Watch List

Watch List status badge
The Watch List consist of controversial PTC programs, sites in decline and sites that are experiencing payout issues. The purpose of moving a site to the Watch list is to give you a warning that the site is not operating as it should, therefore you need to be cautious with that site. The banner links/rotators for the sites on the Watch list will be removed. As a precaution, a site will be placed on the Watch list due to the following reasons:

  1. There are payment delays, members are not getting paid (on time) as per the site ToS
  2. The site is paying selectively (not all members are paid)
  3. There is daily cash out limit. Usually the daily cash out limit is reached few minutes after server resets thus the vast majority of members couldn’t make a payout request for days.
  4. The site is suspected to have a connection with other scam site
  5. Decline in service, poor support service
  6. There is no activity from the administration for a long period
  7. The forum has been removed without prior notice or without a valid reason while the site is experiencing issues
  8. Site is listed for sale without informing members (e.g. No announcement on the forum)

A site will be removed from the Watch list and will be placed on the Sites-to-Avoid List if:

  • Stops paying
  • Site continue to make selective payments for a longer period of time
  • Site is down more than 7 business days
  • A connection with other controversial site has been revealed