A List of Recent Scam PTC Sites (Published September 9, 2014)

scam ptc program status badgeSince at the moment I don’t have the time to write reviews for each site separately, I decided to publish a short list of recent scam sites alongside with a short description why the site is a scam. I would recommend to keep away from the sites listed below. These sites are scams, either no longer paying or owned by admins responsible for previous scam sites. I’ll update this list as I spot new scam sites.

  • 88bux.com and 88clix.com – Stopped paying since July 2014, multiple Paypal accounts limited, forum full of spam, sites have been abandoned.
  • Baclix.com – Same owner of Naidbux, Marbux, Outbux, all of them scam sites. Just another scam in the making.
  • Bux99.com – A ghost site, didn’t sent out a single payment, forum is full of spam, there is no word from the admin.
  • Buxwon.com – Same owner of closed scam sites Tapbux.com and Wattbux.com
  • Cashyclix.com – No new payments since September 11, site is no longer paying.
  • Clearbux.com – Account balances and purchase balances have been reset without compensation.
  • Clixarea.com – No new payments since September 5, the forum has been removed.
  • Clixbox.org – Paying selectively, suspending users without a valid reason.
  • Clixnation.com – No longer paying, latest payments are from August 9.
  • Clixrank.com – Stopped paying since July 24, the forum has been removed.
  • Globalbux.net – No longer paying, latest payments made on July 31, forum has been removed.
  • Goalclix.com – Suspending users after requesting cashout, have the same owner of a closed scam site Clickprofitbux.com
  • Grandclix.net and Bitcoin-bux.com – Owned by Andrei Dumitrache, a serial scammer who is responsible for a lot of other scam sites, including Ojooclix.com, Lexbux.com, Red-alertbux.com, Nodbux.com, Zonclix.com, Fuseclix.com, Zapclik.com, Ptc-advertisements.com, Clixbanner.com, Hitzbux.com, Protectbux.com, Increaseearning20.com, Intbux.com.
  • Jerryads.com – No payments since July 19, forum full of spam, obviously the site is abandoned.
  • Neatclix.com – Same owner of scam sites 88bux.com and 88clix.com, paypal limited, forum full of spam, site has been abandoned.
  • PremiumKat.com – No longer paying, latest payments from August 18, payments methods removed – not possible to request payment.
  • Judoclix.com – No longer paying, marking payments sent, suspending users when requesting cashout, have the same owner of closed scam site bigstarclix.com
  • Karateclix.com – Same owner of Judoclix, same issue here, no longer paying
  • Paymbux.com – Owned by scammer, responsible for other scams like Eprofitbux.com, Erabux.com, Esvbux.com, Solutionbux.com, Nsebux and many other sites. (source)
  • Regalclix.com – No longer paying, marking payments completing without actually sending out payments, the forum has been removed.
  • Sharkclixx.com – Not paying since June 24, withdrawal options have been removed, the admin is inactive on the forum, another ghost site.
  • Zemclix.com – Connected to recently closed scam site Fabclix.com, owned by the same admin

Note: This is not a “New List” of scam sites. This is just an article displaying some recent scam sites, you can find the full list of scam sites on our Not Recommended list.

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95 comments on “A List of Recent Scam PTC Sites (Published September 9, 2014)

  1. Clementh Martin Baroi

    Please provide reviews for the ptc sites clixblue and buxvertise

  2. Marina


  3. Mike

    Just want to tell you about http://www.cellularem.it online shop located in Italy.
    I have bought from these people a smartphone and they have provided nothing.
    They are part of the group Aquila srl.
    Don’t buy from these people…..

  4. bellouaer

    what about



  5. Stat0290
    • I don’t know about Lexiadz but the owner had other 3 PTC sites… I think it’s not a good choice for you

    • tailoring

      Hello friend,
      Lexiadz and all of their programs are big big scammers. I got deleted and I didnĀ“t violate their terms at all. I just requested payout, and they suspended me after I reached payout. They closed my ticket, not answering at all. , They dont pay users or they pay selectively to big investors and even investors have had their accounts deleted This goes for all the programs for their network which are UltimateClixx, LexiAdz, ClixBlue, and AdzBazar. They are all scammers.

  6. Ray

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