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Update: BuxSteps is no longer online. Moved to the Failed Sites list. The review below will remain intact for information purposes and will not be updated anymore.

Buxsteps.com is showing connection to at least 5 closed scam sites. The administration of Buxsteps was involved into previous scam sites, therefore I would advise to keep away from Buxsteps, it will be no different that the other closed sites from the same administration.

Update 25 Nov: Shortly after we published this review, the admin of Buxsteps commented here stating that he have no connection with other scam sites. At first he said that he “bought” Buxsteps from the “old” owner. Also he made it clear that he is managing the site by himself and said that the “old” owner is not doing this anymore (refer to the comments at the end of the review). When we confronted him with additional proofs which obviously he can’t controvert and questions to which he can’t provide reasonable answers, he changed his mind and now he is saying that the “old” owner Mohamed is helping him to manage the site. Oh really? A repeat scammer who is only good at scamming and doesn’t have a clue how to run a successful long-standing PTC site and who is responsible for at least 6 scam sites is helping you in managing the site? I am really curious how is he helping you? Giving you the expertise on how to scam your members?

This is nothing else but a bunch of lies. This “new” admin is no one else but Mohamed himself and he is just making up this story because he got caught, but his story doesn’t stick because he is a bad liar. From experience I can tell that scammers will use all types of lies and they will never admit that they were involved into past scam sites. Because that’s bad for the reputation of the sites they currently run. They will make up stories and they will try to deceive you, too bad there are naive people that will actually believe them. In addition to the proofs we initially published with this review, now I will provide even more proofs of the connection between Mohamed and Buxsteps.

Firstly, Buxsteps was initially launched on 25 November 2013 and closed somewhere in May 2014. They Paypal account that have been used on Buxsteps at that time was hotel.italia@hotmail.com

Buxsteps old Paypal account

This Paypal account is limited and no longer usable.

Buxsteps old Paypal account limited

The current Paypal account which is being used on Buxteps is buxsteps@live.it and the business name of the account is “Hotel Italia di popa Laura Liliana”.

Buxsteps current Paypal account

Hotel Italia contact detailsNow let’s take a look at the contact details (address, email etc) of “Hotel Italia di popa Laura Liliana”.
The email address is hotel.italia@hotmail.it and this is the same email that had been used on Buxteps over a year ago. Moreover, all other details like address and telephone number are exact match with the contact details from the whois record of Cashmebux.com, Bestclicever.com, Onbux2.com, Buxwave.com and Buxfuture.com. These are rock solid proofs that the current and the previous Paypal account of Buxsteps are connected, in fact registered to the same person.

Moreover, did you noticed the account creation date on the screenshot of the Paypal account buxsteps@live.it? It is 29 November 2013, which is almost a year ago. On the other hand, this “new” admin claims that he bought Buxsteps on 25 September 2014 which is 2 months ago. How is that possible, a new admin bought the site 2 months ago and he uses a Paypal email address with the prefix Buxsteps (the domain name of the site) created a year ago? Moreover the business name of the account is “Hotel Italia” which is the name associated with the first owner of Buxsteps. Of course this is a bunch of lies, the first owner is still in charge on Buxsteps and he is back to scam you again.

clixsense advertising platform

Reasons why you should avoid using BuxSteps.com:

Ties to Other Scam PTC sites – BuxSteps is owned by the same admin/admins of Cashmebux.com, Bestclicever.com, Onbux2.com, Buxwave.com and Buxfuture.com, all closed scam sites. Here are the proofs – the registrant name (middle names and last name) from the whois records of these previous scam sites and Buxsteps match.

buxsteps and previous scam sites whois records match

As you can see on the screenshots, the first names don’t match, so I thought maybe Buxsteps is not related to these sites, but then I did a deeper research and that cleared all doubts. There is this website, Wayback Machine (found at archive.org), which is a digital archive of the World Wide Web. It is useful in situations like this one, when a site is no longer online, with the Wayback machine from the Internet Archive you can access stored copies of the website. That’s what I did, and I found that some affiliate links from the self-sponsored admin’s ads on Buxsteps match with the affiliate links of the same ads on the other sites. This admin is also known by the username milkyway9. That is his username from the time when he was running Cashmebux.com, Bestclicever.com, Onbux2.com, Buxwave.com and Buxfuture.com. He is still using it.
same referral links on Buxsteps and previous closed scam sites
He also use the username milkyway9 on other PTC sites.

The affiliate links for the Anno1777 game are also a match (click on the image to enlarge it).

Same for the Payza/Alertpay affiliate links. Alertpay rebranded and changed their name into Payza, but the affiliate IDs didn’t change and as you can see on the screenshot below, the affiliate IDs match.

same Payza affiliate links on Buxsteps and previous closed scam sites

Closing and Relaunching Sites – This admin is known for closing his scam sites then relaunching them after awhile, of course with erased database. For instance he closed then relaunched Buxfuture at least 3 times, Cashmebux 2 times, Buxwave 2 times and also Buxsteps has been already closed once and now it is relaunched again. Proof attached on the following screenshot taken from the news section of his sites (from the stored copies in the Internet archive).

Buxsteps initially was launched on 25 November 2013 and closed somewhere in May 2014. It has been relaunched again on 25 September 2014. What do you think, how many time he is going to close and relaunch Buxsteps?

BuxSteps.com Review – Bottom Line

BuxSteps is owned by previous scammer who is responsible for at least 5 closed scam sites. The proofs provided in the review above and in the comments below without doubt suggest that the first admin of Buxsptes is also the current admin. Besides that, Buxsteps is a typical unsustainable garbage “bux” site, showing a lot of self-sponsored ads and it would not last much more when members stop feeding it by buying memberships and referrals. Our suggestion would be to keep away from Buxsteps, it won’t be long-standing successful site, having in mind the owner’s scam history. History tends to repeat itself, so beware.

Review Published: 10 Nov 2014

Review Last Updated: 25 Nov 2014

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38 comments on “BuxStepsReview – Connected to Other Scams | No Longer Online

  1. ibetzim

    really your site has been tremendously helpful. can I trust any PTC site that is advertised on ptccentral, what happens when one uses a fake address to PTC.

  2. Raymond

    buxsteps.com has shut down.

  3. Buxsteps SKAM

  4. jajajajaja

    I got 8 payment from there but now its closed LOL
    say that Domain Suspended
    This domain has been temporarily or permanently suspended. fu admin -_-

    • Conan

      If you need communication with Admin of Buxsteps send to this email:
      He have account in many PTC sites use that email and his name on other PTC sites is Milkyway9

  5. aaaa

    I have a 2 payments from buxsteps, now buxsteps is down 🙁 Has gone…..

  6. Buxstepsman

    Now Buxsteps is gone. I will dispute you very soon…

  7. Roberto V.

    Shut down today. Ordinary scam.
    As always, you were right.

  8. Chexy Chukra

    wtf…..? they aren’t scam i got paid from there 8 times -_- i’m member of their site from 10 oct 2014
    see proofs

    • Jancuk

      What now? what about your last payment? did you get it?
      Buxsteps not scam but bankrupt.

      • Chexy Chukra

        Yup! I got it But now they have some paypal problem that’s why i’m withdrawing -_-

  9. buxteps scam

  10. win1945

    yes scam, big scam. no trusted site.

  11. Muhammad Kamal

    i got a payment from this site…. instantly… i am from Pakistan. if he is a scam… then y he is paying….?

    • PTCCentral

      Buxsteps is an old scam site which was already closed down few months ago, without paying what they owe to members. It is managed by person responsible for 5 other closed scam sites, so yes it is just a scam in the making, paying doesn’t mean they are legit, all scam sites are paying until they stop to pay, and the same is going to happen with Buxsteps. Which is why we have published this review, to warn you and give you head ups on what is going to happen.

    • raheel

      Now, pending about 2 weeks. What now?

  12. ZOLTÁN

    Hi there ,

    can tell me anyone how can i my invested money claim back from this scam sites ? Thanks

  13. bux

    you are a good detective admin you can find a better job than investigating ptc crap sites.

  14. bux

    Do not invest in ptc sites, the industry is based on a wrong idea; and that is untargeted and random and junk advertising. why should i advertise in a ptc site? i can advertise on google or bing and i get the audiences which are looking for me. ALL PTC SITES ARE SCAM . hey ptccentral admin why are you wasting your time? close your site with a big seal on it: ALL PTC SITES ARE SCAM . do not review all of them!

  15. First of all congratulation for this site scam sites are really bad and destroy many innocent members by the way I would like to talk with you about buxsteps and who is the owner and who is the old owner of the site that owned all those sites that you mentioned . He is a friend of mine here in Italy his name is mohamed and I know him long time ago throw best click ever site but unfortunately he closed all sites for paypal problem and he is not doing this anymore any way I asked him to sell me buxsteps and I studied very good about the management of the ptc and here I am I just started first of October and thanks God I didn’t miss a single payment and the site is growing as you can see check also our forum . I just wanna say with this blog that you create about buxsteps is killing my work I have invested 8000 euros and I hope to make it bigger without scam any one so I need to talk to you as soon as possible send me any contact also phone number thanks and good luck

    • PTCCentral

      And when that happened? When did you bought Buxsteps from the old owner?

      • Djava

        You have to look my Payment proof on Buxsteps. My username is Djava.

        • PTCCentral

          Good for you, you are getting paid with money that this admin stole from thousands of members on his previous scam sites. Enjoy it while it lasts.

          • Djava

            Today, I got paid again ($17.75). Good for me right? 🙂

            • panos

              PTCCentral warns people and gives proofs for his warnings. He is not speculating nor trying to rule over someone. It’s everyone’s choice to hear or disregard his warning horn.

              • Djava

                I got paid $17.75 again. 😀

      • 25/09/2014… and i am not a scammer and never and never will scam any one and i am not connected to any other sites and i will not create a second buxsite Buxsteps is alive and payed all payments ( actually Instant) Hope you understand and Also asking if you can put my site in the watch list

        • PTCCentral

          If you bought the site from the “old owner” then why you are still displaying self-sponsored ads with the same affiliate links of the “old owner”? Moreover, why you use the same paypal account associated with “hotel italia” and Mohamed? Hotel.italia@hotmail.it is the Paypal account used previously on Buxsteps. And the business name on your current Paypal is Hotel Italia. You are no one else but Mohamed himself. You have a habit of closing your scam sites and relaunching them again, Buxsteps was initially launched on 25 November 2013 and closed somewhere in May 2014. You did the same with your other scam sites, for instance I have proofs that you closed then relaunched Buxfuture at least 3 times, same for Cashmebux and your other sites. Why would you buy a closed scam site from owner responsible for at least 6 scam sites, when you can simply register new domain and start clean? You are just making up this story because you got caught, but your story doesn’t stick because you are a bad liar.

          Before studying about “management of PTC sites” you need to study English to improve your grammar. In your comment above you said you “payed” all payments on Buxsteps… Do you know what payed means? I don’t remember anyone else using “payed” as past tense and participle of “pay”. Paid is the correct usage. Why I am saying this? Because you also used “payed” in the title and description of the self-sponsored ads on your previous scam sites and now on Buxsteps (screenshot below) and that proves that you are the same admin making the same grammar mistake, in addition to all other proofs from the article above.

          You are using the same username “milkyway” for the sites you are promoting, you are using the same referral links which were used on those 5 closed scam sites, your paypal is connected to Mohamed and “hotel italia”, you make the same grammar mistakes and you still say you are a different person. Maybe you can fool some newbies in PTC sites, for me you will have to try a lot better than this.

          At the end, you are a repeat scammer, you scammed before and you will scam again. We give warnings to our visitors to keep away from admins like you, with history of running scam sites, closing them down and relaunching them after a while. It is up to our visitors to decide whether to listen or ignore our warnings, I really don’t care if I am killing “your work”, you killed the work, time and effort of thousands of people on your scam sites, yet you complain here. Watch list is too good for you, I should make a Hall of Shame page dedicated to you.

          • I will not waste time here any more – scam or not scam keep doing the good work with really scammer sites- i will repeat you again and time will show that you are wrong i am a friend of Mohamed he helped me with the site he give me all keys to start a the PTC worlds he is helping me on Buxsteps . may be my english is not good but i am honest person and will never offend or scam any one.

            But believe me time will show you what Buxsteps is going to do so far.

            And then what you said here about Buxsteps will change completly

            Good luck and all the best for the good work

            • Stat0290

              Ok, let’s see; I’ve an a/c in your site. I’ll never invest but ‘ll wait for my first payout as standard member. Then ‘ll must see your truth.

              • Bev

                Can’t wait for your update Stat0290 . Will make interesting reading I’m sure. Let us know how you’re getting on, see if you can find these so called payment proofs.

            • win1945

              hi scam

  16. bux

    All of the ptc sites are scam ! no need to Review them . ptc sites offer untargetted ads and are not a good place to advertise !

  17. These sites mostly get referrals through referral exchange where users get referrals and in return join others ptc sites.

  18. This person used ‘Mostofa Mahmoud Abdel Ghany’ as his name in the past. His another email address is: hotel.italia@hotmail.it

  19. Stat0290

    Thank you sir for your valuable reviews, please review about oxybux.

    • Roberto V.

      And…..Buxsteps has gone away!
      What kind of character (Mario) you must be to come here and lie about your fair dealing!
      Such a shame.