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Update: is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The review below will remain intact for information purposes and will not be updated anymore. is site that claims to pay users $1 per each click, but it is nothing more than an absolute scam and fraudulent website. Have you ever heard of a a single legitimate PTC company that pays you $1 per each click, on guaranteed number of ads, on daily basis? Certainly there is not a single legit site that pays users $1 for such a simple action like viewing ads. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and Cashtasks proves no exception. Below we will point out few indicators why you should keep away from this site.

Reasons why you should avoid using

Fake Payment Proofs – Let’s start by taking a look at the payment “proofs” displayed on their website. Those payment proofs are forged. They just want to trick people and convince them that the site may be a legitimate business. Don’t be fooled by those so called payment proofs. They are all fake payment proofs. Take a look at the screenshot below.
cashtasks fake payment proof

Paypal does not use numbers as on the screenshot above – $1737.00. But like this $1,737.00 With numbers of four digits, Paypal uses commas after the first digit. It is obvious that the payment proofs are forged.

Their Paypal account is not even verified. You should not run a business and accept/send payments with an unverified Paypal, especially not in the PTC industry.

cashtasks is using unverified paypal account

Unverified Paypal accounts have initial sending limits of $500 so it is not possible for Cashtasks to send payments in amounts higher than that. Which proves our point the payment proofs displayed on their website are fake.

Moreover their Paypal is limited:
cashtasks fake payment proof

Creating false impression – PTC programs that claims to pay dollars per click are very attractive for people that are new to these online earning opportunities and don’t have previous experience with similar programs. Remember one thing – there are no get-rich-quick schemes, the only ones that benefit from these programs are the owners themselves. You may think this is your big opportunity to earn some fast cash online, but let’s be realistic. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. There are no get-rich-quick schemes out there. No one legit will pay users $1 for each click, it is just a way to lure people into the site, moreover you may become excited about the “easy earning opportunity” and you will have to upgrade your account to become eligible for payout (cashtasks is forced investment site), but you will receive nothing in return. You will just waste your time and money. You should not expect getting paid by this kind of sites and you should avoid them.

Bogus Click Rates – PTC programs are based on a business model, money should come in so they could pay members. How does the PTC program makes money? Their main income stream comes from selling advertisements. Cashtasks does not even sell advertising! They are just showing self sponsored ads with unsustainable click rates. So how they will cover the cost of these self-sponsored ads? Simply, they will not. They don’t bother at all to pay members. CashTasks heavily relies on you paying money for membership or referrals. And this is not how legit ptc sites operates.

Forced Investment and Payout Wait Time NET60 – You will be eligible for submitting payout request on CashTaks when your account reaches a minimum of $1,000. Bur certainly you will not receive such amount of money from them. You can’t request your earnings unless you have bought paid membership. Don’t fall for it. They just want to get people to upgrade their accounts to a paid membership and later they will not pay them. That’s how they benefit from this program – by stealing members money. Their payout terms are as follows:

Once your CashTasks account reaches at least $1,000 you can submit your request to withdraw your earnings if you have upgraded your membership to a premium membership. CashTasks will then review your withdrawal and if your account has not breached any of the terms of service then your payment will be added to our payout list and will be sent NET60(60 days after the end of the current month) to the Paypal email address of your choice.

Basically they are forcing members to keep their account upgraded for 60 to 90 days from the date when the payout request was placed, otherwise they will not receive their requested payout. But there is not point to keep your account upgraded, you will not receive payout anyway.

There is a reason why the payment waiting period is so long – it is because if you buy membership upgrade, you will have to wait at least 60 days to receive your payout and you must keep your account upgraded during that time. But you will never receive your payout, no matter how long you wait. Eventually you will realize that you won’t get paid – but you have lost the chance to claim you money back by disputing the payment transaction. Due to the reason that disputes must be filed within 45 days of the completed payment transaction. So, you lost your money paid for membership upgrade and you didn’t receive your payout. Cashtasks scammed you. That’s what they do – they scam people.

CashTasks Review – Final Thoughts:

CashTasks is fake program which claim that pays users $1.00 per single viewed advertisement. It is not a genuine program and it should be avoided. They are just after your money – they want you to upgrade your account to paid membership. Later, they will not pay you. We would recommend to stay away from this site, don’t waste your time clicking ads until you realize that you won’t earn anything.

Review Published: 20 Mar 2014

Review Last Updated:

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21 comments on “ Review – An Obvious Scam | No Longer Online


    Cashtasks, I have earned $ 1001.00, instead of paying, asking to upgrade a/c, again they will cheat. Same thing in probux, fusebux, zapbux, I have wasted lot of time viewing there ads, I will sugest there should be an authority to control before they enter to market or we will inform the govt. Where they must have registered, every body jointly try encash this possibility.

    • Nas

      Yes i know, none of these will work, if you are interested i can teach you how to make money, its guaranteed, just email me 🙂

      • praveena

        sir I want real ptc sites plz send details to me

      • hela

        merci pour l’information
        j’ai perdu trops de temps et en fin c’est de l’escroquerie
        Nas vous pouvez m’aider pour apprendre comment faire de l’argent
        merci d’avance

  2. I really can’t believe where do all these scams come from?!
    I guess there are (unfortunately) so many naive and good-willed
    people who really fall in these.

    Cashtasks has been online for quite a long time already, and this really pisses me off! How to take them down really?

    These reviews won’t help that majority of people who will never search and find out about them beforehand, but just register, click, click and click hoping to receive money one day.

    Sad and unfortunate that honest PTCs suffer from these
    scams. Let’s hope someone will do something and share the word of scams!

    Nice blog!
    I’ll promise to visit with better time.


    • Nas

      Hi Mark i can totally understand, i have been there all these happened to many couples of years ago, while your reach theirs minimum amount then they ask you to upgrade even after that you will never see a cent,
      that’s why i searched and searched for years until i found out couples of companies really work and you can make money, if you want i will teach and i guaranteed you that you will make just follow my steps 😉

      Wish you good luck,
      in fact i search here and there to find some people which they falling for these type of scames don’t want them to be the same place i was, thatz why i love to help

  3. alex is a real SCAM !!
    DONT. INVEST , dont lost your time to this scam

  4. I know these sites are 100% scam, but why are they allowed to continue?? There must be so many complaints about them

    • PTCCentral

      There are complaints for sure, but no one is really controlling these sites and what they do, unless they get big enough to grab the attention of government authorities.

      • Here is their sever details

        Changed On:

        January 17, 2014

        Expires On:

        January 03, 2015

        Name Server 1: (

        Name Server 2: ( They operate in Holland.. if fraud this can easily be taken offline..I have more details on them too. The authorities have probably no been notified about this scam and server it runs on

  5. Any site which offers $1 per click is definitely a scam site 😀

  6. raj

    complete scam

  7. Cathy

    I was faithful in coming to this Site everyday.Even promoted it and got refferals. I made $1020.50 and tried to cash out a few minutes ago..It said that cashouts were for members that upgraded..I sent them 2 emails to support..No where on that Site does it say you have to be an upgraded member…It says Free to join! I am really upset.. I only use PayPal…

    • PTCCentral

      Don’t fall for the membership. There’s the catch, they are basically forcing people to upgrade their accounts to a paid membership and later they will not pay them. It is free to join, but their terms says that you “can” withdraw your earnings if you have upgraded your membership to a premium membership. Cashtasks is a scam, I would not waste time, energy and money there.

    • surjanil

      I also suffered the same fate $1051 and asked for a pay out it did not happen asking to upgrade. 4 mails i have sent them never answered one also. I wasted my time in cash tasks.Please beware of cash tasks.

  8. Stephen Robinson

    Cashtasks must have lost their Paypal account as they only take Ego pay and that is not good in USA

    • PTCCentral

      Yes, their Paypal is limited, and that is a good thing, you will not get scammed.

  9. Stat0290

    Dear Admin today I got this proof, I think they “ll not pay forever, the world biggest scam site.
    Here it it,,I’ll never pay a single penny to upgrade this.
    cashtasks scam

    • prithivi raj

      how to available the premium member

  10. Wow, where the periods is suppose to be a comma had me, cant you tell the edges of the edited part was shaded, as if someone added their own number, not clever enough.

  11. Rashed Mahmood

    Thank you Admin…

    May you long live!