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Unfortunately, many PTC users are scammed everyday by fraudulent PTC programs. You can report scam/suspicious sites here on this page. By making a report, you help us to identify scammers and warn other people about that particular scam, so they do not become a victim as well. You can also report sites that looks suspicious or if you have found indications that a site may turn scam soon, fee free to report that too.

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899 comments on “Report a Site

  1. jo1201hn


    I must tell you today that I was simply suspended on familyclix. Last weekend I applied for a payout, then my account was simply blocked. About the support there is no answer. The site is probably broke. You can hear more and more that there are massive problems there. Beware of FAMILYCLIX.COM

    • Lee

      I had a similar experience with family clix funny enough last year (2016) end of January also after requesting a payout. Up till date (a year later) my account still is not sorted out and I don’t get any replies or a reason for the suspension.

  2. Carlos D.

    To Familyclix! I also have problems with the provider. Have applied for payment, no reaction. Support tickets, no response. Earlier payouts have always worked out. I also think that he is the next vendor who is insolvent.

  3. Michael Samos

    It looks as though it is a criminal act for larger payments. Go to hell admin !!!

  4. Will L. Powell


    Hi, I think the page is about to end. The admin manipulates Account Balance and does not execute payments.
    Support tickets are not answered.
    For critical queries, the account is suspended.
    Familyclix is non-payment! Still trying to fetch your money, good luck.

    • Michael Samos

      Same here, admin don’t answer! manipulating account. no paying! He is insolvent!

  5. Hi,

    I’m the Canadian owner of since November 19th, 2016. is paying since the beginning.

    I’m working to improve it everyday, adding new Addons, Contest, etc.

    Last Payments were yesterday All withdrawal request was paid.

    Please remove from the scam list.

    Regards Owner

  6. zdomjus60

    Just received an account suspension for unclear reasons from Innocurrent. In my opinion, it’s an excuse not to pay what I have earned until now. I’m very pissed off.

  7.,,,,…All scam sites. I put in money and got paid with most of them the first time, with small investments, then users hacked my account second time round and never got paid on any. Beware people!!!

  8. is also hugo costa site, lost their paypal business license , and now keep saying have patience to all support tickets, stay away unless you want to have your money held indefinitely

    my referral link in there:

  9. aka hugo costa has scammed me out of thousands, lost their paypal business verification, and now will not answer any support letters, or pay me

    my referral link in that site is:

  10. ptc bank deleted my account and i could not login for my account that i use for 1.5 months and make my 100 dollers .they are fake is a fake website they donot pay any peyments

  11. hello i am naveed shahid from pakistan and i want to tell you for a fraud site is working and cheating the peoples to make money online site and work very properly but then the time of withdraw the account of costmer will be banned or deleted from their database this is a very very fraud site i will try it more time from more then my devices they never pay any payment
    naveed shahid

  12. Joseph Norris runs the best service hands down. Their administration, on the other hand, is the absolute worst. They locked my account for 30-60 days and refused to give me a valid reason as to why. After waiting, my account was banned and my funds were looted.

    They have a policy against one person completing the same offer on SuperPay.Me as well as other websites. I share the same name as my father, and most offers don’t ask for suffix. They believed that this was me doing the same offer on another website. All we have in common is the name, address. There is identifying information such as age that they could distinguish us by, but they did not care. I went as far as uploading my ID, and had my father upload his ID as well; proving we were two different people.

    Despite not breaking any rules, I suggested I could ask my father to stop using ptc services. I additionally offered to pay back any money if an offer refused to pay out. With a minimal response, and total lack of care about me as a customer they said the following.

    “You have been informed of the decision regarding your account”

    “Future replies will now be deleted without response.”

    Want to see the full logs, you can email me at

  13. Lemeredian
    • Lee

      Yeah I realized. Just got scammed by them too.

  14. Lemeredian

    Grandbux dying…start to stop paying with many way…

  15. I have been using for weeks and have been getting paid. I decided to wait until I had $22+ to request payment and they suspended me claiming I did not use mouse for clicking and pointed me to their terms agreement. No where in their Terms does it say that. The thing I did do was buy a new computer because my old one suddenly just stop working. It has touch screen. No where in their terms does it say anything about that either. Help me. I do want my $22.+.. I earned it.

  16. Updated info on
    Regarding all members, the following hard decisions have been taken on order to refresh the website:

    1. All payments have been refunded in order to get payments back on track and refresh the website.
    2. We will no longer be working with PayPal, so it has been removed as a payment processor.
    3. All members who have deposited with PayPal will have to deposit 50% of there deposit with a different payment processor in order to withdraw with it.
    5. For a certain period, the number of days between cashouts, depending on Upgrades, has been raised, and after that, it will return back to normal.
    6. After a certain period, payment time will be lowered from 20 to 10 business days.

    We know and understand that this is not convenient, but this hard decisions had to be made in order to get a fresh start, and in the interest of everyone receiving there payment.

  17. Can someone tell me if this is a safe site,
    I have been reading there is a lot of pending payments

  18. Siony

    its almost a year now subscribing from clixsense, i had only free account, i have almost $8.00, i think only .32 i need to complete the first claim, but now when i try to open clixsense only porn site is always appeared, i wasted my time and efforts to complete surveys and clicks ads from this site, this Clixsense is really a scammer.

    • miguel

      it’s happening the same to me and i have witdrawn almost 200$ from them before, they’re not a scam, they have probably just been hacked temporarily

      • nel

        yes,clixsense is legit and i have got a third payment.

        • Lee

          Clixsense is legit. I have earned about $137.05 from clixsense and have been paid out $134.86 already. When I had problems I opened a ticket and got reply within 6 hrs. Within 3 days my problem were sorted. Never had any other problems with them ever since. Clixsense is also the site with the highest earning potential that I have found so far.


    Did not get paid the first time itself and no response to support ticket too.

    Disputed and won the claim with PayPal