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Unfortunately, many PTC users are scammed everyday by fraudulent PTC programs. You can report scam/suspicious sites here on this page. By making a report, you help us to identify scammers and warn other people about that particular scam, so they do not become a victim as well. You can also report sites that looks suspicious or if you have found indications that a site may turn scam soon, fee free to report that too.

Other places to report internet scams and interned fraud:

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902 comments on “Report a Site

  1. Have you heard anything about the site called

    • Yes I have heard, it is a non-paying scam site.

  2. Dear admint,,
    Please check this site!
    I want to know this site scam or no.

    • It’s a scam. Another Jeffrey Johnson site. Do not expect to get paid from this site. Read their terms of service:

      We pay via mail. All payments for entertainment purposes only. Threatening us will not speed up process it takes longer due fact this script not set up for paying via mail. Site currency is not United States Dollars. We make no guarantees on economic worth of payment we mail. Take My Money is the cheat redemption option all who pick it are asking to not be paid so they will not be.

  3. Maryellen Sharkey,,, all have pending payments. ALL have failed to payout? Wasted my money on these cheating sites.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Georgia Tsampa

    Also a scam site is the very very scam…
    And the same too.

  5. I m waiting 2 months at least and they always tell me they’re gonna pay me but they never did and never will. They’re absolutelly scammers….

  6. Also, paid them $13.00 for Small Investor membership – earned $28.10 gross fees 1.97 net $26.13 now still waiting since 07/08/13 – now a standard member PENDING BECAUSE OF MEMBERSHIP? i RECEIVED 2 LETTERS SAYING THEY WERE GOING TO PAY ME NOTHING YET.

  7. reham
  8. they do not pay me it is a scam site they should bay me 2000$ but nothing till now

  9. Vicky

    I cashed out for $5, didn’t receive it, tried to log in and couldn’t. I got the message “account marked as cheater” even though I didn’t do anything wrong. There was no explanation, no reply to emails, no communication at all. I didn’t use a proxy, bot, fake info… as far as I know, it was all done properly.

    Well, I’m back to Gifthulk – they are just much more reliable – paid me countless times already.

  10. Elizabeth

    The site has only been around for a few weeks and already turned into a scam. The owner paid some people and others like myself have yet to see a payout. The owner has also removed the forum, I attribute this to all the complaints that were on it. Any complaints sent via contact form are ignored. This site as new as it is, is already a scam, beware and DO NOT UPGRADE or join! The worst mistake was upgrading. I lost a lot of money here!

  11. Hermann Potgieter

    Please be advised that the following website: has turned into a fraudulent scam site. For days I’ve been loyally clicking their advertisements; and then all of a sudden my referrals stopped earning me any money (even though they were clicking 100s of adverts each day!…) I continued clicking for days, but my ‘Balance’ stayed at 0.0429. I have screenshots to proof this, I will send it to you if you ask me. The administrator just denied this, and threatened to disable my account.

    I’ve invested US$ 80 from Paypal to turn my account into ‘golden’, and bought 200 referrals. Seems like I’ve lost quite a bit of money. How can I warn others, and expose this admin (Cosmin) of to the fullest extend possible of fraud? This guy will go on like this, staying under the radar, but once you earn some money, then the scam kicks in.

  12. anon

    Many owed money for over a month, no word from owner for several weeks.

  13. deepak mehta




    DEEPAK MEHTA [phone number removed]

  14. I am working on 50 pages, i want to report a few.

    • Thanks for the report, however most of these sites are either gone or suspended by Buxhost.

  15. Cheng Liang

    Several weeks ago I requested a review of ADmimsy. Now I think it is unnecessary because this site is 100% scam. When I request a payment of $10, they do not pay at all, instead reduce $6 of my balance. However, in their form I see someone does get his or her payment, so I guess their payments are made selectively.

    • Admimsy has been already added to our pending reviews list of scam sites. Full review will be published soon.

  16. lily

    Dear Sir,
    I have already write in to buxinc who promised to pay us via payza but they never reply to my emails and I never get paid till today. Same with my friends. Please help us.Thanks
    Yours sincerely,
    suffering buxinc member

    • Hello,

      We have already published a review of Buxinc, you can read it here:

      I am sorry to tell you that you and your friends have wasted your time on BuxInc, and unfortunatelly you will not get paid for your efforts there. BuxInc is a well known scam program.

      That’s why it is very important to do your research before joining such sites and that’s why we have published a review of Buxinc, to warn people before they fall for it.

  17. clem rogan

    I’m reporting about “dailyprofitalways”. I thought it was a good site until about 4 months ago. About that time, the selection of payment processors went missing from the “select payment processor” box on the payout page. I’ve been submitting tickets asking to have this fixed for about 4 months and nothing has happened. There is still NO PAY PROCESSOR available in that box, so therefore I’m unable to withdraw any of the money that I’ve “earned”. I have a few thousand dollars in there now. Since Jan, I now have another problem. On the “shares” page, which shows the daily earnings, they’ve quit paying any earnings. More tickets sent. NO ANSWERS.

    • Thanks for the detailed report, however we don’t review investment programs (HYIPs) that requires to make an investment in order to request a payout. I would recommend to do your research before joining and investing money in such programs.

      In my opinion, there is high risk involved in these programs, a site may be paying at the moment, but later it may easily turn into a non-paying program. Most HYIPs are operating as ponzi schemes which are doomed to fail eventually.

  18. imran

    These both website are SCAM.

    I have invested 50$ here and just earning 2$ a week.
    When i ask admin about it, he said if you've more referal will get more money.

    and second thing.. if you withdraw they will dectect almost 50% amount.

    Let say, if i request for withdraw $100 will received 65$

    • Do not upgrade on any site before you build your downline. You must have a minimum number of active referrals to make a profit from your upgrade. Lets say if you monthly upgrade cost $50, you must make at least $1.70 daily ( you own clicks + your referrals clicks) to get your investment back. So if you are earning $0.30 daily from you own clicks, the remaining $1.40 should be made by your referrals. If you don't have any referrals, you will lose your investment. No site will give you higher earnings from your own clicks than the amount paid for the membership. To boost your earnings, you should refer new members to the site and you will earn commission from their activity.

      You are right, the withdraw fee is 50%. We do not recommend using those sites that sets very high cashout fees. In oder words, they are stealing your earnings.

  19. kenneth

    I belonged to Cats and roses clicks for over 2 years it was sold and now I can't get payed or any respond from them.