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This page was created to provide a place for discussion about, until we publish a full review of the site. Until that happens, feel free to share your experience that you had with this site in the comment section below. The-bux will be placed on the Not Recommended list due to using bad practices, such as moving account balances into purchase balance to “clear” their debt. The site has been struggling to pay for over a year and a half, they are not paying on time because they are broke. The-bux is a good example why “bux” sites fail – based on unsustainable business model, high click rate self-sponsored ads, upgrades and rentals are the main income stream instead of advertising income, and the result is obvious. Read the comments below, it might help you to get better understanding about The-bux.

Review Published: 11 Jul 2014

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16 comments on “ – Is it a Scam or Legit? | Site to Avoid

  1. 12 months delay for 5$…
    I wish I had read this article earlier…
    Fake site…

  2. Carvin

    the-bux Closed down.

  3. I have not been paid in more than a year by the Everytime i ask what is going on with the payments they either ignore me or they do not give a straight answer. I will wait a little longer but i i do not get paid, i will be deleting my account. Very frustrating

  4. Scam 100%, not pay and if buy ads not is possible use you credit.

  5. Larry

    I agree. Full scam now. I had requested a payment in December, and after making the request, remained active nearly everyday for a couple of months. But when 2 months went by and my payment was still listed as “Pending”, I became concerned that I wasn’t going to get paid. So then I started logging in only a few days a month (about once per week), clicking when I logged in but mostly checking my payment status. Then when I logged in today, I read that they had instituted a new filter that resets a person’s account if they are inactive for more than 7 days to supposedly catch people like me that were only logging in a few times a month after requesting payments! So their plan works perfectly! Get people to sign up, click enough to request a payment, never give the person this payment, person suspects the site is a scam so starts logging in less often until they have a 7-day gap, then reset the user’s account so that they never have to pay and can claim that it was the user’s fault for not being active.

  6. dont sing up wht this site . they say they will pay you and never do ,want you to be patient and stay active and keep clicking adds and not get paid . I have been waiting to get paid since october of 2014 and when i said somthing about getting the runaround they banned me from the forum to shut me up THE BUX is a BIG SCAM and full of bull all they do is lie to members and when you get angry and want answers they ban you to shut you up and still dont pay you

  7. RAB

    The Bux suspended my account for supposed cheating. I replied saying not and asking for proof, but not got account back, further proof or the courtesy of a reply SCAM.

  8. Stat0290 is also a fraud site, their Admin forcible transfer main earning balance to purchase balance; though this balance not usable. Another big scam site.

  9. Stat0290 is another scam site, they are forcibly moving users earned balance to purchase balance.

    • PTCCentral

      It turned into a scam since months ago. For almost a year there was daily payout limit in place and on top of that the maximum members could withdraw was $2 per request. They were paying around $20-$30 daily and yet their admin bought ultimate membership on Gladbux at the cost of $750. He could use that money to pay what he owes to his members, instead of wasting the money into a scam site. And now after their plan with the donations didn’t worked out, and their new site is not doing well as they expected, they decided to transfer all account balances to purchase balance.

  10. law

    Hi admin is the bux scam site cant access the site this 2 days

    • Do you still having problems accessing the site? It’s working fine here.
      I would not recommend the-bux. It has been more than 8 months since they have payout issues. There is a daily payout limit in place and on top of that the maximum you can withdraw is $2 per request, regardless of the membership. I highly doubt they can recover from this situation, even though I see their admin is trying to find a solution. And what is his solution?
      – Donations?? It’s a ptc site, not a charity. Don’t ask for members donations because of your own mistakes (creating a unsustainable ponzi bux).
      – Launching a new site? Obviously they are going to launch a new site just to bring fresh investments and pay off what they owe to the-bux members. Again this is not a solution, this is how ponzi schemes operates and eventually both sites will end up as a failed ones.

      The-bux is paying on average $40-$50 in total per day and yet their admin bought ultimate membership on Gladbux at the cost of $750. He could use that money to pay what he owe to his members, instead of wasting that money into a scam site.

  11. legal or not

    • Definitely not. The-bux is a good example why “bux” sites fail – unsustainable business model, high click rate self-sponsored ads, upgrades and rentals are the main income stream, and the result is obvious. For months they have daily payout limit in place, and now it’s even worse – members are allowed to request maximum $2 every 12 days. I would not recommend them.

  12. From California,U.S.A.

    “ ” Forum Posted
    Posted Quote From Members:
    Friends , do not waste your time here “ ”
    the words “soon” , ” once for all” and ” going to be solved ” are used by the Manager , Jomacoal and the rest of this gang of Alibabas!!! and it have been used for months …. using in these days (today also) , will be used next week , next month , will be used within six months …. an soooo ooonnnnn … they don’t even mind to change their system consisting of:

    . 1 – make you believe that you can not withdraw because YOU FAIL the day and time for it, or because you’re not fast enough, or you don’t have a fast internet conection (amazing the amount of excuses!!!) ( that’s a part of the ILLUSION that they manage ).

    2 – .The are not Interested to solve the “problem” they have with their bots htat the rent as referrals; in fact this bots are programmed with “the mission” of that we pay to rent them and then they expire without producing minimum necessary to cover the rent / renovation cost , and so the equation is: people invest and lose their money , and profit for the gang tHE- BUX increases

    . 3 – No need to buy advertising on this site because your ads disappear from your Ads / Banners control panel . This is natural because i have reviewed advertising on this site , and the vast majority of ads the person who is the referent is THE- BUX , I mean advertising here is for them to get referrals in the other ptcs where they are registered to, Brother therefore they neither want nor need competition , so your ads are forgotten, never existed nor creating it request

    In summary gain is everywhere in this site but going only for the gang THE- BUX . , And users are fooled with the ILLUSION that they will be able to chasOut, ILUSION of you can chashOut, ILUSION about the problems will be resolved quickly .. or some day in the near future…. this problems are here from long before to November las year, and before, and the current excuses are that programmers are of duty because the holyday season …… BLA, BLA,BLA,BLA…..BLA, You will see after January 10th other(s) BRAND_NEW excuse(s) will arrive …. .. and excuses to continue feeding the users ILUSION

    friends use google put NEOBUX , PROBUX , LINX.ME , EASYHITS4YOU , all they pay ( they paid me )
    no runs against the clock at mid night, not Chinese-Fayry TALES……. without referrals problems … without ads problems…
    I know my account here going to be banned an this post removed ……….. huge pod will I lose ……
    Leave The-Bux, it is worse than a ponzi scheme …….
    I will SUCCESS in 2014 ! !

  13. From California,U.S.A.

    “ ” Forum Posted
    Quote: jemm2008
    To the admin and moderators inhere
    since I never ever can cashout I used my money here to buy ads (click ads and Banner Ads) But just two hours later my ADS disappear from the “manging advertise area” so A VERY BIG THANKYOU to YOU MRS ALEX-A now you don`t have to pay my money an even have to show mi ads competing with YOURs (because many ads from here are from YOU)
    GOOD BAY all of you ……….. I hope and Pray your robery here ends soon…
    P.D. I know you gonna delete this post very quickly…… but now I’m going to write about your robery behavior in my blog (currently running in several Traffic Exchange and Rotators)
    AAlso I’m going to write in NEOBUX an other respetables Sites’s forums
    see You