ConixBux Review – Owned by Serial Scammer | Site to Avoid

I believe is owned by a serial scammer admin from Russia, responsible for other scam sites including,,,,, and These sites are no longer paying, all of them are scams. I have no doubts, ConixBux is owned by this scammer admin. Read the full review for more details. I would not recommend any new site from owner with history of running scam sites, therefore Conixbux will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list. It is just another scam in the making from this admin, therefore you should keep away from Conixbux.

War of Clicks Review ( – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

Update: WarofClicks is in decline lately, apparently the site is experiencing financial issues – not sure if the site is still paying, currently there are pending payments since 2+ weeks. That’s a sufficient warning sign for us to move Warofclicks to the Watch list. Moreover the administration is deleting forum posts that contains complaints against the site and the support system is non responsive. Apparently WarofClicks is not stable as it used to be and it is no longer suitable for the Legit list. We’ll continue to closely monitor WarofClicks in the following period – if WarofClicks doesn’t get back on track with payments soon, it will be moved to the Not Recommended list.

ZapClik Review – Connected to other Scams | Site to Avoid is a PTC site owned by well known scammer in the PTC world, Andrei Dumitrache from Romania. This admin is responsible for a lot of closed and active scam sites. Lately he has been opening new scam sites with similar names to other popular PTC sites (popular doesn’t mean legitimate), and then falsely advertising these sites as if they were from the owners of those popular sites. For instance, he have, and now He is deliberately using similar site names to attract people and lure them in, to get as many investors as possible and most likely leave after a while. We do not recommend any new sites from owners with history of running scam sites, therefore ZapClik will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list. Review – Old Scam PTC (relaunched) | Site to Avoid is an old scam site that recently has been relaunched under the same owner. This admin also owns other scams like,,,, and responsible for the closed scam sites, and Since Cashbux belongs to a large network of scam sites, I would recommend to keep away from the site. I would not waste time and effort on a site managed by a person with a record of running other scam sites. Besides, Cashbux was a scam in the first place, prior to the relaunch. Review – Owned By Scammer | Site to Avoid

Etrustbux is newly launched Buxhost site owned and managed by admin responsible for a dozen of closed scam sites, including,,, and many others. The same administration also owns, recently launched site. Since we do not recommend new sites from previous scam sites owners, Etrustbux will be placed to the Sites to Avoid list. We would recommend to keep away from Etrustbux. Do not waste your time, money and effort on a site managed by serial scammer.

CashCrate Review – Established GPT Program | Paying Since 2006

CashCrate is a free membership GPT site available to users from all over the world. At CashCrate, users can earn money by completing offers provided by third-party advertisers. There are different kind of offers, surveys, tasks, contests, games. Additionally, they provides incentives to members for referring other people to the site – there is unlimited 2 levels referral system in place which rewards users for the activities of their recruits. CashCrate is not like the everyday PTC site. There are no ads to click on. On the other hand, depending on your location, there might be plenty of offers available for you. CashCrate has been online since February 2006 and has proven to be stable and paying site, therefore it will be placed on the Established Sites List.

PaidVerts Review – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

Update: I have found solid proofs that “Jo Cook” the admin of Paidverts is in fact Richard O’Neill, an infamous admin responsible for a lot of past scam sites. His history and involvement into past scam sites have been exposed on the biggest money making forums, which probably is the reason why this time with MTV and Paidverts he is misrepresenting himself and using the pseudonym Joel William Cook or Jo Cook. For more details and proofs refer to the Downsides section of the review. Review – Paying for Over a Year | Legit PTC

The owner of PPCAdSource does have previous experience in managing online earning sites and it appears he is doing well with the PPCAdSource project. The thing we do like about PPCAdSource is that they do not rent out referrals. Some of you may find that disappointing, but we would suggest to try to get some direct referrals instead. After all, PTC sites were meant to connect advertisers and potential customers, rather than members and bot referrals. Although recently we have moved PPCAdSource to the Legit lsit, our recommendation would be to test the site as a free member before buying membership. – Scam PTC | No Longer Online

One of our visitors asked if is owned by the same admin of Exchangebux, and I can confirm that it is – Clixzone is a PTC Site that belongs to a large network of scam sites, all of them owned by the same admin. This network consist of the following sites: Quickbux, Exchangebux, Facebookclix, and, and are already closed. We do not recommend new sites from owners notorious for running scam sites. Therefore Clixzone will be placed on our Sites to Avoid list. For more details and proofs, you can read the PTC-Investigation’s review of Clixzone, which is already posted on their Facebook page.

GuaranteedPTC – Owned by Scammer (No Longer Online) | Failed Site

GuaranteedPTC is a new site from the scammer admin of,,,, and If you want to learn more about these sites, you can read our review about this scam network. These sites are no longer paying or some of them pay selectively – there are a lot of complaints regarding pending payments, non-responsive support, complaints over the web about deleting forum posts, suspending accounts without a valid reason etc. I would recommend to keep away from GuaranteedPTC. The only thing guaranteed on this PTC is that it is scam in the making, owned by previous scam owner.