Rainclix and Edenbux – Scams in the Making Owned by Serial Scammer

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Rainclix.com and Edenbux.com are showing connection to a lot of other scam sites owned and managed by the same serial scammer. This admin is responsible for a lot of closed and active scam sites. He currently run the following scam sites (links to the reviews): Lucentbux and Trustybux, Strongclix, EaglesBux, ConixBux, GuaranteedPTC and Rectorclix.com. He is responsible for the following closed scam sites Safeclix, StartClix, Regalclix.com, Wealthbux.com, PotentBux.com, WorthClikz.com and Paymentarea.com. Scammers don’t change. Once a scammer – always a scammer, especially when each month you launch at least one or two new unsustainable bux sites that turn into scam shortly after.

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Here are the proofs. The Paypal account clixpersonnel@gmail.com is being used on Rainclix and Edenbux, as you can see on the payment proofs screenshots below:

This is the same Paypal account that is being used on Trustybux, Lucentbux, StrongClix and RectorClix. You can see the screenshot below taken from the source code of the add funds pages on these sites. The Paypal account is a match and this proves that these sites are connected and managed by the same serial scammer.

Other similarities between Rainclix and Edenbux with the remaining sites from the same admin – they offer the same promotions and discount deals. Massive discounts on membership upgrades, rented referrals and add funds promotions. That’s part of the scamming tactic of this admin, he always offer “lucrative” deals and promotions that you “can’t miss” and as soon as he collect enough money from members he will remove the forum, will stop paying and move on to his next scam project.

Rainclix and Edenbux Review – Summary:

Rainclix and Edenbux are just another scams in the making, managed by admin with zero credibility. He continues to open one site after another, each time with intention to scam, and turning scam usually within 1 or 2 months of the official launch. This admin is responsible for at least 7 closed scam sites, and at the moment he run 7 active scam sites. Rainclix and Edenbux will be no different than his previous sites, therefore I would advise to keep away from them. Both sites will be placed on the Not Recommended list.

Review Published: 1 Mar 2015

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15 comments on “Rainclix and Edenbux – Scams in the Making Owned by Serial Scammer

  1. always the scammers are the order of the day

  2. Maurice

    There are lots of legit PTC out there,, You just need to do some research and once you found it, it will definately help you to earn some $$. Even better if you can combine all into one place and save you time to open and close the ads/sites.. try this link, bet you going to loveit..


  3. I think all ptc sites are scam. Please read my experience with those sites at: http://www.igloom.cu.cc/2015/04/08/mejores-ptc-que-pagan-por-alertpay-ahora-payza/

  4. and I got the trick, I look like I got money, but they don’t exist.
    They closed the Forum users to no longer communicate with each other, that gives the signs it’s SCAM

  5. I’m agree. Why to waste time with scammers if there are good PTC sites around, sites as http://buxp.org/?r=sarmite

  6. legend


    OVER 30 CENT PER DAY “Unreasonable”

    ADMIN Is write the threads … YOU CAN’T WRITE ANY TOPIC

    I tried it myself …. VERY BIG SCAM WEBSITE

  7. hello
    What about earningspot is it scam or not?

    • Arunabh roy

      yes its a big scam

  8. Hello

    i am the admin of dficlix.com, i would like to you review my website

    thank You

    • Your site will work honestly?

      • yes, i am just like you , i started this site as PTC members , after scammed by lots of scammers i take this decision

        i will work hard to improve this site more and more

        • Ahjeng

          I hope your site does work honestly.
          Major PTC-site nowadays are fake.
          Good luck to you