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Update: Licbux and Buxlinx are no longer online. Moved from the Not Recommended list to the Failed sites list.

Old Review History: and are owned by same admin. Licbux is non paying and abandoned PTC, didn’t lasted for 2 weeks. If you remember, a closed scam site, then you will notice that the layout of Licbux is virtually identical to I don’t think Licbux is from the same owner of and, as I don’t see any connection between them. They just ripped off the old design of Moreover, they are using nulled version of the Evolution Script. Don’t have high hopes on sites that can’t afford to pay for design and script. In most cases it means they can’t afford to pay you too. As said earlier, Licbux lasted for about 2 weeks. After the admin left the site, he opened new site, It should not come as a surprise if Buxlinx ends up just like Licbux. Both sites will be added to the Not Recommended list.

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The screenshots attached below will show you the connection between these two sites. Both sites are displaying the same ads with the same admin’s referral links.

Licbux and Buxlinx advertisements with same admin's referral links

The admin is using the username luisgaga on most sites. Here’s a screenshot of Licbux payment proof – the paypal account is registered to Luis Gaga.

Licbux payment proof

Shortly after the launch of Licbux (February 1st) there was an investor contest which lasted until February 13. And what happened after that date? Boom, the forum was removed, no prizes paid for contest winners, no new payments since then. Here’s some general tip for PTC sites – stay away from or use caution with sites that have investor contests. In most cases, they are looking just for your money. It’s quite clear that the admin abandoned Licbux without paying what he owes to members. The very same date (Feb 13) Buxlinx was launched.

Licbux investor contest - prizes unpaid

When new site is launched, we are all looking for some payment proofs to see whether the site is paying. But certainly we do not want to see payment proofs from the admin himself! The admin is pretending to be a member of Buxlinx. He even posted praises (as a “member” of Buxlinx) on one online earning forum. Note the part “received within minutes”. Very convincing!

Buxlinx admin's payment proofs

And lastly, Buxlinx is running illegally on nulled version of the Evolution script, according to the license checker provided on the EvolutionScript website. Avoid sites that operates illegally. In most cases nulled scripts will have backdoors and modified code inserted into them which allows hackers to access the site server. Which means the site is not secure and so is your potential investment on that site. Moreover, don’t spend effort on sites that don’t want to pay for legal version of the script. Most likely they will not want to pay you too and will run away after a while.

buxlinx nulled script

Review Bottom Line:

Licbux and Buxlinx initially were placed on the Not Recommended list due the the reasons described above. Now both sites are gone and no longer online, therefore these 2 sites have been moved to the Failed Sites list. Any future sites from the same owner will get the badge “Site to Avoid”.

Review Published: 26 Feb 2014

Review Last Updated:

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