is $18 per month (with no invest).
      I am gold and cashout 6 times a month of $25 = $150 month, biger upgrade more earning, I am in clixten from 1 year ago and paid me everytime I cashout with no problem so far

      • Me too… Very Cool… im a Gold member too!!!

        • I know they do pay, but I’m not gonna upgrade and bust my self off only to have RESTRICTED cashouts. Sorry!

  7. i don’t know about clixteen,.
    sometime i cant login, and sometime i can acces the website..

    anyone know about this?

  8. Clixten has been online for 2 years!!!

    Bonus for new members

    Free Upgrade Silver for 15 days + $0.25 to purchase balance to all new members instantly.

    Please join with my link:

  9. link182x

    i hope the owner of clixten read this, i requested a new password like 20 times and never received the e-mail with it, already lost 2 days because of that, my nick name is my username in clixten

    • link182x

      Oh i forgot, i sumbitted already a ticket in support and 2 days passed already, well almost and no answer

      • PTCCentral

        If this issue is not resolved yet, contact the owner on eMoneyspace, here is her profile. They were under DDoS attack few days ago, probably that’s the reason for the delayed response to support tickets.

        • link182x

          thanks man, i was guessing that too, i will check that right away

  10. Clixten is paying its members and you can earn money using multiple earning features like view ads, watch videos, play the grid game, complete offers, like and follow facebook pages and few others. Join now:

  11. noname

    Dear Admin,
    I’ve try to contact you via email but no reply. So I’m again asking here the same question. I’m thinking to invest in clixten these days. So according to you is it safe or not? I’m not asking about RR hits, I’m only concern will it stop pay after some days. Do you see anything bad coming towards this site? Will it be like neobux, clixsense etc? I didn’t put my name here coz I don’t want display my name to the clixten’s admin.

    • Hi,
      We dont have an e-mail adress where members could contact us, we are offering a ticket area, and all are being replied within 24-72 hours.

      If you have any kind of issues dont hesitate to use the ticket system.

      Pascal Mihaela (Xten Owner)

    • PTCCentral

      In my opinion, investing money into a PTC is not foolproof and cannot be considered a safe investment. A site may pays today, but anything can go wrong and the same site may easily turn into a non-paying one tomorrow. Clixten currently is paying and I don’t see any other serious issues there, but who knows what is going to happen tomorrow? There is always a risk when investing into a PTC. The thing is you cannot assess the risk level, as most sites are not transparent about their financials. Most don’t reveal any financial stats other than “total paid out” which doesn’t mean a thing to me as majority of that money the bux sites are paying back to members that upgraded and rented referrals. We don’t have any information on their income from selling advertisements, upgrades or rentals. Are they making any profit or maybe they are already in loss (like Incentira/Clicksia). Things like these are important to know when deciding to invest. Information is power, less information means less certainty. Since we usually have less valuable information, we can’t say whether is it safe to invest or not and all we can do is gamble and hope there will be no any unpleasant surprises. Just remember one thing, never invest more than you can afford to lose.

  12. teodor is a scam.He has erased from the forum posting that required payment. I have not received the third payment.

  13. Clixten es de fiar.. pero no la recomiendo a los miembros estarnder.. para muy poco es sus comisiones.

  14. ahomake

    This is site you can trust, at the moment. Paying and working fine.

    Use this for sign up ->

  15. BorisNT

    This site is pretty good it has everything
    you would need to succeed in the business
    If your interested feel free to ask me any questions about the site.
    :} I like it and will be active.
    This is really most reliable site to make a career in PTC world
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  16. Clixten is a paying ptc site. Now I created my blogger also created an article that proves received a payment of clixten. This is proof of my first payment received from clixten. Soon publish on my site two proofs of payments received, can see the link:

  17. Mark

    Hello Admin

    Could you please update the Homepage Image of Clixten. So far I have no complaints about this site. Will request payout soon.

    • PTCCentral

      Hello, the image has been updated.

      • Mark

        Thank you.

  18. [links removed – scam sites not allowed]

    In this websites really pay our workers sign up free and

  19. This is my 2nd payment from this site:
    Here you can earn from visit sites, playing the grid (earn up to 2$), watching videos and completing offers and tasks. For every site you visit you also receive points you can convert into purchase balance cash to upgrade rent referrals or advertise your site or PTC links. They also have a manual traffic exchange in case you have a site to promote or just want to promote a link of yours.
    Here you have my link to join this site if you like:
    Thank you!

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