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Lately a lot of people are trying to promote Trafficmonsoon here at PTCCentral, you may have noticed your comments doesn’t appear due to the rules we have in place – promoting scams in the making and recruiting people from this blog to the respective programs is not allowed. We are publishing this short warning, to let you know why Trafficmonsoon is blacklisted here. Those of you who are interested to know more about the history of Charles Scoville, admin of Trafficmonsoon, read on. For those of you that already know who is Charles Scoville but you don’t care and you support him, it would be best to stop reading right now and enjoy your stay at Trafficmonsoon while it lasts.

As already said, Trafficmonsoon is owned by Charles Scoville, a serial scammer responsible for few closed scam sites including:,,,,,,,,, These sites are dead, gone, no longer online, improperly closed down without paying out pending and current balances. I was member on most of these sites and I remember very well how they ended. Few hundred thousands members remember too. Few months ago Charles Scoville launched Trafficmonsoon, another investment scheme of his. We do not endorse or promote sites managed by previous scammers, thus we wouldn’t recommend Trafficmonsoon. This is our principle. We don’t support serial scammers. There is no 6th, 7th or 10th chance for past scammers. By giving them another chance you are just allowing them to scam you again. Anyway it is your choice and you should decide for yourself whether it is worth or not. We give warnings, it is up to you to decide whether to listen or ignore our warnings.

If you are interested to learn more about Charles Scoville and the past scam sites he ran, you can read the review of the Infinity group network. This is the same admin that was charging $100 per support ticket, the same admin that was suspending his biggest promoters with hundreds of direct referrals, just to avoid paying them and to sell their direct referrals to other members, the same admin that suspended hundreds of members without a valid reason and then was charging $25 fee to remove the suspension, the same admin that on 6 of his sites converted pending cashouts to membership upgrades, the same admin that raised the minimum cashout few times and the same admin that removed the support page and the forum. All these facts speaks enough for the reputation of Charles Scoville. Take note that he also owns Adhitsprofits, which is another ponzi structured investment site disguised as “revenue share” site. Trafficmonsoon and any future sites from Charles Scoville will be not recommended here, unless he pays back to members every single penny he owes from his past scam sites.

Review Published: 19 Feb 2015

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300 comments on “TrafficMonSoon – Owned by Serial Scammer | Not Recommended

  1. My trafficmonsoon balance is $7 Payment processor is not available for withdrawal

    • You are wrong . so please buy cash link and you must be withdrew $7. Buy cash link in your paypal or payza account. when you buy cash link it is show payment

  2. Sadie

    A link to a blog (written 10 Aril 2015) about problems with traffic monsoon.

    • Sadie

      PS this is NOT my blog! 😉

  3. kishor kumar

    Dear Admin,
    My trafficmonsoon balance is $3.00. When I try to withdraw money this message is shown “Payment processor is not available for withdrawal”. My payment processor is payza. What can i do right now.
    (My payment processor payza is ok)

    Hope you will reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

    • Many people use paypal and solidtrustpay to deposit and payza to withdraw. So,there were insufficient funds in their payza account due to this issue. So, Charles had to transfer funds to payza account. I think this issue is resolved or will be resolved soon by them.

    • at fist you buy cash link then u get paid

  4. A.K

    What Happened To TrafficMonsoon?
    Is The Site Became Scam?
    Damn,, I Can’t Cashout.

  5. Mia

    Anyways,even though his site paid me, shame i’d been support his site till created my own splashpage but tiger dead leaves stripes,1 time shit… over time shit what’s the next shit? not to mention he’s doing shit, i just feel I don’t want to be a member of PTC ( Paid to CHEAT ) sorry for my refferals…i didn’t search enough his story..just felt something not right after hits over KKK.
    Thanks reviewer and comentatore, salute you!

  6. Don

    Traffic monsoon owner is with timtech their TE live videos. He help hosting them and is on video (timtech is the original owner of nerdbux, which people paid at first and then NOT and then gave it away and did not paid what was owed first). everyone knows what happened with that… so this should tell people something if they are doing videos together!!!

  7. People are just too greedy and make people miserable in the process.

  8. Cosmin

    This site is NOT a scam!!! I was payed and I can give a paypal screenshot any time with the received money!

    • Guess Who

      That doesn’t prove it is not a scam. You are missing the point. The owner runs scams. Get it?!

      • What scams ?

        If a site offers a service, you pay for it and receive it, then it’s not a scam, because you received what you paid for.

        If a site offers earnings, and you withdraw earnings and get paid– then it’s not a scam.

        Obviously people don’t understand why previous PTC sites were closed. Inactivity, and funds inside payza were seized because payza had them in Obopay. Everyone in the USA with a payza account lost the funds inside their payza.

        News about this was on the ptc sites for more than 6 months before closing them. The funds that payza held are still with the US Dept of Justice until this day without any update of release. Closing the businesses was a tough choice, but there wasn’t a way to keep them open because no one was active anyway, plus the money supporting member earnings were with Payza/Obopay and had been seized by the US Government. This isn’t my fault, and trying to blame me about it just means you don’t know how to research the facts, and depend upon someone who has ulterior motives to provide you reasons not to join something GOOD

        • Thank you so much.


  9. adil Syed

    Great article. I am very sorry to say that people don’t listen to such advice. They want to earn money online. They trust such scammers and lose their hard earn money again and again. Same is the case with ProBux. I still remember those people who make fun of those sites which claims Probux is scam site. In the end who is the loser? People loves money and these scammers know that secret. Long live PTC Bux scams and long live people greed for money.

  10. Didn’t know that Traffic Monsoon has the prospect to scam! Strange! I really thought they’re okay! I even wrote 2 reviews. One HERE and the other one is HERE.

    These 2 pages are ranked at the first page of google, bing and yahoo and giving me a lot of traffic! I even got paid yesterday a good sum. Really surprising!

  11. Good warning.
    I’d stick with EasyHits4U ( for a traffic exchange. There’s no sense of changeing it: it doesn’t really matter which traffic exchange you use, as long as most of the people use it:-p

    • Shoaib

      Honestly, I will say it really matters which traffic exchange you use. I use both trafficmonsoon and easyhits4u. Nowadays, Trafficmonsoon is the top traffic exchange because it has reach of 85.5% whereas easyhits4u has only 7.8%. I advertised on both of them and trafficmonsoon gave much better results than easyhits4u. Anyways, its your wish which TE to use.

  12. hsac

    no more ads worth 10cents daily anymore anyway….you’re lucky if you get 3×0.01 ads!

  13. Stat0290
    • oxybux turned scam. Forum disabled. You cannot post a new topic on oxybux forum. So stop work in this site

    • Traffic monsoon.. Really a scam..????

  14. wow thank for information..

  15. jhon mella

    thanks for warning ! and are scam sites, the admin forcing people to upgrade in order to get paid

  16. Alex Success

    Great thanks to PTC Central about the dirty scheme of this hideous site.

  17. hsac

    every time I click an ad it show at the end,sorry ad expired!…so basically what happens is,you do your job and waste time with the ad but you don’t get paid for it!WHO gets that money cause the person who BOUGHT the ad did get his visitor (ME)!I guess TM ;)yes it’s a scam

    • If someone pays for 100 visitors, the link will display until 100 are used up.

      Sometimes (due to the large number of people logged in) someone will click a link and it will reach the max # someone has paid for before your timer count down finishes.

      This happens on neobux too. I think any experienced clicker has seen this happen on many different ptc sites, and doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

      It means the site is popular and has a ton of clickers which cause $1.00 ads to run out quickly.

    • Yes , I agree with TrafficMonSoon – Owned by Serial Scammer.
      Maximum Rev share site turn into scam.

  18. mmmm

    finally someone who shares my suspicions!thank you so much for this review…I joined and spent a lot of cash to bring direct referrals but my DR list shows I have zero,even if all these people showed me proof they joined under my link!of course TM is probably their sponsor making half of the money of what they click…how convenient!so YES,I definitely agree it’s a HUGE SCAM but most of the members don’t wanna open their eyes

  19. What you fail you recognize is the reason my PTC sites went offline is because of the news update listed on them for 6 months that our money was inside Payza ($67,000) and payza had those funds in OboPay, and the US Dept of Justice seized ALL the funds that belonged to the USA account holders of Payza, because payza had them in OboPay. That’s why. The other programs paid out until all the customers stopped using the sites/services, and no one ever “wasn’t paid”

    In 2011 all 6 ptc sites struggled because of losing paypal and payza credit card issues, and within 6 months all pending payouts were paid, and everything returned to instant withdrawals until Nov 2013 when Payza’s funds were seized by the USA.

    • Hey charles before you start telling stories, you might want to make sure that you are not currently restricting your users from getting referrals, wanna know how I know, well you see I havent gotten a referral in over a week, & I know a service you can purchase referrals at.

      Guess what? you have them shut off so people cant get them, good job, but better go try to tell more stories about why you are stealing money & trying to lie to people, just saying.

      • Stories. I’d rather provide quality services that people can benefit from, and offer an honest and legitimate way for people to earn online.

        If someone selects a service and pays for it, they are not having their money stolen from them. They are using their money in order to obtain a service being offered. If you think that’s theft, then by your definition grocery stores steal from us, because we give them our money, and give us the food we eat in exchange for the money we used as a purchase.

        If you feel you have had any money stolen from you, please contact me directly, and let’s resolve together what you feel you have experienced, because one thing I place great focus on is dealing honestly with my fellow men (and women). Reason: after life is over, we’ll all stand before the great God Almighty and have to answer for what we’ve done.

        If you have a conscience, contact me directly and let’s resolve and work through whatever it is, because in my heart, mind, and soul I know that I have cheated no one… but I know misunderstandings exist because true information is difficult to find through all the rumors, and spread of lies.

    • PTCCentral

      What you fail to recognize is that not everyone believes in your excuses. Your sites were active scams long time before the OboPay issue.

      The other programs paid out until all the customers stopped using the sites/services, and no one ever “wasn’t paid”

      Customers wouldn’t stop using reliable sites/services. People stop using non-paying sites like these past sites you ran, in which you converted pending cashouts to membership upgrades, charged $100 per support ticket, raised the minimum cashout few times to prevent people from cashing out, suspended people without a valid reason, charged $25 to remove the suspension. That’s why the number of registered members on Infinitybux dropped from 325 000 down to 3000. Same for your other sites. On reliable and paying sites satisfied customers will bring more people to take advantage of the referral system, and the number of members will constantly grow, only dissatisfied customers leave poorly managed sites. It’s a big failure for a site owner to claim that “all the customers stopped using the sites/services”.

      In 2011 all 6 ptc sites struggled because of losing paypal and payza credit card issues, and within 6 months all pending payouts were paid.

      Wrong. You converted pending cashouts to membership upgrades. That’s not “paying out”.

      For you there is always someone else to blame, for instance Paypal, later Alertpay/Payza, but you forgot to mention that running a ponzi scheme consisting of 6 unsustainable bux sites is against Paypal terms.

      We have been paying instantly through AlertPay and PayPal for quite some time, but PayPal is not as secure, and they take their insecurities out on their sellers.

      Instead of increasing their security and making it tougher on the hackers and scammers to take advantage of their system, they simply remove the sellers that the hackers and scammers target.

      So for you Paypal is not a secure payment processor, yet you are using it again on Trafficmonsoon. Does that makes Trafficmonsoon insecure site?

      • wasim

        Hello dear PTCC! Is this guys real “charles” who replied your trafficmonsoon review.when I click the name “charles” I entered trafficmonsoon website and click signup button then saw “Your enroller’s name is shaukat ali”.I think this guy “charles” is not real trafficmonsoon admin.


        • PTCCentral


          Yes it’s Charles, the IP address used to post the comment is located in Utah and Charles is from Utah. Besides, the url behind the name Charles is without referral ID, you saw different enroller’s name because previously you have visited trafficmonsoon through different referral link which drops cookie into your browser and this cookie is loaded the next time when you visit the website (without referral link).

  20. C

    Thank you for stating the name of these “scammers” (Charles Scoville). I think they should be transparent and that will help people from getting sucked into these fraud schemes.

    • When it comes to transparency, there’s not many admins who are even close as transparent as me. No matter how transparent I have been, there are people who ignore, or discount the proofs I’ve displayed in full openness– and not many admins of any program who go out into the field and meet with their members/leaders — and rare to see a youtube video of them showing their face. How much more transparent would you like me to be?

      Recently I met with leaders in TrafficMonsoon and displayed fully how much money is held in TM total member account balances, the amounts in the processors, and fully displayed how things work so they can be quite certain that TM is not a scam of any kind.

      Many there spoke of their advertising results, increase of traffic, and love of the instant payouts — I plan to have more meetings with the top affiliates and show them all these things fully so they can be absolutely confident in me, in TrafficMonsoon, and in bringing more people into TM to make full use of the services offered.

      • How can they say that Trafficmonsoon is a scam while it is still paying me? I have withdrawn for the third times from this PTC Site and I still got paid! I never invested in it. And I don’t even have any referrals! Keep up the good work Charles! No matter what people say about you!!

        • Traffic monsoon is fantastic I have already made almost $1000 dollars for only 10 mins of work a day lol. It’s working for me believe me people I’m and average person who works 6 days a week to make a better life for my self. I haven’t got any reason to lie about traffic monsoon I think Charles has set up a fantastic system. It has given me a sense of belief in myself that I can actually achieve something in life it has given me the confidence to speak to strangers it’s given me a potential career.

          If you don’t trust this site don’t invest just sign up for free get paid to view advertisements for free.

      • Gulam Rasul

        You are doing great job Charles.
        Hope I quit my day job one day and finally meet my friends and family that I have been missing them for long long time. Thank you, Thank you and again Thank you Charles.