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Review Last Updated: March 15, 2013
Owner: Ashraful Abedin aka iconzii; shajjad – same owner of Sambux, XcBux, Xoxbux, UeoBux, Goobux, Jssbux, ClicksX, Iconbux

Batbux is a ptc site that is owned and managed by Shajjad, a person who was/is involved in failed scam sites like Iconbux, Buxpips, Xcbux, Sambux, Goobux, Jssbux, Explobux, ClicksX and only he knows how many more scams he have created. This time, instead of his favorite Zeus/nTeN, he is using different script (PTC Evolution) and different earning features but like many times before he failed again to hide the traces so we were able to find out that he is behind Batbux. In this review, we are presenting you what we have found so far and how we came to the conclusion that Batbux is a ptc owned by Shajjad from Bangladesh.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Owned by a scammer – Without going into much details, lets start with the welcome message that he post on the forum whenever he open a new site. The welcome messages (copied from Probux) are very similar on each site that Shajjad owns, he is just copy-pasting one and the same welcome message, originally created by the ProBux admin. It appears that Shajjad is really impressed by him and he is copying every announcement from ProBux forum and then posting it on his own forums, so members would thinks he might be hard working admin who always is making improvements on his sites, but actually he is not. While the Probux admin is really “pro” at what he’s doing, Shajjad is just a dumb scammer who can’t run a site for longer than a few days without getting spotted. He is always combining few similar sentences to create his welcome message. In his past scam sites, he used to copy the whole long welcome message from his older sites, changing just the site name, as he did with the welcome messages at Xoxbux, Sambux and Explobux. Since we wrote about this in our Xoxbux review, now his welcome messages are as short as possible, at Batbux he used only few sentences, however since creativity isn’t his strong side and his English skills are very poor, he can’t create introduction message, again he copied parts of the welcome message used on his failed scam sites. Look at the picture below and you will notice the similarities (click the pictures to zoom them).

 batbux welcome message

So, he launched a new site and now is time to promote the site. What do you think, what is the easiest way for a admin who owns a bunch of scam sites, to promote his newly opened site? The answer is simple – by displaying a self-sponsored standard ad on his other sites, like Xoxbux and Goobux. He was doing this before, whenever he opened a new site, he was promoting it on his older scam sites. He did the same when he launched Xoxbux, Explobux and JssBux, he was promoting them through self-sponsored ads on Sambux and XcBux, among others. Who else will promote a site without referral link there, except the admin himself?

xoxbux and goobux ads

Lets examine other similarities between these sites. One of Batbux moderators, Moonking commented on our blog and said that he was scammed too by Shajjad. Moonking also provided another solid proof that Batbux is owned by Shajjad. As you can see on the picture below, the referral link is identical for the self-sponsored ad displayed on both Xoxbux and Batbux.

batbux-xoxbux same referral links

And lastly, take a look at the picture below and you will notice more similarities. Both Xoxbux and Batbux are hosted on the same server with very similar IP addresses.
batbux server

General Conclusion:

Obviously, Shajjad ain’t getting tired of opening sites that are doomed to fail. This person have a bad reputation among PTC users, he already owned a lot of failed scam sites and he keeps on opening one site after another. These sites do not last long, he will pay in the beginning to gain members confidence but shortly after he will stop paying, he will run away with your money and he will open a new site, using the same tactic as before. Investors, beware, Shajjad is after your money. Therefore we recommend to keep away from Batbux. It wouldn’t be a long-lasting successful site. Batbux is created to scam you, just like all other sites owned by this notorious scammer.

Review Published: 15 Mar 2013

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17 comments on “ Review – Owned by a Known Scammer | Site to Avoid

  1. This site also belongs to Ashraful Abedin.

  2. Ziffy

    Can someone check to see if he owns SenseBux too? I sure hope not.

  3. moonking

    hello admin,
    some more new proof , same ad,

  4. moonking
  5. Bembi

    Check this face of asraful ->

  6. hello ,
    i got new proof that batbux is scam , same admin of xoxbux .
    solid proof. same fixed ad ,

    • Hello,

      Thanks for the provided proof, I have included it to the review.

  7. hello all 😥
    i don’t know why you all are saying me scam 😥
    my mistake i trusted on xoxbux and goobux. 😥
    i invest + 350 $ in xoxbux and goobux 😥
    i invested 350 $ and only received 20 $ 😥
    scam admin have eaten my all money , and your are saying me scam 😥
    oh god , 😥

    and i am not only moderator in Asraful’s sites .
    i am also modrerator in many others ptc site , i only love to help members in forum of ptc sites .

    next time please think before saying me scam 😥

    thanks regards

    • Hello Moonking,

      I noticed that you posted exactly this same comment on eMoneyspace as a reply to a discussion there. Don’t post misleading comments here, as no one said that you’re the scammer here, but a moderator on sites owned by Ashraful. I am well aware that you are moderator on other ptc sites too, but those sites don’t show possible connection to Ashraful.

      On the other hand, Batbux is showing connection to Ashraful and I believe that he is behind this site. You have been moderator on other Ashraful’s scam sites and now on Batbux too, so your username will be mentioned in this review.

    • Moonking Part 2

      Hey are you real moonking please think about it and stop stop

  8. Bembi

    What about in the bux.. moonking as a moderator too..
    Check the forum –

    • He is moderator in other bux sites too, not only in those owned by Ashraful Abedin. It doesn’t necessarily means that all these sites are connected. I don’t think that Ashraful Abedin is involved in The-bux, I can’t find any connection and there is different admin in charge.

  9. NotMyName

    This is really strange, yesterday I thought there must be something wrong. A hidden ADMIN, domains registerd with WhoIsGuard or Domains By Proxy, mods that play god, unactive rented referrals, …

    Site is hosted at Snoork, LLC… same with JSSBUX, GOOBUX and XOXBUX. Every domain hidden.

    Never make business when domain names are hidden…

    • And most of these domains are registered at ENOM, INC. Higher probabilty that they are owned by the same person.

      • NotMyName

        Yep… but many PTC sites have WhoIsGuard.

        Thinking of opening a forum for admins… 😀

      • And they are also misleading its users and reviewers. I noticed an ad which points to NenBux a copycat of neobux (which is also advertised there both self sponsored). UpBux and OnBux where there too as self sponsored micro ads.

        Guess what? this guy is trying to divert every review site’s eye to NenBux. Seems they would pretend to be NenBux copying ProBux.

        Wise isn’t it? Check my review soon. It was funny.