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Unfortunately, many PTC users are scammed everyday by fraudulent PTC programs. You can report scam/suspicious sites here on this page. By making a report, you help us to identify scammers and warn other people about that particular scam, so they do not become a victim as well. You can also report sites that looks suspicious or if you have found indications that a site may turn scam soon, fee free to report that too.

Other places to report internet scams and interned fraud:

Before asking about sites please search for the specific sites using the search button below.


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870 comments on “Report a Site

  1. Luís Moura e Sá

    I’m here to tell you that is a scam. It’s a new site that changes their memberships without notice and is delaying payments to outrageous time frames. The admin is an old known scammer in the PTC industry. He’s called Pedro Gomes.

    Please stay away from this site. You will be scammed big time