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Update: All sites have been closed down and would be remembered as scams. Moved to the Failed list.

Old review for reference:

These sites are owned and managed by the same admin. Also owner of, a scam site which is no longer online. Since we don’t recommend sites from owners with history of running scams, we would advise to keep away from these sites. Besides that, some of those sites already turned into scam or are on the edge of scam. For instance, Awaybux is suspending accounts without valid reason, marking payments “completed” without sending the money to payment processors accounts etc.

clixsense advertising platform

Here are the proofs that will reveal the connection between these sites. Firstly, all of them are hosted on the same server and are using the same DNS. Click the image to enlarge it.,,, same server

Secondly, all sites are showing more or less the same self-sponsored ads with identical admin’s affiliate links. Here’s screenshot of the admin referral links for the same advertisement, displayed on all 4 sites. Also the other ads are with identical referral links, no need to post screenshots for all of them, you can check the ads on these sites if you want to make sure.

Same admin's referral links on,,,

Here’s a screenshot of Bbcbux payment proof – the customer service email is from

Bbcbux and awaybux same Paypal account

Bottom Line:

Bbcbux, Awaybux, Capbux and Rapky will be added to the Not Recommended list. It is obvious that this admin is running and opening new sites with intention to scam, therefore we don’t recommend using his sites.

Review Published: 21 Feb 2014

Review Last Updated:

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2 comments on “,,, – Failed Sites

  1. jamc222

    saludos, el sitio publica falsa informacion de pagos, mi usuario aparece en la lista de pagos del 31/12/2017, a través de Paypal; el pago nunca llego. el foro ha sido sistemáticamente censurado, ya que los comentarios que tratan este asunto son borrados. pueden observar que ninguna prueba de pago presenta replicas; no contesta los tickets a soporte. sugiero actuar con cautela

  2. I don’t bother with Bux looking sites, lately i have seen many Clix sites this year, would like to see more new ptcs and if they are paying you.