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clixsense advertising platform is an old scam site that recently has been relaunched under the same owner. This admin also owns other scams, you can read our reviews of Quickbux, Exchangebux, Facebookclix, Clixzone, and he is responsible for the closed scam sites, and Since Cashbux belongs to a large network of scam sites, I would recommend to keep away from the site. I would not waste time and effort on a site managed by a person with a record of running other scam sites. Besides, Cashbux was a scam in the first place, prior to the relaunch. Here is a screenshot from the payment proofs page on Cashbux before the relaunch.
cashbux was not paying for almost 2 years
As you can see, the site stopped paying almost 2 years ago and now they are relaunching and resetting the site without paying the old users. Below are attached proofs that will show you the connection between Cashbux and the other scam sites from the same admin.

Reasons why you should avoid using

Connected to Other Scam Sites – As said earlier, Cashbux is owned by a scammer and here are the proofs. Cashbux is using the same Paypal account which is also used on other site from this admin.
cashbux paypal account

The same Paypal account is used on
clixzone paypal account

Moreover, some of the ads shown on Cashbux are same with the ads displayed on the other scam sites from this admin. I am referring to the Clickbank ads, all these ads have the same Clickbank affiliate ID, meaning these referral links belongs to one person, in this case the notorious scammer admin.

Same clickbank affiliate links on different sites

Cashbux Review – Final Thoughts:

Cashbux is an old scam site which was not paying for the last year and a half. The site has been relaunched recently, however it is still a scam, owned by the same admin who also owns other non paying scam sites, therefore we would recommend to stay away from Cashbux.

Review Published: 11 Aug 2014

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7 comments on “ Review – Old Scam PTC (relaunched) | Site to Avoid

  1. Jahar Lal Chowdhury

    It turns out to be a scam site.
    Cash out pending since Sept. ’14.
    Sent them 8 reminders under the following tickets:

    Ticket number: 7187-BD5D-3C03-657B – 25 Oct. ‘14
    Ticket number: C19E-65FD-8BA7-0AF0 – 06 Nov. ‘14
    Ticket number: 8F38-6B91-7D96-7860 – 10 Nov, ‘14.
    Ticket number: B702-0B88-EC3C-F4AF – 13 Nov. ‘14
    Ticket number: F11D-8658-2A15-0ABE – 13 Nov. ‘14
    Ticket number: F5FF-CC19-AF5B-AA11 – 23 Nov, ‘14.
    Ticket number: B629-9630-5961-17B5 – 28 Nov, ‘14.
    Ticket number: E88E-4EE4-0CAB-3E5A – 14 Dec. ‘14
    Ticket number: 64F4-0339-10F9-0856 – 28 Dec. ‘14

    Yet to receive any payments.

  2. Aria

    CASHBUX is actually a scam, After waiting a week for them to pay me 2 dollars, the administrator cancelled my account and did not pay!!!

  3. Aria

    I asked my cashout in CASHBUX and waited for a weekend, but the adm told me to wait longer or to deposit money… so, it is a scam.

  4. Great job PTC Central! 🙂


  5. Stat0290

    Thanks Admin for good info. Please tell me about these sites:

    • PTCCentral

      Both sites are running on the unsustainable “bux” model, we no longer review, promote or recommend any sites based on the bux model due to the high failure rate of such programs. 99% of these bux sites are ponzi schemes that fail after a while. They might be paying now, but I doubt they will last long enough, because, typically for bux sites, they are relying more on members investments/upgrades, rather than actual advertising income and they are displaying high click-rate self-sponsored ads which builds up debt over time. The will pay as long as there are fresh “investments”, but they will collapse when new investments stop and old investors ask to cashout. That’s why I would not recommend any new bux sites. Besides that, Vapbux is copycat wannabe Probux, Fusebux, Zapbux. One more reason to keep away from them.

  6. Phyllis

    Yup, I got ripped off by this site when they first came out. they have tried to keep going under the old site, but I caught them advertising on a site I was using and told the owner, they removed the ad. They have a more modern look now, but it’s the same old scam. don’t use this site.