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Big-Bux is buxhost site which is not paying. You can find many complaints on the net about non-payments. Also they will cancel most of the payment requests and reverse back the money to account balance, or will left the payment pending for a long time.

The site seems poorly managed, there are no new posts on the forum, although you can find a very few recent small payments in their payment proofs section. The owner of Big-Bux is the same owner of other failed scam sites, like Buxcrasher and 0minbux. He also owns, another non-paying site which is still online and scamming. Clearly, he is running a ponzi scheme. With little or no legitimate earnings, the ponzi schemes require a consistent cash flow from new investors to continue. Ponzi schemes tend to collapse when it becomes difficult to recruit new investors or when a large number of investors ask to cashout.

They will send spam messages through the message center on their site, asking for your personal information. Use caution and do not send them your personal information, you do not know for what purpose they will use it. You can not trust a fraudulent business scheme!
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The domain is listed for sale. Which means the owner has no intention to clear the debt to the members and most likely the site will be closed in near future.
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We recommend to stay away from this site and do not waste your time clicking ads and waiting to be paid. If you have invested in this site, we advise you to file a dispute at your payment processor.

Review Published: 13 Jul 2012

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