Mobile-friendly Responsive Design Implemented at PTC Central

We have implemented responsive design at PTC Central. This means that you can visit PTC Central on different devices, such as smartphones, tablets etc. and the website will figure out your device screen resolution and automatically adapt to that resolution. The layout will switch to mobile-friendly format made for easy access on smaller screens, images will be automatically adjusted as well and the navigation menu will switch to touch device optimized navigation, because the drop-down menus on mouse hover don’t work well on touch devices.

Our mobile-friendly design will provide you an optimal viewing experience on small screen devices with a minimum need for resizing and scrolling. Every page at PTC Central is optimized to be displayed on mobile devices. Note that these adjustments starts on screens with a minimum width of 800px, for larger screens the layout will remain the same with a maximum content width of 1000px. You can check here how our website looks on smaller screens, like 240 x 320, 320 x 480 etc. Type our website address, select the option “allow scrolling” and check it out how different pages are displayed on different resolutions. You can also check by resizing and zooming directly into your browser (Ctrl+).

Please report if you notice any errors or layout breaks.

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5 comments on “Mobile-friendly Responsive Design Implemented at PTC Central

  1. NotMyName

    Checked at and approved 😉

  2. Good job mate! You are always working on improving your site and this is another big step.

    I noticed you stopped using IntenseDebate on your site… hmmmm

    • Hi buddy,
      That’s right, I decided to remove IntenseDebate because some comments were appearing on wrong places, for example comments on pages appeared on posts, and the comment section looked messed up, even if I move the comments from the database and put them on the right place, they would still remain on wrong places once ID was loaded.

  3. Nice, I usually read your site on my Android phone 🙂

    • That’s nice, I noticed that the mobile web traffic was increasing so I decided to adapt the design to smaller screens 😎