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Update:,,,, and are scam sites from the same owner of Tomobux and Ceobux. These sites are gone and have been moved to the Failed list. Tomobux and Ceobux sites are still online and scamming.,,,,,, and are scam sites owned by a Chinese scammer admin. These sites are not paying and they have red flags all around them. For instance, they don’t have forums nor payment proof section. Payment proof page is available only on Jwbux and there are no payment proofs for over 3 months. All these sites are forced investment scams, meaning you have to add funds to become eligible for payout. Don’t do it, you will only lose your money, the sites are not paying. Moreover, the same admin also owned, and, all of them closed scam sites. I would not recommend any of the sites above. They are scams, managed by serial scammer, don’t waste time, effort and money on these sites. Below you can see proofs that will show you the connection between these sites.

clixsense advertising platform

The Perfect Money account matches on all sites, as you can see on this screenshot below:
the same Perfect Money account is used on,,,,,,

Furthermore, the same Egopay account is being used on all sites, which can be seen on the screenshot below:
the same Egopay account is used on,,,,

Moreover, the Egopay email matches the Acbux registrant email: registrant email


The proofs presented in this article are clear enough to reveal the connection between those sites owned by the same serial scammer. We do not recommend sites previous scammers. Moreover these sites are already turned into scam, therefore our suggestion would be to keep away from them.

Review Published: 17 Apr 2014

Review Last Updated:

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16 comments on “Tomobux and Ceobux – Scam PTC Programs | Not Recommended

  1. sadanand

    why close this site

  2. me lasquei nesse todos sites ae fiz mo grana so que nao recebi nada e alguns envesti so que nao recebi porrea nenhuma

  3. Edward

    Could you tell me how to see the source code of the website please?
    Thank you Admin 🙂

    • PTCCentral

      Open the site with Firefox or Chrome then right click anywhere on the page and select “Inspect element” to open the element panel where you can inspect the structure of the page.

  4. Carls

    Hi, I invested 223$ on Acbux between the purchase of a Mega Investor membership what allowed very big earnings and for purchase balance, It passed those two months and I haven’t returned to know nothing about payment.

    All these websites are so, so don’t invest none quantity, 0%.

    Acbux stole me much money.

    Those admin are a dirty illuminati pigs.

    They only want to steal you, none of those websites will pay you never.

    Investing = Losing money = Scam

    Never nobody invest on those websites.

    This is the clearest evidence.

    All forever and by always steal.

    Never trust and less on a pig chinese, those websites are highly scam.

    And even with legit PTC without referrals, you lose more money than you earn, earning less for a shit.


  5. Ali Mallik

    What about Globalbux

  6. Ali Mallik

    Please give Probux and Ojooo review
    I have paid from Ojooo

    • PTCCentral

      Both placed on the Watch list. Follow the links from that page to read the reviews.

  7. Thank you PTCCentral for the invaluable update. LOL, someone should tell Mr.Liudan…..You’re doing it wrong, scamhole.

  8. Ali

    Please Update more and more new paying sites like Emoneyspace……. There are very less ptc sites on your site…Please update scam as well as paying new ptc programmes as we know ptc business is going to change more and more sites are coming and paying to members

    • PTCCentral

      Well I have different opinion on this subject – more and more PTC sites are coming and scamming their members, 99% of the new sites ends up as a scam. Scammers will not change and will continue to open new sites with intention to scam until there are members throwing in hundreds of dollars into unproven sites. As long as members see ptc sites as “get rich quick” schemes, there will be scammers looking for your money. What do you think, why there are site owners like this Chinese above who operates 10 sites at the same time?

      Most new sites are “bux” sites, few months ago I decided that I will no longer review and promote bux sites as they are unsustainable ponzi schemes that eventually will end up as a scam. No point in reviewing and adding them to the New Sites list (promoting them), just after few months to move them to the scam list. I will not promote sites that I know will turn into scam after a while. I could review them only when I see the first red flags around them, then I would publish a review as a warning regarding the specific site.

      Emoneyspace is a community forum, the biggest one related to ptc sites, with thousands of members while PTCCentral is just a blog managed by one person. It takes a lot of time to maintain this blog. Pretty much each one of you wants to see review of their favorite site, and I have to do it all by myself. I am doing this in my spare time, which is very limited. Sorry to disappoint you but I can’t review all sites out there. I will try to publish more reviews in the following period, I was kinda busy lately and couldn’t devote more of my time to this blog. There are hundreds of sites and I am doing this by myself. I will review only paying new sites that I feel are worthwhile to review, and those are very few.

      There are over 130 reviews on this blog, it is not that small number and you can find information on most established and legit ptc programs, and for some scam sites as well.

      • PTCCentral FTW!

        • nazrul islam

          to earn money open your account here and work easy [Scam site – link removed]

      • Ali

        PTCCentral You are absolutely right Absolutely right but when you publish site that site which is 2 to 3 months old What about these sites As we all know ptc sites could have only 3 to 8 months age no one site will remain live Else Probux When you publish or review sites that site is already 3 months old You should review new and new sites that site which is paying and only 30 to 40 days old So that people will invest on it and get their best profit but What about sites on your blog ? These all sites are not highest income generating We know new and new sites are coming and paying Thousand even lacks of Dollars in few month so How could you say that people invest hundred of Dollars It does,nt mean from which country site Belong it absolutely mean either site is paying or not Either site is promising or not
        I like your work therefore i told you to increase and add new and new sites You can give 1 hour to your blog and update 2 sites a day
        Sorry for my bad english But i want your blog to increase and i also suggest you to advertise it on different ptc sites We all know ptc business is now going to be big business because new and paying sites are coming and increasing day by day like pro neo fuse zap 88 res clixtopaid clixtocash
        Where are all these sites these sites are 3 to 4 months old but i don,t find any review on your blog Like these many more sites are paying and old but i know you will publish there review when all these sites going to be scam soon………
        Think about it i am your well wisher

        • Bev

          This is an absolutely incredible piece of writing that I have just read on here.

          Most members of this site want QUALITY NOT QUANTITY which is what we get.
          If PTCCentral only wrote “Do not join this it is scam” or “Join this it is good”, would you not want to know why?

          We get an in depth report, screen shots, pros and cons, a chance for members to communicate back here with their experiences, whether we agree 100% or not everyone is entitled to an opinion unless of course it breaks certain rules (bad language, racism) the usual rules you would expect to see on a forum.

          I really do not know what some people to expect one person to achieve in a day,setting someone a work regime is absolutely mind boggling.

          If this site didn’t exist I would have been down a certain creek without a paddle.

          PTCCentral I am sorry for the rant and if you feel that you need to delete this comment then I will understand, but I do feel so much better for letting off steam!

          Thank you.

          • PTCCentral


            How about you search through our lists or use the search box, Neobux, Probux, Clixtopaid and Clixtocash are already reviewed.

            If you are looking for new sites to invest in, then you are on the wrong place. I don’t recommend investing (memberships and rentals) into new sites, not until they turn at least a year old and proves to be stable and sustainable. This blog is not an investment consultant nor the PTC Bible. It is up to you to decide whether to invest or not into a new PTC site, but if you ask me – I wouldn’t recommend. The vast majority of new bux sites are paying at their beginnings, big question is for how long will continue to do so? Most don’t last more than a few months. I have seen thousands of failed bux sites over the years. As I said earlier, bux sites are ponzi schemes. Do you realize that they are paying with the money that comes from investments, from members who are buying memberships and renting, extending and renewing referrals, since they have very few advertisers to cover the cost of their high click rate self-sponsored ads? As soon as those members starts making profits, the typical bux site will fall into financial issues. It will become difficult to recruit new investors, more money goes out than goes in, and there are no advertisers that will compensate the difference in the cash flow. As a result, the program will collapse. So no, I will not endorse such programs.

            I will review only those sites that have solid business plans, obviously not based on the bux model.