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Note: If you came here looking for information on, the review below applies to BankOfPTC as well, since both sites and are owned by the same admin. is an unsustainable and unreliable Paid to Click program which is not paying. In this review, we will point out few indicators why you should keep away from this site.

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Deceiving; Creating false impression – This kind of PTC sites are very attractive for new users because they offer $0.10 per click and guaranteed number of daily ads. Remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes, the only ones that benefit from these programs are the owners. You will be allowed to request a payment once your account balance has reached $100. But are you going to be paid? Don’t have high expectations. Don’t be surprised if your account is suspended or your earnings cleared once you have reached the minimum payout threshold.

Most people find it difficult to make good income working from home, despite whatever promises are made. Paying users $0.10 for a simple task such as viewing advertisement for a few seconds is not credible. This site is created to attract people with these high click rates and to get a lot of free traffic to the website links they display, but without paying anything in return.

Fake Click Rates; Unsustainable – Hardly a PTC can afford to pay you $0.10 per click. The main revenue for a PTC site is supposed to be made by selling advertisements. Ptcbank sells 2000 link ad hits for $1.00. The site generate $1.00 dollar income from selling 2000 ad credits, while they need to pay members $200.

Obviously, the revenue that Ptcbank generates from selling advertising can not support click rates as high as these and they can’t afford to pay their members. With these rates, they can afford to pay members only $0.0005 per click. Who will pay you the remaining 0.0995 for your click on one ad? How Ptcbank will generate the rest of the money to pay members? Who will pay for the referral clicks?

While you are viewing ads, you will be also shown Linksbucks and ads which you must view in order to get credited for your click. Obviously, Ptcbank makes money when you are viewing those ads, but this is not enough to cover the cost of $0.10 per single clicked ad.

There is one thing that makes Ptcbank somewhat different from the ordinary scam site. Unlike other non-paying Paid to Click programs, Ptcbank sets conditions for using the upgrade service. You can’t upgrade your account to premium member, unless you had your first 100$ payment. Most likely they will never send your first payment, therefore you can’t upgrade your account, and of course this is a good thing, you will not lose your money.

So this is not a typical scam site which will ask members to buy membership. Usually, other non-paying scam sites are making money by selling memberships. Ptcbank will not go directly after your money, but it will waste your time, effort and money you have spent to promote the site and in the end, they will not pay you for your activities on their website.

Fake Payment Proofs – Ptcbank have Payment Proof section on their website, so people may think the site is legitimate. Don’t be fooled by those so called payment proofs. These “payment proofs” are fake. It is just a listing of usernames and numbers.

If the site is paying, then why there is not a single reliable payment proof/screenshot on other places around the web? They have more than 300.000 members and there is not a single payment proof? Sounds fishy, isn’t it?

Ptcbank claims to offer payments through Payoneer. On the official Payoneer blog you can find announcement that they are in no way affiliated with Ptcbank and they have confirmed that you will not be able to receive a payment from Ptcbank via Payonner.

Censorship on the Forum – Ptcbank does have forum, but what is the purpose of their forum when only the admin’s post are published. On other legitimate sites, forums are mostly there for the site users, to communicate with each other. Forums should be a place for open and free discussions, place where members can ask for support, advice, share their success stories or post a doubt, post payment proofs etc.

If the posts on the Ptcbank forum were approved, then this forum would be full of complaints and spam. This way, with no posts being approved, the owner can hide the negative feedback on his site, and newly registered members may miss the true story about his site.

Complaints and Negative Feedback – Although there is not much info about this site over the internet, but if you do a little research you will find mostly negative feedback. On the links below you can read others opinions about Ptcbank:
Does PTC Bank Really Pay? No! Confirmed SCAM!
Is PTCbank a scam?

General Conclusion:

Ptcbank is a program which claim that pays users $0.10 per each viewed advertisement. Ptcbank does not generate enough income from selling ads and they can’t afford to offer such a high click rates. It is not a genuine program and it should be avoided. We recommend to stay away from this site, don’t waste your time clicking ads until you realize that you won’t earn anything. You will not get paid for your activity on Ptcbank. Instead, visit our Established PTC Sites list to find out which Paid to Click programs are actually paying.

Review Published: 10 Jan 2013

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160 comments on “ Review – Is it Real? An Absolute Scam | Site to Avoid

  1. Vladimir

    SCAM!!!!When I requested my payout the simply deleted my profile

  2. Patricia Altrogge

    😳 I also was scammed by this site! Clicked my heart out and as soon as I requested payout, I got blocked from site!! BEWARE THIS IS A BAD SITE!! Are there any recourse’s to take? I haven’t found any yet so stay away from this site please, you will only be disappointed in the end.

  3. I had to quit PTC Bank because of its overwhelming virus problem. If not for that, they could’ve kept scamming me.

  4. swifthunk10

    Yes these are {*profanity*}.These owners should be hanged naked in public. {*profanity*}.

  5. vasant

    If its a SCAM… Then y Government still left them free ?????? Y dont they Block that site…. If we found such Scammers we have to immediately Block those Sites…. Even they r usin Secured Sites for Such Scams….. How can they use that???
    Kindly Block It…..




    Translation: PTCBANK is a scam. When completing the minimum payment and a few dollars more, I was blocked without being paid. Scammers are accursed. Do not waste time with that page, it’s rubbish. Also their advertisements are full of viruses.

  7. swifthunk10

    I joined this website to make money online. I requested payout from 15 days and the website is not opening after i request payout.

    • dulu

      same to me

  8. yes REALY not pay if you can earin USD 100… close you account you can’t open in to your account… my username baaska

  9. Totally SCAM
    I made $102 Took Me 2 Months, and passing The Survey Was Like Passing Through Hell.
    Even Though I Did It.
    And Finally When Asked For My Worthfull Money I Was Blocked.

  10. Anna is definitely a scam> like others have stated you get to your $100 the amount needed for cashing out and then they wipe out your account and you get no money. It took me 45 days to get to that amount and then once I cashed out I get no response from them. This site needs to be shut down forever.

    • vasant

      U r Absolutely Right…. Shut dem off…. Y Government is providing Secured sites for such things ????
      Really a Sad News Abt Govt….. 🙁

  11. Parlin

    I agree about that. I am one of PTC Bank Victim.. When my account had a minimum payment, after 3 days their delete my account without notification.. They won’t to pay me!!! That’s a Suck!!! PTC Bank is Truely SPAM, ASSHOLE, BIG LIER!!!

  12. kashi

    ALLAH PAK ki lanat jhoot bolne walon pe….
    block ker dete ye 100$ k baad

    • hy dost kashi,
      keya hall ha ap ka main abi kuch din pehle hi ptcbank per joain howa hoon plz ap ap muje yeh batain key yeh wesite pay karti ha. ya nai.

  13. nimitr panichpanaow

    This site is really bull shit . All system are fake such as in the same day work if you get the same Ads . You can get only first Ads ( said on privacy policy ) . But with my experience it pay you all . Or if you have some problem and ask them for help . It will sent you ” It was advertiser sever problem we can’t help you ” . And when you reach 100 dollars and make withdrew . You can find ” log in incorrect ” when you log in on a next day . That mean it wipe your account put from list . If some one want to prove is it true or not . Write on my comment . I’ll give you my account to let you log in . I was reach a 104.3 dollars and withdraw . ‘Till now nothing happen to my Paypal account and can’t log in .

  14. ersyach

    Oh God. thank you for this information, I will to informs to all of my friends that have been joining with me.

  15. Thanks for the warning about PTC Bank. Seems to remind me a bit of how it is at Rich PTC, where they claim that you can earn $1 per click, but it is really a scam.

  16. bharath

    ho thanks for this information
    now i thought to join now i get know

  17. scam

    when i earn 100&, i was bloked

  18. teresa

    assim que eu fiz 101, 48 dólares bloquearam o site

    Translation: so I earned $101.48 now I’m blocked from the site

    • gigi63

      I have same problem…. I earned 100,01 USD now I'm blocked from the site

  19. eu fiz os meus cliques até ao fim e não me pagaram são uns aldrabões, tenham cuidado isto é uma farsa

    Translation: I did my clicks to the end and they did not paid me, beware this is a scam

    • roja

      yes these are {*profanity*}. The great {*profanity*} is paypermails which is also having an adjacent {*profanity*} site known as fmptr. They claim to pay daily $10000. This is the minimum payout. these owners should be hanged naked in public . {*profanity*}.

  20. Antonio Pereira

    Olá o é verdadeiramente um Scam, eu tinha 121,25 dólares e quando pedir a retirada , 2 dias depôs minha conta foi suspensa, não conseguir acessa site mais.

    * translation: Hello the is truly a scam, I had $ 121.25 when requested withdrawal, two days later my account has been suspended, I can not access the site anymore.

    • kelvin

      ya… same with me… scam hell

    • debbiebuelow

      ok i cant get on today

      • apnaraju

        PTCBank is totally scam please don’t waste and energy your time , I have earned 104 Dollar but they locked my account , I again say that is totally Scam scam and scam