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Lately a lot of people are trying to promote Trafficmonsoon here at PTCCentral, you may have noticed your comments doesn’t appear due to the rules we have in place – promoting scams in the making and recruiting people from this blog to the respective programs is not allowed. We are publishing this short warning, to let you know why Trafficmonsoon is blacklisted here. Those of you who are interested to know more about the history of Charles Scoville, admin of Trafficmonsoon, read on. For those of you that already know who is Charles Scoville but you don’t care and you support him, it would be best to stop reading right now and enjoy your stay at Trafficmonsoon while it lasts.

As already said, Trafficmonsoon is owned by Charles Scoville, a serial scammer responsible for few closed scam sites including:,,,,,,,,, These sites are dead, gone, no longer online, improperly closed down without paying out pending and current balances. I was member on most of these sites and I remember very well how they ended. Few hundred thousands members remember too. Few months ago Charles Scoville launched Trafficmonsoon, another investment scheme of his. We do not endorse or promote sites managed by previous scammers, thus we wouldn’t recommend Trafficmonsoon. This is our principle. We don’t support serial scammers. There is no 6th, 7th or 10th chance for past scammers. By giving them another chance you are just allowing them to scam you again. Anyway it is your choice and you should decide for yourself whether it is worth or not. We give warnings, it is up to you to decide whether to listen or ignore our warnings.

If you are interested to learn more about Charles Scoville and the past scam sites he ran, you can read the review of the Infinity group network. This is the same admin that was charging $100 per support ticket, the same admin that was suspending his biggest promoters with hundreds of direct referrals, just to avoid paying them and to sell their direct referrals to other members, the same admin that suspended hundreds of members without a valid reason and then was charging $25 fee to remove the suspension, the same admin that on 6 of his sites converted pending cashouts to membership upgrades, the same admin that raised the minimum cashout few times and the same admin that removed the support page and the forum. All these facts speaks enough for the reputation of Charles Scoville. Take note that he also owns Adhitsprofits, which is another ponzi structured investment site disguised as “revenue share” site. Trafficmonsoon and any future sites from Charles Scoville will be not recommended here, unless he pays back to members every single penny he owes from his past scam sites.

Review Published: 19 Feb 2015

Review Last Updated:

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301 comments on “TrafficMonSoon – Owned by Serial Scammer | Not Recommended

  1. Manny pacquiao

    I withdraw my 2$ and i choose paypal as my payment processor but it change to solidtrustpay.. but i dont have a solidtrustpay account now my 2$ is still pending …

  2. Kharma

    by the way there is a new trafficmonsoon site or something like that.. ?
    they call themselves “trafficmonsoonpro”.
    Are these from the same owner or just some new scammers with the TM brand ?

  3. Kharma

    back with news 🙂
    i have just cashed out my 2nd payment of $3 and all i can say so far trafficmonsoon is honest and what is great, i get the money instant..i have checked my paypal account.
    I can’t afford to buy a 50 dollars pack because im poor and come from a poor country and i prefer to work the hard way = to click and see around 50 ads every day. It is very hard and slow ofc without any refferal 🙁 ,maybe an option to have maximum 10 or 5 rented referrefals would me more awesome if you have 0 direct ref., BECAUSE imagine how hard it is to make $10 alone with 0 referals. I try advertising TM but the PTC internet looks already saturated with members and referrals..Sometimes i wonder if i’ll ever recover at least the money equal to the electricity bill payed to keep open the computer while clicking on a PTC site ads with 0 direct referals and no upgrades..
    So far TM is honest with me and i got payed in time for my work. I don’t know why some people have negative comments about TM..TM is not Paidverts where there i bet there are some illegal things happens with all those online casino games plus a very suspicious subcription cost for… $500,000/year (five hundred thousands) ! to unlock a 250% profit scheme for a year..

  4. “The more people you reach, and the more people that see you, the more people are going to think that you suck. That’s just the law of mathematics. You can’t please every body.”
    Louis C.K. said this after selling out 4 nights in a row Madison Square Gardens in New York. The 4th was a blizzard so it was canceled, but this is a major accomplishment.

    The bigger TM gets, the more people will say negative things, and it’s not because we really suck, but simply because some people are born to hate.

    Just simple mathematics, but those who love Traffic Monsoon are the majority.

    Many who have joined TM have done so AFTER learning that I am the owner, because they have great experience with my honesty and transparency in the past.

    There are some people who simply wish to destroy a good thing.

    “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical… like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negociated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”
    – Alfred The Dark Knight

    • asd

      don’t lie.. just dont steal now, close your trafficmonsoon ponzi and give back the money to your users from your old sites !!

    • Don

      THAT IS THE BIGGEST SPIN DOCTOR STATEMENT, quotes and all! CLASSIC! Only liars keep saying they are so “hated” because of their “success” after opening up ponzis to continue to snow people who actually will believe them and buys. Go back to your vids with your TIMTECH buddy, he says the very same thing (nerdbux). It’s not a REAL success. Ponzi’s always gets people. When your name is GOOGLE then you’re a “success” without ponzi. You have a PAST of ponzi schemes and never trulys address that. PAYPAL is logging reports for investment scheme on you. SOON THE Security and exchange commission! If you tell that a person gets such a big return on their money = PONZI = SEC close down your site. And the fact you do it 10+ times already. RUN PEOPLE

    • shoaib

      By the way, here you are just trying to convince the admin of ptccentral who is really very honest to move your trafficmonsoon to legit ptc list. Not everyone is going to believe in your excuses.

  5. One of the best guide for ptc sites.. with real people thanks for the site.. i dont know.. there is lots of p.t.c sites in the net , i just know about neobux and clixsense because they are old and genuine.. will have to bookmark for this page for ptc references.. thanks for the admin

  6. Sultan

    The guy who tried to convince me that if I buy 100 pack ( $5000 worth) then I can earn Est. $17,500 in 180 days but when I did my own calculation how it work , Only $3,400 estimated can be earned in 250 days . While you are investing please remember your pack is going to be expired in 55 days and with 1 pack investment you only earn one $ a day. So your pack only return the money you have invested. This is a very complicated and you won’t get what they are telling you. If you reinvested your money by buying further pack, only these pack will give you return of one $ a pack.
    I think its better to stay away the reputation of owner is not good and can be run away at any time.

    • My ptc sites first came online March 2010 and successfully paid instantly until Dec 2011 due to processor issues.

      Then, by Jan the longest wait was a little over 30 days for a payment.

      All was caught up in March 2012, but hearing that all was getting paid out, members came back and got paid, which caused a bit of delay as funds were getting moved into Payza (at that time alertpay).

      By June 2012 all was caught up and all was working well with the PTC sites. Instant withdrawals continued until Nov 2013.

      So, in over 3 1/2 years of being online, people tend to focus on the 6 months where there were delays caused by payment processor issues, and the final end when payouts couldn’t happen which were also caused by payment processor issues.

      Nov 2013 was when Payza’s funds that belonged to ALL USA ACCOUNT HOLDERS were seized.

      $66,797.77 USD was inside my Payza account at that time.

      The amount held inside Payza was MORE than enough to cover 100% of member account earnings.

      Payza promised this would be resolved quickly, but it wasn’t.

      The Dept of Justice also made it seem like this would be resolved quickly when they added the following page:

      This affected 100% of every USA Payza account holder.

      I didn’t try and accept any additional payments from members, but updated them immediately when this occurred, and kept the update about this happening on the site for more than 6 months.

      It was on the site news, in the message center once a week, and a page pop when members logged in.

      This was not a secret.

      BanRev gave people opportunity to sell ad services, and only rewarded people earnings when sales occurred. There weren’t ever any payout problems. Never. It closed when no one was logging in, and everyone had been paid what they had earned.

      UltimatePowerBoost was another opportunity to sell ad services, with a plan to help people earn from their own sales efforts, as well as company wide sales efforts. It worked well for a while, but in time people went after newer programs launching, and shifted away from the site.

      If you have any experience in the industry, you’ll know that many people jump from new program to new program. I wanted to make something that didn’t cause people to ever want to jump out, but that was a challenge that was difficult to overcome.

      Wealthenginex faced the same challenge of people jumping in early, earning well, and shifting themselves and teams into newer released programs.

      The closure of these programs only came after everyone had stopped using the site. No one was still owed any payments, and each of these sites paid instantly without any problems.

      Ulaunchformula is a different program. It was $10 per month and gave subscribers autoresponder service. It was launched by me and a group of people at LDS Business College as part of a class “Launch and Learn”

      The ULaunchFormula business was registered, and was growing, but Oct 2011 AlertPay had a credit card issue, which caused the subscriptions not to renew people’s membership.

      Their membership offered lead capture service, auto-responder service, training, tools, and resources– which included a list of all the sites which members had signed up from which generated sales.

      Not only did it train people how to develop a mindset, attitude, and behavior for launching themselves on the internet to make more money inside anything they ever join, but it also provided the best advertising resources to help contribute to the maximum success of its members.

      When the site closed down, all subscribers had stopped, because of the issue already mentioned, and ultimately people simply moved on into other things.

      With the team that launched the business dissolving after the semester ended, and the members also dissolving when subscriptions failed due to AlertPay’s credit card problems, it lead me to simply close down the site after everyone had already withdrawn all their earnings, and months passed since people had stopped logging in.

      The review didnt mention AdHitProfits which is still online, and pays instantly since 2013. It’s BBB Accredited, with A- rating. It’s A- rating is not A+ due to the short amount of time AdHitProfits has been in business.

      Richard Branson launched 400 businesses before launching Virgin Galactic. Richard Branson is known as one of today’s greatest entrepreneurial minds.

      Listing previous businesses I’ve run simply shows business experience, and through each experience I have learned a lot, and from all the lessons learned through each challenge I have now applied everything I have learned through my past into creating the best possible services and the best possible compensation plan; Traffic Monsoon.

      Traffic Monsoon is a registered business, sells quality advertising services at competitive prices, and offers a legitimate compensation plan to help anyone start making more money online.

      Traffic Monsoon’s services display member advertisements both on traffic monsoon, and other leading traffic exchanges and paid to click sites.

      • masud123

        Hi there I am a memeber of traffic monson and this site is best site i ever seen on the net and also i am a member of my advertising pays and is suks
        traffic monson pays in same time and no waiting time and pays what ever promissed thank so so much

      • asd

        don’t lie.. just dont steal now, close your trafficmonsoon ponzi and give back the money to your users from your old sites !!

  7. Kharma

    Updates May 5, 2015:
    “TrafficMonsoon will be back in 1-2 hours.
    (Approx. 4pm UK Time, 9am Eastern Time)

    We’re installing an additional server to handle the massive load caused by cash links.

    When the server is completely installed, cash links will then be returned.
    Sorry for this inconvenience”

  8. shmaz

    kindly dont telling lie here its a real great earning site and i m free member and have 80 refers and daily i earn 10$ now , in these days site is on maintainance thats why cash links are not coming

    • robi

      Mate the site didnt issue ads more then 2 weeks,past 10 days thousands of accounts were blocked without any reason,and as lot of people invested in this site their money stucked in revenues which not matured,so if you have 80 referrlas and you earned a bit that doesnt mean the site is not becamed scam,if you know anything about those ponzi scripts the site is based than you know it is completely unsustainable in lon term…

    • PTCCentral

      Kindly tell us what is the lie here? The Trafficmonsoon’s owner is a repeat scammer, responsible for a lot of scam sites, that’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

      Past scammers launch new sites just to scam you over and over again, if you believe otherwise – enjoy your stay at the great earning site while it lasts, nobody here prevents you to do so.

      • There has never been a scam committed. Every buyer on sites I have run (or still run) has received the selected services they paid for, and the only problems with payouts were related to processors, like Payza having their funds they held inside Obopay seized by the US Dept of Justice. If people really want to learn the truth about my history, come speak with me directly. Come get to know me.

        People who wish to make me look bad have ulterior motives. That’s the truth. The people who have met me, know me, and have seen the facts (proof) behind previous projects know that I never scammed anyone.

      • Question

        One question…did he (charles) pay all the member after he closed the site? Which mean the threshold seize in account what he talk about.

      • Bonjour,

        Je suis français et je suis tombé sur votre site il y a quelques mois… J’ai cherché d’autres infos très intéressantes… Depuis, bizarrement, Charles Scoville se montre partout, fait des séminaires, des réunions, des WE de rencontre… Je trouve que pour un escroc, il n’est pas très discret. Trafficmonsoon est le seul site à payer les gens instantanément. Qu’une entreprise puisse avoir des problèmes n’est pas nouveau. Sont-ce pour autant à chaque fois des escroqueries ? Je ne crois pas à ces sites en tant que “régies publicitaires” puisque de toute façon la plus part des gens qui y mettent de la pub c’est des gens qui veulent avant tout gagner de l’argent… donc qui ne sont pas réellement intéressé par la pub… Mais pourtant ça marche autant que la pub à la télé !!
        La plupart des téléspectateurs vont aux toilettes, chercher une bière ou font l’amour à leur femme pendant la pub… Pourtant, ça continue à exister et ça donne des milliards de dollars aux publicitaires….
        Pourquoi une régie comme Trafficmonsoon ne fonctionnerait pas ? Je pense en plus qu’après ses échecs, Charles à appris beaucoup pour que Trafficmonsoon existe longtemps… En tout cas je lui souhaite !


        I am French and I stumbled on your site a few months ago … I looked for other interesting infos … Since then, oddly, Charles Scoville shows everywhere, done seminars, meetings, WE meeting … I think for a scammer, it is not very discreet. Trafficmonsoon is the only site to pay people instantly. A company can have problems is not new. Are they provided each time scams? I do not think these sites as “advertising agencies” since in any case most of the people who put the ads is people who primarily want to make money … so who are not really interested in ads … But yet it work as much as advertising on TV !!
        Most viewers go to the WC, get a beer or make love to their wives during pub … However, it continues to exist and that gives billions of dollars to advertising ….
        Why the governed as Trafficmonsoon would not work? I think that after more failures, Charles learned a lot that exists Trafficmonsoon long … Anyway I wish it!

  9. shmaz

    this site paid me 10$ 6 times in a month its a real great earning site

  10. Kharma

    “Cash Links Temporarily Disabled.
    Cash links are temporarily disabled due to large load on server being caused by the large volume of visitors viewing them. We’re working to resolve this asap.”
    🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Sahil

      this shit doesnt mean TM is a scam, it’s paying me, and i am very happy with it.
      Thanks Charles, we believe in you, no matter what people say, keep doing good work.

  11. Robert

    Hello,i am an old member of trafficmonsoon,had no problems since november 2014 till 7 days ago when cash links were disabled and still are,i even got my account blocked,my referrals sended 30 mails to support,as i couldnt send any support ticket(i have like 70 referrals there),but didnt invested money i did made some withdrawals,after my referrals told em that they are actually my friends and that they will stop with activity if my account stays blocked,they unblocked it again,but i msut admit lots of people are having problems with trafficmonsoon these days,my post is only from my own experrience with them,i duno if it is still legit site…

  12. juanca

    Hello to you all, I am Jc from Reunion Island France, I’am new to this site, and I would like to express my COMPLETE satisfaction with Trafficmonsoon.

    I am currently in 150 packs, and receive € 150 in my account EVERY day.

    Unlike MAPS, which is very volatile, Trafficmonsoon, actually pays $ 1 / day each pack ever since I invested ie since April 13…

    I am very pleased with the evolution of my packs, and more bewildering thing, the TMS service support is extremely reactive, and not talking about anyone, even you see:

    At the time of writing this note, so there was 10 minutes, we are April 28, 2015 at 0:06 hour of Reunion Island, france (Indian Ocean), I had sent DIRECTLY a private message to Trafficmonsoon’owner Charles Scoville, following a problem login and captcha arrived THIS MORNING (yes, yes, yes, this morning!) at 11:45!

    I just received:
    – one message FROM HIM indicating to me that the issues were resolved.
    – and one mail from the support of TMS where they apologize from inconvenience, support that I had contacted at 13h!

    Chapeau (like we say in french “hat on” Trafficmonsoon! FOr those who still have doubts, I get available the mails and screenshot with the message of Charles Scoville even him.

    Moreover, here the proof of payment paypal it IS AND INSTANT of 248$! See attached file.

    I hope it will last long, but with an Alexa ranking that is climbing, it goes in the (very) goog way! 8000 people are logging to TMS EVERY HOUR!

    If you need more information, or If you need help, please feel free to contact me, juanca.

    My link [links to sites placed on the Not Recommended list are not allowed]

  13. George

    Trafficmonsoon “temporarily” disabled cash links because of a “bug”. Be careful guys, history should have taught you not to trust such websites!

  14. People who said that Traficmonsoon is a scammer are people who envy to the fame of this PTC Site. This PTC is really trusted. I got my 2nd payment to my PayPal and I did not invest a single penny in it.

    • Shoaib

      You are getting paid doesn’t mean it can’t be a scam. It is not a PTC site, it is an investment site disguised as revenue sharing. You don’t know anything and you are speaking out here. i think you are a kid because a kid cannot understand what is being said.

      • Old Guy

        I think you are kid shoaib

    • Mmoss

      nobody anywhere ever has “envy to the fame” of a site…its a line scammers on all these sites always use to defend themselves from being called scammers

  15. Виктория

    Да, всё правильно написано. Меня тоже заблокировали. Написано “двойной аккаунт”, но это неправда! У меня большая структура и хороший пассивный доход был в Trafficmonsoon. Но теперь мой аккаунт заблокировали и я записала отзыв:

  16. Kharma

    i got my first payment, $2 instantly to my paypal verified account.
    When i’ll withdraw for the 2nd time $2 i will post here again to confirm.
    The only important which bothers me on trafficmonsoon is the fact that while i keep surfing i get sometimes a cash link but when i use it(click on it) it says “Sorry ! The Ad expired !” or something like that …. 🙁 ..this is really annoying

    • Shoaib

      The 2nd time you will not be able to withdraw $2 because they have stepped cashout system. Each time you withdraw, the minimum cashout increases by $1 until it reaches a fixed minimum of $10. The 2nd time your cashout cannot be $2, it will be $3. So, you cannot confirm. When, you will go further and minimum payout will become $10, then you will say that it is a scam because it will take you so much time to cashout.

  17. Predrag

    I am a PTC veteran (chas75).
    Always bothered me when someone belittles site who works 100% correctly and regularly paying their members without delay.
    I do not want here speak nothing else but the facts, and I will be very brief.

    On my TrafficMonsoon account I have not paid anything and Charles Scoville paid me to my paypal account (I emphasize – PAYPAL) – $ 1025.32
    All my referrals are also satisfied and are also paid without delay.


  18. Lusaka

    I did my research on trafficmoonson on YouTube, research on YouTube isn’t always enough, I almost fail for the scam. find out what really works,

    • Traffic monsoon was good at the begining. But nowadays so many problems for the user when it comes to payout.

  19. Andre

    Thanks a lot Admin. You just save me from becoming a victim of this future scam site.


    I want to report what happened to me tonight. They have blocked my account with the excuse of Double Account. It’s, obviously, not true because it’s against Terms and Conditions in all Ptc sites. In addition, I have many referrals and doing this, what should I get?, win a small cents every day taking that risk?

    The administrator Charles Scovile is well known for being a scammer who owned another scam sites such as Infinitybux and many others. I know this kind of sites last a few months but i never imagined they would act in this scamming way. What they use to be is stop or delaying payments, changing Terms and Conditions or doing users don’t get money and at last leave the site, but blocking accounts and deleting accounts of users with a lot of referrals (my case) I didn’t see it before.
    They are not interested in user like me who get money because we have many referrals and don’t invest money. The site is not sustainable and thay act in these nasty way.

    If you want to continue with the site you are free to do it but keep in mind that the site will continue closing accounts and it won’t last longer because internet will be very soon full of negative feedbacks about Trafficmonsoon.

    Last news:

    Four referrals have written to me telling that two fo them have not been paid and reset their account to 0.
    The others two have got their accounts blocked with the same exceuse.

    • I also have large number of referrals on trafficmonsoon but I haven’t experienced any problem yet. Everytime , they paid me instantly. I had two accounts earlier and made a third account because I wanted a different username. I requested them to close my two accounts and they did that and didn’t suspended or deleted my new account. I am also earning a lot here without investing anything. Also, my referrals are earning and getting paid on time. Their support is ready to help anytime to its members. They didn’t suspend my account. Recently, there was a problem in which cash links were not getting delivered but when I told support about it they resolved this issue and thanked me for reporting. Your referrals should tell about this issue to support rather than complaining to you. Did you ask them for proof that you made two accounts?