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Lately a lot of people are trying to promote Trafficmonsoon here at PTCCentral, you may have noticed your comments doesn’t appear due to the rules we have in place – promoting scams in the making and recruiting people from this blog to the respective programs is not allowed. We are publishing this short warning, to let you know why Trafficmonsoon is blacklisted here. Those of you who are interested to know more about the history of Charles Scoville, admin of Trafficmonsoon, read on. For those of you that already know who is Charles Scoville but you don’t care and you support him, it would be best to stop reading right now and enjoy your stay at Trafficmonsoon while it lasts.

As already said, Trafficmonsoon is owned by Charles Scoville, a serial scammer responsible for few closed scam sites including:,,,,,,,,, These sites are dead, gone, no longer online, improperly closed down without paying out pending and current balances. I was member on most of these sites and I remember very well how they ended. Few hundred thousands members remember too. Few months ago Charles Scoville launched Trafficmonsoon, another investment scheme of his. We do not endorse or promote sites managed by previous scammers, thus we wouldn’t recommend Trafficmonsoon. This is our principle. We don’t support serial scammers. There is no 6th, 7th or 10th chance for past scammers. By giving them another chance you are just allowing them to scam you again. Anyway it is your choice and you should decide for yourself whether it is worth or not. We give warnings, it is up to you to decide whether to listen or ignore our warnings.

If you are interested to learn more about Charles Scoville and the past scam sites he ran, you can read the review of the Infinity group network. This is the same admin that was charging $100 per support ticket, the same admin that was suspending his biggest promoters with hundreds of direct referrals, just to avoid paying them and to sell their direct referrals to other members, the same admin that suspended hundreds of members without a valid reason and then was charging $25 fee to remove the suspension, the same admin that on 6 of his sites converted pending cashouts to membership upgrades, the same admin that raised the minimum cashout few times and the same admin that removed the support page and the forum. All these facts speaks enough for the reputation of Charles Scoville. Take note that he also owns Adhitsprofits, which is another ponzi structured investment site disguised as “revenue share” site. Trafficmonsoon and any future sites from Charles Scoville will be not recommended here, unless he pays back to members every single penny he owes from his past scam sites.

Review Published: 19 Feb 2015

Review Last Updated:

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300 comments on “TrafficMonSoon – Owned by Serial Scammer | Not Recommended

  1. juan

    Why is not on failed sites list yet?

  2. Atlast Traffic monsoon’s legacy has ended. This is a great lesson for people who invest money on revenue sharing sites. Revenue sharing sites have no source to provide high revenue to the investors in short time. In a stage they will cease all the money.

  3. Johnny

    I have had my money back thanks to PayPal being a legitimate business unlike traffic monsoon Ponzi scheme They have broken so many laws it’s untrue. Sorry guys I wanted to believe but then I woke up don’t be scamed people still involved want to believe that it’s not a scam because they have a lot invested into it but it’s all gone pool has dried up and all assets are now frozen anyone say the are withdrawing from TM is a lier. Charles has been living in England to hide away, he could be arrest or lose his passport if returns to salt lake USA while he’s being investigated there’s more coming his way. I thought he had a high up lawyer ex fib whom could help him nope just another lie to make you trust him and have faith I wish you all luck. 😳

    • at1981at1981


      How you do to get your money back from Paypal?

      Best regards from a TM-member!

  4. Now TM is scam now!Actually no revshare site has stability.Once a scam is always scam.This will not be trusted anymore.Its a bitter truth that TM is now scam and we are scammed by TM. 🙁

    Best PTC is here—>

  5. Trafficmonsoon is a fantastic oppotunity

    • scambuster

      It’s a SCAM

      • N'Drew

        Guess that the money I did with since many month is a total fake on my own account .. funny that people are talking that much and have no experience at all with that opportunity but claim a lot.
        I mean….if that’s all you do in your spare time?! That’s not much and a serious loss in energy in the wrong direction.
        I know that they had issues with paypal because of reasons only they know. But that’s not TM scamming people,
        but rather PAYPAL scamming TM & its members. Nobody can help you if you can’t make the difference. My money is always instant when I withdraw. But hey…easy-talk is always easy-talk.
        I would suggest to those who paid over paypal to be patient with TM since still work on fixing it to get the frozen money back.
        PAYPAL often does exactly that and that is an illegal act in itself. That’s why I didn’t use Paypal. THEY JUST SUCK.

        • Cat

          Funny how you posted your comment the day before the SEC filed a lawsuit against Traffic Monsoon. Once the SEC is involved there is no negotiating with them and there is no company. Charles Scoville is a serial scammer.

          If you have withdrawn money good for you. Just remember that those who have profited can also be required to pay that money back.

          As for PayPal, I love them because they protect their users from SCAMS.

          • N'Drew

            Sure, I just wonder how comes that so many people can be paid out and you don’t… all question of what your goal may be. I mean … there’s no mean for me to verify that you actually tell the truth about ever you say. Same can be told about me. But my point is PayPal does that very often on very legitimate businesses and …sorry… PayPal is good but not THAT GOOD and honest, even when you work with them. So far it never is about protection when t happens but rather some own interests they may have.

            And about a lawsuit of the SEC, yeah until further notice, you have to prove someone to be a scammer 1st and just pretending isn’t a proof. So you may excuse me if up here, I leave you to loose your time in forums like this one here that I actually discovered by looking for something totally different. Truth is, you will never make money online and will always blame others for your failures. You can’t even recognize that PayPal blocks money that is yours & that TM wants to pay you out. Fact is other ways they provide, aren’t blocked and over those, THEY DO INDEED PAY OUT, Bottom Line, What’s Wrong In That Picture!!!… no offense but it’s not really a sign of intelligence to blame TM for something that PAYPAL does to them and then to you for that matter.

            But anyway, keep loosing your time by blaming the wrong guys. My experience is about them being there when you need help and actually helping and just as expected, paying you out for the deal of work you’ve been told to be paid out for. Nothing illegal about that but rather the opposite.

            Have a nice weekend and the best of luck for your future, whatever it may be about..


            P.S.: Just to be clear, this was my last message here since this is really valuable time I could spend doing some that benefits me, just like others that are focused on this on a ethical way. So spare your breath to respond to it, there will be no answer to it, nor will it be read by me. But since your ego will do it anyway just suite yourself since that’s the only satisfaction you can gain out of this … what really is not something with real value. Here with, my subscription is off from here.

            • Cat

              I wasn’t blaming anyone and I do make money online. I have my own marketing and training system in a business that I have been doing for 8 years.

              With 15 failed businesses and businesses where massive amounts of money were not paid to its members, yes Charles Scoville is a scammer.

              You don’t have to respond I don’t care if you do or not but I’m not going to let that comment sit there and not say anything.

    • N'Drew

      I can only totally agree with you. But I guess this page isn’t my place since it’s not accurate at all with my experience and that of many people I know.
      So it’s up to everyone to know what s/he’s going to do. I took the risk and it’s paying off big time.

      Have A Nice Time,

    • Now TM is scam! 🙁

      Best PTC is here—>

  6. john

    I also lost $296 at Traffic Monsoon but I have learned my lessons and moved on. I discovered this site that always provides tried and tested easy methods that are currently working. They always update the site to what is currently a working. This is the site:

    • N'Drew

      Traffic Monsoon Works Just Fine, day after day, week after week!
      Would be a very good idea to work with the support on Facebook.
      On an open manner, they surely will have you updated on your account
      and how it will ve fixed. But I don’t know what you did for that so I can’t judge. FACT IS … mine is working like a Clockwork and I’m definitely not the only one 😉

      • Cat

        Guess the clock stopped ticking now.

    • richard

      Nice report

  7. scambuster

    Thank you charles scoville for scamming us again like you did in adhitsprofits.
    Traffic Monsoon is having many problems but the owner Charles gets married because that’s more important then paying people their rightfully earned money. This is a scam site.

    • Cat

      Once a scammer, always a scammer.

    • Cat

      Congratulations on getting your money refunded.

  8. SUBAR

    Charles Scoville for Trafficmonsoon support only:
    I know the PayPal limitation has not been easy for any of us. As we near the release of funds in Aug, I just want to thank all of you for your patience, understanding, and support. Traffic Monsoon is such a great business because of how great our members are! It’s as good as it is now because of your endurance, hard work, dedication, and all that you’re doing. How good things are is because of you all, and I just want to say THANK YOU for keeping motivated, and inspiring your teams even through great discouragement, struggle, and facing immense pressures from opposition. There are people who seek to stir up trouble for the business, but you have remained strong. Your commitment to the success of Traffic Monsoon is what makes Traffic Monsoon so successful. Keep up the great work everyone. Let’s keep working to make Traffic Monsoon a fantastic opportunity for years and years to come! THANKS MY LOVELY HATERS FOR ALL YOUR LOVELY COMMENTS,
    Without you I would not be too rich and successful!!!! TRAFFIC MONSOON IS FANTASTIC !!!!

    • scambuster

      Thank you charles scoville for scamming us again like you did in adhitsprofits.

    • Cat

      How fantastic is Traffic Monsoon now that the SEC has filed a lawsuit? Its not going to be around for years and years to come it is done.

      Scambuster – love ya. So many businesses and scamming so many people. Traffic Monsoon isn’t his first rodeo with scamming people.

  9. if your money is stuck in trafficmonsoon do what i did

  10. sujit

    Dear Concern,
    Could you give me a guideline why my account is being refused .
    I need clarification here with causes.

  11. scambuster

    Traffic Monsoon is a sinking ship, the owner is a serial scammer and fraudster. Soon he will be arrested. He scammed people out of millions.

    • Cat

      Totally agree!

  12. scambuster

    Paypal is still frozen, don’t wait for those 180 days.Get your money back before it’s too late via Paypal dispute.Do not wait for 180 days like Traffic Monsoon says to do, it will be too late for any disputes.

  13. They solve the problem with PayPal. If you like, you can join this site for free & earn huge money !

  14. They solve the problem with PayPal. If you like, you can join this site for free & earn huge money !

    • scambuster

      Max STFU !!!!

      Paypal is still FROZEN and Scoville will soon be in jail!

  15. newPTCsite

    Wow! There are some users who have lost thousands of dollars.
    An administrator very scammer.
    Every day we are born and die as sites like this,
    you stay informed of it with new ptc sites launched today!

  16. Matt

    If you are not from US, than MAP is a much better option. It’s better in every way, it has realy solid foundations. I feel sorry for all the people that are now traped in TM. I think that lot of people will leave TM after/if they solve the problem with PayPal. If you like, you can join MAP for free here

  17. Paddy

    This article was written by Ethan Vanderbuilt. He made a mistake writing the same in his own comments. Don’t know whether to believe him either

    • Nourjan

      Ethan is right though.This is nothing but a ponzi .

  18. consuelo

    cashing in Trafficmonsoon 49 dollars in December and paid me now that if not for these radical changes, I was thinking about investing but I suggested not to do so until this problem is resolved with paypal, and ise change with Payza and continue working for free and joining balances

  19. sandra

    Yes it is a scam. I lost $3000 – was doing fine for a few weeks but then Paypal supposedly froze their funds in Neusnce so noncore payouts! some people have manGed to get a pYpal refund but I wasn’t so lucky.

    • loubna

      hi, I ve lost money too . Have you posted a legal complaint somewhere ?

    • Rick

      If PayPal refuse a refund, claim from your bank

    • Rick

      Make a claim from your bank if PayPal refuse your dispute. Pull are very inconsistent. They are refunding some but not others. No idea what their criteria is. Very inconsistent. But PayPal were happy to take the money and claim you were covered for 180 days

    • N'Drew

      Charles Scoville regarding SEC

      Stay on it Sandra, they are working on it but that’s not in the interest of some people that the population makes money like you
      do with Traffic Monsoon.

      • N'Drew