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Unfortunately, many PTC users are scammed everyday by fraudulent PTC programs. You can report scam/suspicious sites here on this page. By making a report, you help us to identify scammers and warn other people about that particular scam, so they do not become a victim as well. You can also report sites that looks suspicious or if you have found indications that a site may turn scam soon, fee free to report that too.

Other places to report internet scams and interned fraud:

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902 comments on “Report a Site

  1. I will list the following sites which they are not paying me and eaten my money :
    pvtraffic-keep your fund grow
    Exeptional ptc services
    Surf4coin earn money online with autosurf
    finance surf

  2. Dan

    Hello and sorry to bother you but I just want to inform you that turned in to a scam.They changed the administration without communicating this thing,the new Atanas Vasilev from Romania and after I verified SCXten-Group SRL,who is behind this PTC, I discovered that this company it`s a fraud,providing false telephone numbers and no intention to pay something to the Internal Revenue Service.More,begin with 04.03.2016 they do not pay anymore the users who have deposited and wish to withdraw through PayPal if they do not deposit through other payment processor at least 50% from the total amount they deposited till now through PayPal.Example:if I wanna withdraw 20$ I must deposit through other processor at least 150$ that means half from the amount I deposited till now on this site through PayPal.No further comments,this PTC it`s 100% SCAM!

  3. I have started to click on BUll – shares. A funny site. They ve wrote that I have received two times on paypal – I didnt receive anything.

  4. gabriel SCAMMMM please do somethig with this

  5. roy

    Nightingale-Ads is scam after request payout $0.30 my account get suspended

  6. Jim

    adfiver is a scam site I have tried to cash out for over 2 week now all I get is too many requests at this time try again in 12 to 48 hours every time I try don’t waste your time on this site.

  7. UkClix is scam. Everytime you want to cashout your money, you have to add approx same amount in their fund. WTF..

  8. Ezgi

    Innocurrent is a scam!! I heard about this ptc site, as a legit ptc site, from your website however you do not update the information regularly. I have seen that you havent updated “innocurrent” information since 2014.Thus now I can announce you that Innocurrent is a real scam. Please update ptc sites information frequently, since like me a lot of people rely on the information in your website. However the current information is misleading and we have all fallen into Innocurrent’s trap!

  9. I here 2 dollar is a scam site and I don’t think I’ll get paid my thousand

  10. Cristian


    They don’t pay anymore, if you ask cashback, after a stupit procedure, they tell you: whait 24 hour

  11. Ptc Rocket Is now also a scam site!
    I’ve been clicking for many years 7 days a week at that site! I invested 5 dollar for ptc ads and kept clicking! This week i was 4 cents away from minimum payout limit ($5)and i couldn’t login anymore. Sended support ticket:Hello
    First i open support ticket (Ticket ID: 4MY-9D7-D1WJ) no contact, second time (ticket ID 72U-NQA-UVZR)i receive answer about my login trouble that support is working fine and when i had login troubles that the email/username didn’t excist! I replied to that message and checked the status of ticket and get again message’Sorry, we were unable to locate your email address. Can you explain this? You replied yesterday and today my email isn’t recognized? So this is my 3 ticket!
    At first: I’m clickinf for many years 7 days a week at your site, never had login troubles before, second: I bought ptc ads with my paypal adres wich is the same as login email, so my details has to be in database and can’t dissapear like that, so why i receive message”Sorry, we were unable to locate your email addres’ when i try to login? And why this is happening 4 cents before reaching minimum payout? And why i have to open ticket for the 3th time! As you have noticed I copy everyting I do including ticket numbers and response!
    It isn’t my email or login details because i use roboform for many years, so forgetting login details is out of question as well. , no reply, Sended again and received this as answer:Hi Ronny,

    It can’t locate your address, because you don’t have an account.
    Users that don’t comply with the terms of the site (which you agreed to upon joining) are regularly dealt with and will not change regardless of how many tickets you send in.

    This is the new hype of 2016! Just delete evidence and scam on!

    This was my last reply:
    What a joke! You can’t locate because you deleted the account liar Hogan! But you should delete your site and database while you can! So I’m the liar, google is the liar and paypal as well?
    Thanks for scamming me for years just for 5 bux! It’s so fuckin easy to check user ballances and just delete their account before their able to cash out, seems to be the new hype at ptc sites.
    Luckely it happened me before with other sites so I learned my lesson and take every week screenshots of my account details google history backup so nobody can lie his ass out!
    So you don’t need to guess what’s gonna happen now!
    I gonna report you as scam site by the U.S. autorithies and the ACCC. And I don’t care if i have to spend a 100 bux for it. Site owners who scam like you should be in prison get their ass whiped!
    Brace yourselve and Prepare to get ass kicked. I hope for you it’s worth for the 5 bux! Enjoy it while you still can!
    A shame that I’m not living in the states because i would take lifetime sentence in prison to be able to be alone in a room with you for all the time i wasted at your petatic scam site! Be sure to check out lowest-scumcom in a few weeks when it goes online!I open the curtain just a little bit for you.. The main and first topic is gonna be ptc scams! But sadly you have to share the 2nd place Liar Hogan from Hogan web (scam) solutions with Adam Seebeck aka Aclarn Inc. from Admimsycom. And the first spot of course is for Charles Scoville from Traffic Monsoon. I was wondering if you were relatives or just partners in crime?

  12. Md towfiq

    Adfiver is going to cheat very soon. They never give any support. They give fake rented referral. I bought 40 referral 10 never click, 10 click 1 weeks, 10 click 2 weeks and 10 click 3 weeks. Funny things click rate of each 10 almost same. I requsted so many help they never reply. When I tried to upgrade and failed to deposit through PayPal they instantly reply and told me to pay them manually. I knew it is mostly trusted by maximum but I think it’s might go for steal big amount. Please ensure before upgrade.

  13. Lilian

    This public complaint is about Clixten. I rented referrals. They were inactive. I changed all of them. It happened again. All inactive. I complained on the Forum saying (with good maners it was an scam. I was banned inmediately with this message.

    “Posted Today at 13:53

    Before say that ClixTEN it’s a scam site please show proofs of that before blaming

    Rented refferals are an extra option from where can earn extra money, same as the others options.

    Best regards”

    I think this response it´s at least unsutisfactory taking into account I asked the forum how to get rid of my account charging my money. And the query was banned as well.

  14. Tina

    After Ojoo, Buxept, Cashnhits, Useclix, Traficmonsoon now Adfiver also doesn t pay (I have paypal account). Adfiver for 2 days now they write that they have too much traffic and that s the reason that they don t pay. I will try again the next days and I will keep you informed.

  15. Oh yea. and the Cash Links at Traffic Monsoon? They run BOTS through them.
    That is how CHEAP this Charles Scoville is.

    He isn’t paying so I bought some cash links for advertising. I promoted
    Donkey Mails PTP and sent 1500 hits to it. The hits were used up in about a minute. Everyone of them was recorded as INVALID at Donkey Mails.

    Charles is a great guy isn’t he? He better be in Dubai because we are waiting for him in the United States.

  16. To be fair all the members of these PTC sites are scammers also. No wonder
    they all fail. I run a PTC site and 75% of the member are duplicate accounts or bots.

    Soon there wont be any PTC sires. I will kee my PTC site for another 6 months till my licensce runs out and if it doesn’t improve I will shut it down. I will refund all my paying customers though.

    I already told my member s about the hackers and cheaters anyway so they don’t invest anymore.

    Fine with me. I hate PTC anyway.

    There could of been a legitimate way to make money if the members didn’t cheat. So, they will all be out too.

  17. Julian

    Traffic Monsoon Stop payment


    MARLIVE forex traide is S C A M

  19. jeffrey

    cant cash out on adfiver wait 12/24 hour i have 14 dollar and i can cash out

  20. Adfiver not pay since last week

    • Arif went into SCAM as they are not paying. Be Aware…