KimClix Review – Owned by Scammer (No Longer Online) | Failed Site is new PTC site from Diego Calandria Checco, admin responsible for a bunch of scam sites. He was involved in a lot of failed sites and currently is running other active scam sites. The same admin also owns Hirenclix, Jumylinx, Dreamclix, scam sites as well. We don’t recommend new sites from previous scammers, therefore Kimclix will be placed to the Sites to Avoid list. See the proofs attached below and find out why you should stay away from Kimclix.

GrandClick Review – Legit PTC

GrandClick is over 2 years old PTC, currently paying without serious issues. There are few different earning features on GrandClick, you can give it a try and see how works for you. I would recommend to join and use the site as a free member, test it and see if you get paid before taking into consideration the upgrade options. One drawback of Grandclick is that you must make a deposit in order to withdraw to Paypal, otherwise you can withdraw to Payza. We’ll continue to monitor the development of GrandClick and will update this review when needed. Review – An Obvious Scam | No Longer Online

Cashtasks is site that claims to pay users $1 per click, but it is nothing more than an absolute scam and fraudulent business scheme. Have you ever heard of a a single legitimate PTC company that pays you $1 per click? Certainly there is not a single legit site that pays users $1 for such a simple action like viewing ads. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and Cashtasks proves no exception. It is not a genuine program and it should be avoided. We would recommend to stay away from this site, don’t waste your time clicking ads until you realize that you won’t earn anything.

JillsClickCorner Review – Legit PTC | Paying for over 8 Years

JillsClickCorner is part of the MultiMoneyGroup network and has been online and paying members since March 7th 2006. The MultiMoneyGroup team also owns other legitimate sites like, and few other online earning websites. JillsClickCorner members can earn money by clicking ads, completing offers (PTSU and Offer Walls), playing games, participating and wining in contests and other tasks. You can read their earning guide about the different earning features they offer. Although it has been online for over 8 years, for now JillsClickCorner will be placed on the Legit list, and very likely moved to the Established list in a timely manner.

ClixToCash ( Review – Is it a Scam? – Failed PTC Site

ClixToCash is a Paid to Click program, launched on February 1st, 2014. The owner of ClixtoCash also owns 2 other PTC sites, (clixtopaid) and (clixtogem). All sites are under a year old and launched within short period of time, one after another. Lately these 3 sites are not doing very well, the red flags are starting to raise – they are not paying on time, there is only 1 payment proof for the last 7 days, they changed the payout waiting time without announcement from 4 hours to 7 business days. Looks like they are buying some time. Moreover they are suspending members without valid reason, just for asking legitimate questions or posting concerns on the forum. As a precaution, we have moved ClixtoCash from the New Sites list to the Watch list. One day after we moved ClixtoCash to the Watch list, they went under maintenance which was supposed to last 72 hours, but they are still under maintenance, since 29 November and up until now. Under the assumption that ClixtoCash is gone, we are moving them to the Failed Sites list.

Daclix Review – No Longer Paying | Site to Avoid

Daclix is very new PTC site that is experiencing issues with payouts recently. As it can be seen on their website, there are no new payments since February 26 and there are lot of complaints regarding this issue, but the admin and forum staff are inactive and not responding to members questions and concerns. I wouldn’t expect things to get back to normal at Daclix. For me, it is quite clear that this site turned into a scam therefore I wouldn’t recommend this site at this moment. Daclix will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list and will remain there until things improve, if ever.

DonkeyMails Review – Legit PTC | Paying for over 10 Years

Donkeymails is a site where members can earn money by reading emails, clicking ads, completing offers (PTSU and OfferWalls) and other tasks. There is unlimited referral system (5 levels deep). DonkeyMails has been online and paying since February 2005. In a industry where most sites don’t last more than few months, Donkeymails has been operating successfully for over 9 years. However, for now DonkeyMails will be placed on the Legit list, and very likely moved to the Established list in a timely manner.

Zonclix Review – Ties to Other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid is the latest site from Andrei Dumitrache. He is in control of other scam sites and was involved in few already closed scam PTC programs. We don’t recommend new sites from admins responsible for previous scams. Therefore Zonclix will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list. For more details and proofs, read the full review of Zonclix.

Licbux and Buxlinx Review – Closed Scam Sites

Licbux and Buxlinx initially were placed on the Sites to Avoid list. They were non-payign scam sites. Now both sites are gone and no longer online, therefore these 2 sites have been moved to the Failed Sites list. Any future sites from the same owner will get the badge “Site to Avoid”.