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Batabux is gone and no longer online. It was Paid-to-Click site which was initially paying for a short period of time. Later the site stopped paying and closed down without paying what they owe to members. Therefore it has been moved to our Failed Sites list.

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Things we do not like about

Site gone – Batabux is down and there is no any notification or update from the owner. The site went offline without paying what they owed to their members, therefore this site has been moved to our Failed Sites list.

Stopped Paying – Batabux is no longer paying its members. There are no new payments to users for over a year. Payout requests are not processed and pending for months.
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A Failed Bux site – Batabux is another good example why bux sites fail to stand the test of time. High click rates, self-sponsored advertisements and not enough advertisers will cause the bux program to collapse. The “bux” model has proven to be unsustainable. Bux site heavily relies on selling memberships or referrals to pay members, and in most cases the main advertiser is the admin himself. Which is why bux sites turn into scam.

Abandonment – Clearly, Batabux has been abandoned by its owner and forum staff. There is no activity from the admin or other staff members on the forum for months. You can see many unresolved topics on the forum in which members complain about non-payments and spam messages which tells us that there is no one left to manage the site.

Complaints and negative feedback – If you visit their forum, you will notice that it is full of complaints for pending payouts, unanswered support tickets and spam.
batabux complaints
Below are listed some other places over the web where you can find more informations about Batabux:

General conclusion:

Batabux is no longer online. It was closed down without clearing the debt to members. We have moved Batabux to the Failed Sites list. Any future sites from the same admin will be not recommended.

Review Published: 10 Jul 2012

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One comment on “Batabux Review – Failed Scam PTC Site

  1. xiao

    I do not like to operate these new sites,I think Neobux is better for me