,,, – Failed Sites

These sites are owned and managed by the same admin. Also owner of, a scam site which is no longer online. Since we don’t recommend sites from owners with history of running scams, we would advise to keep away from these sites. Besides that, some of those sites already turned into scam or are on the edge of scam. For instance, Awaybux is suspending accounts without valid reason, marking payments “completed” without sending the money to payment processors accounts etc. – Is it a Scam? | Not-Reviewable

Croclix is PTC site, launched on October 17, 2013. It pays users for viewing advertisements, completing PTSU offers and other offers from few OfferWall networks. As of January 4, 2015 Croclix turned into forced-investment program, and since we do not review or follow sites that requires some kind of investment/upgrade from free members in order to cashout, Croclix has been moved to the Not-Reviewable list. Moreover, there are certain aspects that personally we do not like about Croclix, for more details refer to the Downsides section of the review. Review – (No longer Online) Ties to Other Scams | Failed Site is new PTC site from the same owners of Hirenclix and a lot of other non-paying sites. Since we don’t recommend new sites from owners with history of running scams, Dreamclix will be placed straight to the Sites to Avoid list on the first day of their launch. Dreamclix certainly is not a place where dreams come true. On the contrary, it’s just another seller of dreams, judging by the owners history. Would you trust an admin who created a bunch of scam sites?

Naidbux Review – A Scam PTC | Site to Avoid

I thought people are aware that Naidbux already turned into a scam, but that’s not the case. I’m still getting questions whether it’s legit or not. So I decided to publish a short review to warn potential new members and those who are already using the site. Naidbux appears to be poorly managed unsustainable ponzi bux, and overall too risky site to use. I wouldn’t recommend Naidbux at this moment. Read the full review for more details.

Exchangebux Review – Connected to Other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid is a newly launched PTC site from the same owner of a large scam sites network. This network is nothing more than a ponzi scheme. As you know, ponzi schemes require a consistent cash flow from new investors to continue, that’s why this owner is opening new sites. But we do not recommend new sites from owners who are notorious for running scam sites. Therefore Exchangebux will be placed on our Sites to Avoid list.

PiggyBankGPT Review – No Longer Paying | Not Recommended

PiggyBankGPT has been online for more than 5 years. It changed ownership 3 times so far. PiggyBankGPT was doing well under the management of the previous two owners, but that is not the case with the new owner. Recently the site has been sold for the third time and the new owner does not pay, therefore we are moving PiggyBankGPT from the Established list to the Not Recommended list

SilverClix Review – Is it a Legit PTC? | Site to Avoid

It has been half a year since our latest update to this review and things are not improving on the sites from the Golden Group network. has been closed down without paying off their members. Prior to the closure, the site was not paying for months. and are no longer paying, there are no new payments since October 21 2014. Silverclix and Goldenclix are still paying selectively, and if you ask a simple question about your pending payment they will suspend your account. The forums are still moderated and censored, posts must be approved by forum staff before they appear publicly. It is obvious that this PTC network is collapsing – one site already gone, two sites no longer paying and the remaining two are paying selectively. That means their status here won’t change, SilverClix and the other sites from their network will remain on the Sites to Avoid list. We feel the sites from the Golden Group network are not a safe place to earn money online, therefore we would not recommend any site from the Golden Group network.

Yumylinx Review – Connected to Other Scams (No Longer Online) | Failed Site

The serial scammers are back with newly launched site. is new PTC site from the same owners of Hirenclix, a scam site placed on our Sites to Avoid list. Apparently the Hirenclix team isn’t getting tired of opening one site after another. These sites do not last long, they will pay at the beginning to gain members confidence and consequently investments but shortly after the administration will stop paying and run away with members money, as already seen with their previous sites. Then the story goes on, they will open new site using the same tactic as with their previous scams. Yumylinx will be placed on our Sites to Avoid list due to the reasons previously described.