ElectBux.com Review – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

ElectBux.com is another unsustainable bux site which stopped paying and turned into scam few weeks ago. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that over 95% of the bux sites are just scams in the making since their beginnings. And Electbux proves no exception, it already turned into scam only a month after their official launch, stopped paying few weeks ago and now they are just marking payments completed without actually sending out payments. Their Paypal account is limited, posting on the forum has been disabled in order to hide the negative feedback. Typical behavior for a scam bux site. We would recommend to keep away from Electbux, don’t waste your valuable time on non-paying scam sites. Electbux has been placed on our Not Recommended list.

Sweetbux.com Review – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

Sweetbux.com is another unsustainable bux site. Take note that “bux” sites usually are out of business after few months of their launch. 9 bux sites out of 10 do not last more than a year. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that over 95% of the bux sites are just scams in the making since their beginnings. And Sweetbux is no different than the average bux site. We did a quick investigation on Sweetbux and found out that they are using scamming tricks, displaying fake stats and posting forged payment proofs on their forum. Personally we wouldn’t recommend Sweetbux, it will be placed on the Not Recommended list, we would advise to keep away from it.

Neoclk Review – Is it a Scam? | Site to Avoid

Neoclk.com is a new PTC site that is showing connection to a lot of other scam PTC sites, of course all of them owned and managed by the same admin. Neoclk is just another scam in making. The Neoclk’s admin have zero credibility, he is responsible for at least 11 closed scam sites and at the moment he runs 9 other active scam sites which are either no longer paying or paying selectively only few members. Clearly this scammer is opening new sites with intention to scam and closing them down, one after another within short span of time. And Neoclk will be no different.

GrandClix.net Review – Ties to other Scams – Site to Avoid

Grandclix.net is a scam PTC site that belongs to a large scam network managed by the same admin who keeps on opening one site after another then closing them after a while. Grandclix is paying selectively, there are very few recent payment proofs on their forum, which appears to be full of spam. I would not waste time and effort on a site managed by a person with such a huge record of running other scam sites. Grandclix is intentionally opened to scam, so beware.

Bitcoin-Bux Review – Another Scam Bux | Failed Site

Bitcoin-bux.com is a scam PTC site owned by notorious scammer admin who is responsible for a lot of closed scam sites. This admin improperly closed at least 11 scam sites so far, without paying out the earnings to members and Bitcoin-bux is following the footsteps of the previous scam sites from this admin. Therefore Bitcoin-bux will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list, we would advise to keep away from it. Don’t waste your time on non-paying sites managed by previous scammers.

FamilyClix Review – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

Familyclix is owned by the GoldenClix admin, no doubt about that. The admin introduced under fake name on Familyclix, he have to lie about who he really is because he have zero credibility. He have to hide his bad history and record of running scam sites so he could continue with his scamming tactic. I would advise to stay away Familyclix since it is owned by admin involved into other scam sites. Familyclix has been placed on the Sites to Avoid list. You have been warned.

BearBux Review – Is it a Scam? | Not Recommended

Bearbux.com is the latest site from the dubious Golden Group network, which consist of other scam sites such as Goldenclix.com, Silverclix.com, Adzpot.org, Clixdo.com and the closed scam site Balkanikaclix.com. Bearbux will be placed on the Sites to Avoid list because it is owned by admin responsible for other scam sites. Which is why he have to lie about who he really is (he introduced under fake name on Bearbux). Because people don’t trust admins with such a poor reputation as this one.

Insights into the Bux Model – Why Do Bux Sites Fail?

In this article we will try to explain what are “Bux” sites, how do they work and why we don’t recommend or review sites based on the bux model. Basically, Bux sites are those sites that are mainly focused towards members investments instead of advertising income. Bux sites are displaying guaranteed number of self-sponsored ads (admin ads) with higher click-rate such as $0.01, on daily basis, rather than displaying ads from genuine advertisers. Bux sites are not self sufficient on advertising income alone and rely heavily on other income streams. Bux sites offer expensive upgrades, rent out referrals and have very low limit on the number of direct referrals you can have. Lets take a closer look on how a bux site operate.

Lucentbux and Trustybux Review – Owned by Notorious Scammer

Lucentbux.com and Trustybux.com are new garbage bux sites owned by scammer admin, responsible for a dozen of scam sites such as Strongclix.com, EaglesBux.com, ConixBux.com, Safeclix.com, StartClix.com, GuaranteedPTC.com and other closed scam sites Regalclix.com, Wealthbux.com, PotentBux.com, WorthClikz.com and Paymentarea.com. Scammers don’t change. Once a scammer – always a scammer, especially when each month you open at least one or two new scam sites. Read the full review for more details.

BuxStepsReview – Connected to Other Scams | No Longer Online

Buxsteps.com is showing connection to at least 5 closed scam sites, including Cashmebux.com, Bestclicever.com, Onbux2.com, Buxwave.com and Buxfuture.com. The administration of Buxsteps was involved into previous scam sites, therefore I would advise to keep away from Buxsteps, it will be no different that the other closed sites from the same administration.