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Update: CenterBux was a PTC site owned by admin who owned previous scam sites. Just like the other sites from this admin, Centerbux scammed its members and was closed down. The site is no longer online. Initially Centerbux was placed on our Not Recommended list and now has been moved to the Failed sites list.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Owned by a scammer – CenterBux is owned by a person who was involved in other failed scam sites like,, and All these sites are gone and closed. We have found few proofs that connects this person with those sites. Firstly, here is a topic on eMoneyspace forum in which he (clawlancer) states that he is the owner of Another topic where he says he owns And lastly, a forum thread where he says that he is the owner of Centerbux.

I also did whois domain research and I found out that he indeed owns these failed scam sites, as you can see on the picture below:
centerbux connection with failed scam sites
It appears that the Centerbux Payza account have some sort of limitation. Their account is registered to Ekler Marton as well, as you can see on this screenshot:
centerbux payza account holder Ekler Marton
He is using the username clawlancer on other forums and sites. This is his profile on eMoneyspace, registered with the same username. And here’s a screenshot of the affiliate link for an advertisement displayed on Centerbux. He is using the same username.
centerbux affiliate link

Not paying – CenterBux is not paying its members. There are only two old payment proofs on their forum and complaints from members about not being paid.

Inactive admin, site abandoned? – The Centerbux admin appears to be inactive for a long period while his site is having issues. There is no word from him about the current situation at the site and he doesn’t respond to members concerns and questions. This usually means that there is no one there to manage the site, so you should not expect to get paid.

CenterBux Review – Final Thoughts:

Centerbux is a PTC owned by a previous scammer, so you should not expect that this site will be different than the other closed sites by the same admin. The evidence provided above in the review is enough for me to not recommend Centerbux. You should stay away from Centerbux. Don’t waste your time for nothing.

Review Published: 29 Jul 2013

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