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Clicksia advertising service
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Clicksia GPT advertising service and earning opportunity
Clicksia has been online for 6 Years 8 Months and 11 Days
Click Rate
$0.005 - $0.001
Minimum Cashout
Payout Wait
7 days
Payment Options
Payza, Paypal
Ads per Day
13 +/-
Affiliate Program
No DR Limit
10% ref earnings
Avg Daily Earnings
$0.015 +/-
Accepted Countries

Clicksia Review – Description:

Clicksia is “get paid to” program which provide an opportunity for its members to earn certain amount of money by doing a variety of tasks, such as clicking advertisements, completing offers, promoting the website or referring others to the site and earn part of their earnings. The site has been online and paying for over 6 years, and they have a solid reputation in the PTC industry. Clicksia is running on a unique script and it is managed by a dedicated and an experienced owner. Clicksia has proven to be a stable and reliable site and they are paying without major issues. Therefore, it will be placed on our Established PTC Sites list.

Things we do like about

Well Managed Site – Clicksia has passed the test of time. The site has been online and paying since August 2007. For a PTC site, it is very important how long it has been online and paying. Many sites will pay at their beginnings, then stop to pay after few months. Obviously, Clicksia is a well managed program.

Paying – Clicksia is paying their members. Payments are send within 7 days, usually within 48-72 hours. Below you can see proofs of our payments received so far:

  • Nineteenth Payment Proof
  • Eighteenth Payment Proof
  • Seventeenth Payment Proof
  • Sixteenth Payment Proof
  • Fifteenth Payment Proof
  • Fourteenth Payment Proof
  • Thirteenth Payment Proof
  • Twelfth Payment Proof
  • Eleventh Payment Proof
  • Tenth Payment Proof
  • Ninth Payment Proof
  • Eighth Payment Proof
  • Seventh Payment Proof
  • Sixth Payment Proof
  • Fifth Payment Proof
  • Fourth Payment Proof
  • Third Payment Proof
  • Second Payment Proof
  • First Payment Proof

Here you can find payment proofs from other users on other places around the web:

Payment proofs on eMoneyspace forum

Low Minimum and Fixed Cashout – The minimum payout is as low as $1.00 and it does not increase after each payout. Great option, there is no increasing stepped cashout system or high minimum cashout requirements. Each time when you accumulate at least $1.00 in your account balance, you can request a payout.

Unlimited Affiliate Program – There is no limit to the number of individuals that you can refer to the site, which is excellent opportunity for members that are capable to build a big downline. You will earn commissions from your direct referrals PTC clicks, completed signup offers and as a upgraded member you will earn 5% commission from your referrals purchases.

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Free Worldwide Service – There are no restrictions, people from all over the world are allowed to join the site and earn with it. Members are not obligated to buy membership in order to receive payment. Clicksia have members from over 190 different countries.

Forum – They have a forum. It’s more like a community forum, however there are support threads for Clicksia. In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. The forum is a place where members and staff can communicate with each other. Members can post their success stories or doubts, post payment proofs, share the experience that they had with the site, ask for support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site. Usually, on the forum you can notice the first signs if something is wrong. If members complain about non-payments or payment delays, then most likely the site is experiencing problems.

Downsides – Things to Pay Attention to:

Earning rates – For members who are solely clicking without referrals, it may take long time to earn sufficient amount for payout by clicking only ptc ads, however there are a lot of sign up offers available and do not forget that there is no limit for direct referrals. Refer as many as you can to boost your earnings.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Number of Ads: 13 +/- ads (ad value $0.001-$0.005)
  • Average Daily Earning without referrals: $0.015 +/-
  • Earnings per Referral Click:

    Free Members – 10% of referral PTC earnings and 10% of referral Signup Offer earnings.
    Upgraded Members – 100% of referral PTC earnings, 20% of referral Signup Offer earnings, 5% from referrals purchases.
  • PTSU Offers: You can earn from $0.10 to $0.50 by completing Sign Up Offers. Every offer takes 4 days or less to complete.
    clicksia paid to sign up offers
  • Traffic Exchange Program – You can surf other people’s links and they surf yours, each link you view gets you 0.8 Traffic Exchange credit, you can create your own traffic exchange ad, fund it from the credit you earned and other members will view it. 1 Traffic Exchange credit equals one visitor to your website.
  • Paid to Promote – You earn $0.0001 for every unique and valid hit to your referral link. Upgraded Members will earn $0.0002.
  • Inactive Accounts Suspension – An inactive account will be suspended after 90 days of inactivity.
  • Script: Custom
  • Owner: William Jackson (Canada) – Same owner of Incentria
hits4pay terms of serviceClicksia faqclicksia upgrades
  • June 14, 2012 – Review completed, site added to the Established List.

Clicksia Review – General Conclusion:

Clicksia has been online and paying since August, 2007. It is a well managed and reliable program which will be placed on our Established Sites list. We found it to be a safe site to use, a program with which you can earn some extra money online with no hard effort. This is not get rich quick website, however you can earn some extra money, depending on how well you are able to recruit new members. Your downline can substantially improve your earning potential.

Review Published: 14 Jun 2012

Review Last Updated: 23 Jun 2013

Note: The information included in this review is based on Free/Standard membership details. Please refer to the site for information about upgrade/rented referrals features and do your own due diligence before using those features.

We would like to hear your opinion about Clicksia. You are welcome to share your experience that you had with this site. Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts in the section below.

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17 comments on “Clicksia Review – Established PTC Site | Paying for over 6 Years

  1. This website seems to be good from a member point of view. Not so much for advertisers. It is such a shame that Clicksia cannot enforce users to strictly follow paid to sign up instructions. I probably have about a 2:1 ratio of denied to accepted offers with more than 90% of denied offers not even following the first of two requirements. I wish Clicksia would penalize members who do not even make an effort to complete the offer. It is a waste to the member’s time, advertiser’s time and Clicksia’s time and completely disrespectful to the advertiser as they are giving you money to do an extremely simple task.

  2. I think this site has the highest number of paid to signup campaigns.

  3. This site is pretty good it has everything you would need to succeed in the business. Also, can use the traffic exchange to advertise your other sites. If your interested feel free to ask me any questions about the site. :} I like it and will be active.

  4. I joined Clicksia in march this year and I can tell it is a slow earning site. Anyway with a little patience and with some referrals you can cashout easier… . If you would like to join this site, feel free to use my link:
    Thank you!

    • Clicksia has sent you money via Paypal! This is my 1st payment from this Elite site:
      Here you get paid to visit sites and complete signup offers. Once registered you can also make an offer to get referrals to your own sites for an amount of money between 0.10 & 0.50$. You`ll also get paid 0.0001$ for every visit to Incentria via your referral link.
      Don`t waste more time and join this site by clicking my link below:
      Thank you!

  5. ya7ya

    Hello PTC comrades
    I am kind of new in the PTC world and i do suck when it comes to SEO and making websites and stuff like that I’ve tried everything but still i can’t get any referrals I’m losing hope, so I’ve decided to invest a bit “money gets money” and i was wondering if the best way is through the sign ups offers that clicksia provides and if it’s worth it i intend to start with something small as 2$ but still i would love to have some advice if you’ve tried it.

    • In my experience, it depends on the reputation and the age of the site which you are trying to get referrals for. If it is older and popular site, then PTSU may not be the best option. For example, if your PTSU offer is for Neobux or Clixsense, you may get a lot of fake submissions. Most of those who actually signed up would leave the site soon after they get paid for the sign up and very few will remain active afterwards. On the other hand, if the site is relatively new and attractive, you have a higher chance for getting active referrals. However, there is no rule, some may stay active, others not, you will get your answer when you try.

      Also don’t forget to set clear instructions and requirements for your PTSU, like reasonable activity requirement or minimum number of clicks required for approval.

  6. johnvas

    This is the sitte that pays so good!