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Update: Clixfever is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The review below will remain intact for information purposes and will not be updated anymore. is new PTC site, owned by the admin of and, both improperly closed sites, without paying what they owe to members. The same admin also owns I would not recommend any new site managed by admin responsible for other improperly closed sites, because history tends to repeat itself, despite their admin stating “they will make history this time”. Well, they already made bad history with Globalbux and Pinoyincomebux and now on the Clixfever’s forum the admin is asking for a chance to “prove himself once again”! Oh really, once again? He already proved himself twice, he wants three times in a row? Clixfever will be placed on the Not Recommended list, having in mind the owner’s history I would not recommend it.

Below you can see the proofs of the connection between Clixfever and the other sites from this admin. The same Paypal account, registered to the same person, is being used on these sites.
Feverclix connected to other closed PTC sites, paypal account matches

Review Published: 27 Oct 2014

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6 comments on “ClixFever Review – Scam PTC (No longer online)

  1. ross

    damn he owes me 20cents

  2. Elle

    Dino Carlo Resari owes me 1000 USD. This is Money I invested in
    His Website is now suspended. You can check.
    I made a request of refund via Paypal and they answered that only if there are enough other members that request a refund his Paypal account will be suspended. So, guys go ahead and open a Claim with Paypal against him. Do something!!!

  3. He’d better to prove his trustworthy by paying debts from other closed sites.

  4. jacky

    I don’t know why this admin is not feel shame of open this kind of new site, as he owe so many member money in I think the resbux $1000 referral contest price also never paid to their member also.

    • Maybe because there are no legal punishment for scammer like them? I think their activities could be categorized as criminality because many members often sent their money just to upgrade. Hope to earn more money instead being scammed.

      • The Big scamer!! Arobux is same!!