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Lately a lot of people are trying to promote Trafficmonsoon here at PTCCentral, you may have noticed your comments doesn’t appear due to the rules we have in place – promoting scams in the making and recruiting people from this blog to the respective programs is not allowed. We are publishing this short warning, to let you know why Trafficmonsoon is blacklisted here. Those of you who are interested to know more about the history of Charles Scoville, admin of Trafficmonsoon, read on. For those of you that already know who is Charles Scoville but you don’t care and you support him, it would be best to stop reading right now and enjoy your stay at Trafficmonsoon while it lasts.

As already said, Trafficmonsoon is owned by Charles Scoville, a serial scammer responsible for few closed scam sites including:,,,,,,,,, These sites are dead, gone, no longer online, improperly closed down without paying out pending and current balances. I was member on most of these sites and I remember very well how they ended. Few hundred thousands members remember too. Few months ago Charles Scoville launched Trafficmonsoon, another investment scheme of his. We do not endorse or promote sites managed by previous scammers, thus we wouldn’t recommend Trafficmonsoon. This is our principle. We don’t support serial scammers. There is no 6th, 7th or 10th chance for past scammers. By giving them another chance you are just allowing them to scam you again. Anyway it is your choice and you should decide for yourself whether it is worth or not. We give warnings, it is up to you to decide whether to listen or ignore our warnings.

If you are interested to learn more about Charles Scoville and the past scam sites he ran, you can read the review of the Infinity group network. This is the same admin that was charging $100 per support ticket, the same admin that was suspending his biggest promoters with hundreds of direct referrals, just to avoid paying them and to sell their direct referrals to other members, the same admin that suspended hundreds of members without a valid reason and then was charging $25 fee to remove the suspension, the same admin that on 6 of his sites converted pending cashouts to membership upgrades, the same admin that raised the minimum cashout few times and the same admin that removed the support page and the forum. All these facts speaks enough for the reputation of Charles Scoville. Take note that he also owns Adhitsprofits, which is another ponzi structured investment site disguised as “revenue share” site. Trafficmonsoon and any future sites from Charles Scoville will be not recommended here, unless he pays back to members every single penny he owes from his past scam sites.

Review Published: 19 Feb 2015

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301 comments on “TrafficMonSoon – Owned by Serial Scammer | Not Recommended

  1. I posted before about fools and being parted from their money but for some reason it was being moderated and then just disappeared.

    • please remove the last statement and this one as i could not see the progress of moderation. Thanks Mods

  2. People are never going to learn that RevShare wrapped in a PTC is just not sustainable enough to pay members their initial plus profit because if it was why would we need so many different incarnations of the same model?

    Charles is one of the serial scammers like Vick Strizhaus and as long as there are fools willing to buy into his BS he will continue to steal money but as has always been my philosophy since trying to convince these people only to get responses that border on the Cultist (*you don’t know what your talking about & charles is going to make us rich and you are just not a believer etc) fools and their money are never together long anyways.

    Charles will continue to scam as long as there are fools who have money.

    • Rats and Mice stick together so do pigs and swine however those who work to build an ethical profitable business will stand the test of time.

  3. Hi,

    I think you’re right, though, I just found this:

    Is this would not be Charles Scoville would have scammed, then not be able to pay its partners? From the time that I visit and I try these kinds of sites, I can feel if a business is good. I received my first payment Trafficmonsoosn directly without waiting 5 minutes. Of course, in such business, it does nothing, say the site could close tomorrow … but I really believe in this site πŸ™‚

    • Yeah They are paying.Good Site

    • i got paid 4 times by trafficmonsoon. this site is legit i think.

  4. Don.t like trafficmonsoon

    This program does not let me in since I signed up, not a single time with the correct login credentials.


  5. Another payment INSTANT πŸ™‚ :

  6. Charles changed a lot, he learned with is mistakes and, as long as members are cautious investors, they will earn a lot with TrafficMonsoon!

    • Yes I have been with Traffic Monsoon for a few months now. There are training meetings and you meet real people who are also members which also makes a very good social evening and you can take non members to show them the business.

      Very Happy with there service. People make mistakes they are human. Thousands of different kinds of business’s come and go every day. Thousands of high street shops go under every year. No one gets it perfect the first time out.

      No One should be blacklisted for life. A Coin always has TWO SIDES. Stop looking for just the bad side this guy is making good.


  7. Abhaya

    traffic monsoon is paying since 9 months and the payments are instant.I do not know the site stability in the long run.But now I would say the the best PTC site in the ptc industry.Nobody is giving 100% refferal commision .But this site is still giving 100% refferal commission since 9 months.I have received 11 payments from traffic monsoon.

    [link removed: the site promotes sites placed on our Not Recommended list, not allowed]

  8. This site legit. They pay.i got my first payment less than 3days.
    [Link removed: Links to sites placed on the Not Recommended list are not allowed]

  9. Hi, just want to say that I use trafficmonsoon, requested my earned money to my paypal and it was made in the same day. So for now, I canΒ΄t complain about Trafficmonsoon, can only say that for me, itΒ΄s amazing earnings.

    • I know … it’s a site of note 100 considering that payments are instant and very good commission of referrals

  10. confused

    I have recently joined traffic monsoon recommended by a friend. He somehow encouraged me to buy an adpack worth $50. I am still confused how to use it, what I do everyday is click 10 ads that I qualify for. There has been some money in my account which i wanted to withdraw. I haven’t set up transaction pin yet. I tried to set up but everytime it says wrong secondary password ( which is not ) and wrong pin. How do i set up pin? any advise.

    • For pin, secondery password and detail of your account use option RESET AND SENED TO MY EMAIL…then you will find everthing you need in your email. About adpack 50$ i don’t know what to say. Good luck.

  11. J-lee

    My problem with TrafficMonsoon is that I receive cash links valued at $0.02 & 0.01 and every single time I view them the full time it requires I gives me the “Sorry Ad Expired!” In a day only around 12 – 15 adds are available to me but only 5 – 8 of them pays me and the rest claims to be expired after the whole add has been viewed. Never have I encountered this in any ptc site before. More than half of the adds I view I don’t get paid for and its the higher cash adds every time. I did open a ticket for that will see how it goes.
    But today I encountered another problem. My surf adds does not credit me any add credits. I keep on 0 adds viewed. I opened a ticket for that too.
    So far it looks like this is going be another scam site where the owner is going to end up closing the site again leaving lots of users unpaid.

    • In one day you can have between 0-10 advertisements (0.1$) about 24 hours…so if you got up 5-8 ads per day now everything is all right…even if you have not caught nothing someday. For ads that expires so fast I have no explanation…it happened to me my expire very quickly…good luck

  12. yes, +1 Agree with PTCcentral , thanks a lot for this caution review
    n I was help to share this information, Dear Admin
    trafficmoonsoon is not-stable business model, I think

    • shoaib

      By the way, I can see that you are on linxpays which is a scam site in your screenshot. I think you have to read all the above content again.


        Firstly the discussion here is not about lynxpays which i do not consider scam only if I convince my self (well only if I ask to be paid and the site he doesn’t) … and secondly about trafficmonsoon i can say that is OK because i have not invested anything other than time and I was paid and I and my referral (as you see in the face of evidence)

        • shoaib

          Firstly, I know that currently they are paying but for how long they are going to pay. Do you know? There are many PTC sites out there which are paying and operated by scammer admins. Such scammers pay for a while and then stop payments, close the site and run away with the money. After some time, they will open other and this cycle continues. Secondly, you are on linxpays(scam) and it also does selective payments as far as I know and you are giving the guarantee that TM will not turn into a scam. There are many PTC sites which are selectively paying and you can even find their payment proofs.

          A good example is of probux. Members used to laugh on those who posted that it was a scam. At the end, who is the loser? It was also run by a serial scammer.


            I don’t lose enything because because i don’t invest money from my pocket in ptc πŸ˜‰

    • Fourth payment

  13. So many people are saying this and that about TRAFFICMOONSON they got me confused. I think I’ll stick to watching trailers for PayPal money for now. No time for games.

    • Janine

      Where do you watch trailers for money?
      Can you give me your link so I can check it out please?

  14. Dave

    I buy advertising in order to promote my primary business, not to make money from the ad agency. Any incentives offered by the ad agency to have me use their services, like the paid ads in this case, are just a bonus, and should not be considered a primary source of income.

  15. shahid

    Cash Links Value decreasing day by day if you clicks daily what is the reason? On first day i got 9 cash links then 8, 7, 6, 5.5 lets watch tommorow. I think its a site for Paying members only

    • Kharma

      oh boy, 5 cash links ? i’m a free member too so far but it loks fair to me because i see around 50 ads sometimes more, daily, and i spend at least 30 credits daily. How many ads are you watching daily and how many earned credits are you spending daily to a ref link or a website ?
      I have 10 badges (collected on that clicktrackprofit website) for 100 ads and 18 badges for 50 ads watched daily.

      • Cosmin

        Just get referrals!You have 100% commission from each referral!


      I had the same problem and I posted on facebook ( and opened support ticket … I did not receive a reply from them to the signaled problem but instead my ads miraculously increased from 0.005 $ -> +0.1 $

    • Adrian Norocel Staicu
  16. Guys, really, I don’t give a s**t if Scoville stole, rob, rape, murder or whatever in the past. If his current site pays, and pays on time, is good enough for me. I keep withdrawing from Traffic Monsoon, and I keep receiving money in my PayPal account, instantly.

    If a guy who did time for robbing people opens a store near my house, I should not enter that store? Hell no, I WILL enter, because the owner will be glad I’m there. I really don’t care if X or Y or Z were robbed by that guy in the past. As long the goods are fresh and cheap, I will keep visit that store.

    Just my 2 cents πŸ™‚

    • John

      BPN, so if a guy rapes your mother will you still say good morning to him in the next day? *rolls eyes*

      • iAmRaja

        Wow, that was a little harsh.

        I get the point = a person’s reputation should be based on his/her historical track record, but to make it personal about his mother wasn’t necessary at all.

        • John

          In fact it was. People usually don’t bother with problems. EXCEPT when the problems get too personal and they are the ones suffering from their problems. Freaking egocentric world.

  17. my friend account blocked without any reason at this ptc site

    • Cosmin

      Maybe 2 reasons for that: 1) Your friend created another account from the same IP or 2) Your friend’s has a dynamic IP and that IP was assigned to someone else who created a second account.
      Unfortunately the system does not make any difference, just see 2 accounts created from the same IP and supend both automaticly and permanently.

  18. I withdraw my 2$ and i choose paypal as my payment processor but it change to solidtrustpay.. but i dont have a solidtrustpay account now my 2$ is still pending …