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Clixplanet Review – Scam or Legit? | Failed PTC Site

Clixplanet is a PTC site that was doing well and paying without major issues for over a year. However, on March 5 their Paypal account has been limited. Since then, the site was experiencing other serious issues too, such as long payment delays and admin inactivity. Later the site was closed down without paying members and due to that reason, we have moved Clixplanet to our Failed Sites list and any other future sites from the same admin will not be recommended.

Scarlet-Clicks Review – Is it a Scam? | Established PTC Site

Scarlet-Clicks is 6 years old and paying ptc site, running on the PTC Evolution script. Using this site, you can earn a little extra money online, but you will not get rich. This site is not get rich quick scheme! Nonetheless, if you take the benefits of their unlimited referral program, it is possible to earn additional residual income on the side.

Clicks4Cents Review – Scam PTC Site

Clicks4Cents has been online for over 2 years. It was doing well until October 2012 when they showed the first signs of financial instability – raising the minimum cashout and the payments waiting period. Showrlthy after that, the site experienced issues that should have been never sorted out. Clicks4cents was closed on 13 December, 2012 without paying off the debt and didn’t provide any refunds. Obviously, Clicks4Cents scammed its members. Later the domain was sold to the notorious scammer Jeffrey Johnson who restarted the site. However, Clicks4cents is still a scam, now owned by an admin who owns over a hundred scam sites. I would not recommend Clicks4cents.

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