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Tomobux and Ceobux – Scam PTC Programs | Not Recommended,,,,,, and are scam sites owned by a Chinese scammer admin. These sites are not paying and they have red flags all around them. For instance, they don’t have forums nor payment proof section. Payment proof page is available only on Jwbux and there are no payment proofs for over 3 months. All these sites are forced investment scams, meaning you have to add funds to become eligible for payout. Don’t do it, you will only lose your money, the sites are not paying. Moreover, the same admin also owned, and, all of them closed scam sites. I would not recommend any of the sites above. They are scams, managed by serial scammer, don’t waste time, effort and money on these sites.

Facebookclix – Connected to other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid

Facebookclix in a PTC site launched in the beginning of April. Facebookclix is not affiliated with Facebook in any way, it is just another site from the scammer admin of Quickbux, Exchangebux,,,,, Since Facebookclix belongs to a large network of scam sites, I would recommend to keep away from the site. I would not waste time and effort on a site managed by a person with a record of running other scam sites. In this article you can see proofs that will show you the connection between Facebookclix and the other scam sites from the same admin.

Sites powered by the illegal PtcEffect Script | Sites to Avoid

Ptceffect is illegal script provider that is selling a stolen copy of the Evolution script (formerly PtcEvolution). PtcEffect hacked the PtcEvolution server and hijacked the domain few months ago and now they are selling the original software without authorization. I would like to warn you to keep away from these sites powered by PtcEffect:,,,,,,,,, They can be easily taken down if the rightful owner of the script file a DMCA takedown notice for copyright violations. Most sites powered by the PTCEffect script are scams or will end up as a scam. Those sites are not safe place to earn money online. Don’t spend effort on sites that don’t want to pay for the legal version of the script.

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