DingBux.com Review – Suspicious Program | Site to Avoid

Few days ago someone asked me to review Dingbux.com, which is a new “bux” site, but we do not review, promote or endorse anymore new sites based on the unsustainable “bux” model due to their high failure rate. I’m starting to hate saying this as I have already said it countless times, but “bux” sites usually are out of business after few months of their launch. Speaking of bux sites, 9 sites out of 10 do not last more than a year. You should always have that in mind when joining new bux sites. Anyway, as this Dingbux site looks suspicious to me, I did a quick research and found few discrepancies about the site, particularly about the people of their team. Read the full article for more details.

Excellentbux Review – Old Scam PTC (relaunched) | Site to Avoid

Excellentbux.net is an old scam site which was closed down over a year ago. Now it has been relaunched by the same owner, a scammer who is responsible for a lot of other non-paying scam sites and he keeps on opening new sites and relaunching his old closed sites. He will pay selectively in the beginning, then he will stop paying after a while. Therefore we would advise to keep away from Excellentbux. It will not be a long lasting successful site. Excellentbux is relaunched just to scam again, like all other sites owned by this notorious scammer.

PlatinaClix (platinaclix.com) Review – Owned By Scammer | Site to Avoid

Platinaclix.com is new site from the owner of other scam sites such as Cashbux.info, Quickbux.net, Exchangebux.com, Facebookclix.com, Clixzone.net, Bestbux.info and he is responsible for the closed scam sites Excellentbux.net, Profibux.com and Paid-bux.info. Platinaclix is just another scam in the making, a dubious program owned and managed by scammer, therefore it will be added to the Sites to Avoid list. Keep away from it.

ClixFever Review – Scam PTC (No longer online)

Clixfever.com is new PTC site, owned by the admin of Globalbux.net and Pinoyincomebux.com, both improperly closed sites, without paying what they owe to members. The same admin also owns Resbux.com. I would not recommend any new site managed by admin responsible for other improperly closed sites, because history tends to repeat itself, despite their admin stating “they will make history this time”. Well, they already made bad history with Globalbux and Pinoyincomebux. Clixfever will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list, having in mind the owner’s history I would not recommend it.

Strongclix Review – Connected to Other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid

StrongClix.com is the latest site from the owner of other scam sites such as Eaglesbux.com, Conixbux.com, Safeclix.com, Startclix.com, GuaranteedPTC.com and 5 other already closed scam sites. Strongclix is just another scam in the making, managed by person who is responsible for a lot of other scam sites, therefore I would advise to stay away from Strongclix.

Eaglesbux Review – Owned by Serial Scammer | Site to Avoid

Eaglesbux.com is showing connection to other active scam sites such as Conixbux.com, Safeclix.com, Startclix.com, GuaranteedPTC.com and other closed scam sites such as Regalclix.com, Wealthbux.com, PotentBux.com, WorthClikz.com and Paymentarea.com. All these sites are owned by same Russian admin. Eaglesbux is just another scam, owned and managed by scammer who is responsible for a lot of other scam sites, and he continues to open one site after another, each time with intention to scam, therefore you should keep away from Eaglesbux.

SevenDollarPTC (sevendollarptc.com) Review – An Obvious Scam

SevenDollarPTC.com is PTC site that claims to pay $7 per each click, but it’s nothing more than a scam hosted by Getpaidsolutions.com, a host which is known for hosting PTC sites with bogus click rate, of course all of them scams. The owner of SevenDollarPTC also owns a dozen of other scam sites. SevenDollarPTC and the other sites from their network are dubious programs and they should be avoided. We would recommend to stay away from those sites , don’t waste your time, effort and money on this kind of programs. All of them are scams.

Intbux.com Review – Old Scam Site (Relaunched) | Site to Avoid

Intbux is an old scam site which now has been relaunched with intention to scam again. It belongs to a large network of scam sites managed by scammer who goes by the name of Andrei Dumitrache, therefore I would recommend to keep away from the Intbux. I would not waste time and effort on a site managed by a person with a record of running other scam sites. This admin was involved into a lot of closed scam sites and currently is running few active scam sites. Intbux will be no different than the other sites managed by Andrei Dumitrache.

A Dubious PTC Network (Mauruff) – Sites to Avoid

We would like to warn you to keep away from this large network of PTC sites managed by admin who bought PremiumClix.com and PremiumCents.com 2 years ago and implemented restrictive cashout system. PremiumClix and PremiumCents are gone since a long time ago, but their admin is still around, running Buxhost sites based on similar ridiculous cashout rules. He is owner of mauruff.com, italyrapidpayout.com, 45daysbux.com, elite-premium-clix.com, piccoloelefante.com, diamond-mine-bux.com , dollars-euro-pounds-bux.com, no-payout-minimum.com, gold-rush-bux.com, the-gold-mine-bux.com, fast-payment-bux.com. Read the full article for more details.

A List of Recent Scam PTC Sites (Published September 9, 2014)

Since at the moment I don’t have the time to write reviews for each site separately, I decided to publish a short list of recent scam sites alongside with a short description why the site is a scam. I would recommend to keep away from the sites listed below. These sites are scams, either no longer paying or owned by admins responsible for previous scam sites. I’ll update this list as I spot new scam sites.