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Update: Just like the other sites from this admin, Clickadoo scammed its members and was closed down. The site is no longer online. Initially the site was placed on our Not Recommended list and now it has been moved to the Failed sites list.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Owned by a scammer – Clickadoo is owned by a person who owned and was involved in other failed scam sites like, and We have found few proofs that connect this person with all this sites. On the picture below is presented the whois record for Memobux and payment screenshot from Clickadoo.
Clickadoo same owner of Memobux, Pinbux and Dynobux
Still not convinced? Click on the picture below to resize it. You will see there are 4 posts by the same person who used the same EMS account to promote his sites Memobux, Pinbux, Dinybox and lastly Clickadoo.
Clickadoo same owner of Memobux, Pinbux and Dynobux

Paypal Limited – Their Paypal account has been limited. As the owner od Clickadoo said “Paypal find out other account which he was using 2-3 years ago and they decided to limit his current account for security purposes”. Well they did a good job. They discovered that Clickadoo account is connected to other accounts used for fraudulent business schemes as Memobux, Pinbux, Dynobux and they blocked it. Paypal is the most widely used processor by both PTC users and sites. Usually, around 80-90% of the site funds are held in the site’s Paypal account. If Paypal decide to freeze these funds, it will be very hard for the site to operate successfully. This is a common issue for new Bux sites. Paypal doesn’t want to deal with risky businesses such as bux sites, especially not with scammers who were already involved in scam programs.

Stopped paying – Clickadoo is no longer paying its members. As you already know their Paypal is limited, so with little funds in the other payment processor accounts (compared to Paypal’s funds), Clickadoo can’t actually pays its members. Visit their forum and you will see there are a lot of complaints about pending payments.
Clickadoo payout complaints

Review Bottom Line:

Clickadoo was a PTC owned by a scam owner who have already closed 3 failed sites without paying members. Now 4 including Clickadoo. Site is no longer online and will be remembered as a scam.

Review Published: 10 Feb 2013

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