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Unfortunately, many PTC users are scammed everyday by fraudulent PTC programs. You can report scam/suspicious sites here on this page. By making a report, you help us to identify scammers and warn other people about that particular scam, so they do not become a victim as well. You can also report sites that looks suspicious or if you have found indications that a site may turn scam soon, fee free to report that too.

Other places to report internet scams and interned fraud:

Before asking about sites please search for the specific sites using the search button below.


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899 comments on “Report a Site

  1. RJ

    VideoXat(VideoPem) won’t pay you. Their website is in Russian, so probably not too many people know/use it. Looks like after i commented on the website, a lot more people started coming out, asking for money. Yet, it’s still working, as of today.

  2. Ana

    MayaClix 100% scam. Everything if fine until you pay 100$ and then everything drops. STAY AWAY

  3. Scarlet clicks and GPTPlanet both were dropped from Paypal recently. The sites have a new withdrawal policy that says you MUST deposit 10% of you withdrawals to ever withdraw again. I have been upgraded in both programs for years and now to withdraw even $20.00 from my $94.00 Scarlet clicks balance of $94.00 I have to deposit $103.00. These sites have turned SCAM I used to withdraw money for both sites twice a month. I have to PAY them to get my money out.

  4. Sukumar Das is a scam site. It is not paying. I lost my money.Dont invest on Dimondclix, it is a scam site.