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Not recommended status badge is showing connection to past scam “bux” sites – the admin of Cliquebook has been involved into few scam sites and of course he doesn’t want you to know about that, and that’s why he is using a fake name “Spas” on the forum. In his welcome message he is speaking about his beginnings as a PTC clicker, but he failed to share with you his beginnings as a “bux” admin. Being an admin responsible for failed “bux” sites is bad for your future projects, isn’t that right?

Anyway let’s get to the point. The admin of Cliquebook is Nikolay Kosturkov and he was co-owner of and, both improperly closed “bux” sites and remembered as scams among PTC users. For more details about these 2 websites, you can read our Clikz4Freakz review and the Clikit review. Nikolay Kosturkov was also co-owner of and – 2 selectively paying “click to get suspended” scams, but he is no longer involved into Silverclix and Clixdo.

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Reasons Why We Don’t Recommend

Connected to Past Scams – As already stated above, Cliquebook is a new “bux” site owned by an admin that operated scam sites which were improperly closed down without paying off their members. In this article we will present evidence that reveals the connection between Cliquebook and Nikolay Kosturkov.

Let’s begin with the self-sponsored admin’s ads currently displayed on Cliquebook. For instance, let’s take a look at the admin’s self sponsored ad for Neobux:

Now let’s take a look at the ads displayed (at the time) on and Both sites are no longer online and can’t be accessed, but there is this website, Wayback Machine (found at, which is a digital archive of the World Wide Web. So when a website is no longer online, using the Wayback machine you can access stored copies which were created while the website was still online. That’s what we did and we found out that the referral links of the admin’s ads currently displayed on Cliquebook match the referral links of the admin ads displayed at the time on Clikit and Clikz4Freakz. As you can see below, the Neobux referral id is the same:

The same goes for the Clixsense referral id. Here’s screenshot of the admin’s self-sponsored ad displayed on Cliquebook:

And screenshots of the self-sponsored ads displayed at the time on Clikit and Clikz4Freakz:

As you can see, the referral ids are identical.

Nikolay Kosturkov has been known for using the username “looper” or “loopers” on other PTC sites. Here’s a link to his blog named Looper and as you can see on the following screenshot, his Clixsense referral link match with the Clixsense referral link displayed on Cliquebook:

He is still using “looper” as his username on other PTC sites and this can be seen from his referral links of the sites currently promoted by him on Cliquebook:

He also used the username “looper” while he was admin on Clixdo:

And the last screenshot shows the admin’s referral link for Easyhits4u. As you can see, the referral id matches the last name of the admin.

The evidence presented above is strong enough to prove that is operated by Nikolay Kosturkov, an admin responsible for past scam site. Now he is using a fake name on Cliquebook with a purpose to hide that fact. We do not recommend websites managed by previous scammers, therefore Cliquebook will be placed on the Not Recommended list. You have been warned.

Review Published: 9 Dec 2015

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41 comments on “ Review – Connected to Past Scams | Not Recommended

  1. trying to convince me to invest in this page but I see with the comments that do not end up convincing me to wait a while.

  2. Cliquesteria is a scam , admin don’t pay.

  3. i invest in and purchase referals but my cashout payment are still pending since a few days ago, i think it is scam.

  4. Great information Bro. Keep up the Good work. Please who want to know about legit PTC sites, you can check out this website as well.

  5. Antioco

    Cliquesteria is Scam

  6. One of new emerging PTC sites. But works only for sponsors who can recruit lot of direct referrals. Same like other new sites, can’t be trusted. It is safe to complete offers only on Clixsense, while earning in Cliquebook only as a sponsor.
    Legit but risky for self-earners.
    Reputation matters in PTC business and Cliquebook’s owner really has a bad reputation.

  7. SAVAS


  8. Eu confio no site do SCARLETCLICKS o melhor para mim

  9. my experience in cliquebook was I working 6 mounths when I request my pay, I have not been allowed to enter the page,
    I ask for a new password and they do not send it to me they ignore me,for me cliquebook is scam

  10. Said

    Cliquebook is a scam website, admin don t pay.

  11. thank you for your valuable review

    • Cliquebook and Cliquesteria is a one of the trusted sites forever. I got a 16 payments without any problems.
      Some banned people need read TOS about account verification before write complaints here.

      • alain delcey

        I have invest 1500$ in Cliquebook and Cliquesteria and at this day i’ll be pay all the friday: 70$ from May2017!!! No problem with Spas!

        • Cliquebook, Cliquesteria and Uniclique scam site. when i request money, they suspend my accounts without any reasons.

        • ВВП

          Алена мне тебя искренне жаль,но тебя тоже кинут не дав даже отбить вложенное. У этих дешевых подонков нет ни чести ни совести.Всем желаю быть менее наивными в этом мире, для начала собирайте максимум инфы а уж потом принимайте решения.А в идеале финансовой грамотности ,все РТС и подобный шлак устроенно по принципу пирамиды как не крути. Cliquebook и Cliquesteria сто пудов выборочный лохотрон