BuxP Review – Established PTC Site | Paying for over 8 Years

BuxP has proven to be a stable and established advertising service, sharing its revenue with its members for over 7 years. As a member of BuxP you can earn money online by clicking and viewing ptc ads, by watching video ads or completing different kind of offers and surveys. In addition to that, there is unlimited referral system in place that allows users to refer new members to the site and earn earn commissions from the activity of their recruits. In our opinion, BuxP is reliable PTC service and it will be placed on our Established PTC Sites list.

Twickerz Review – Is it Scam or Legit? | Site to Avoid

Moved from the Legit list to the Sites to Avoid list. First of all, as some of you are already aware, few months ago Twickerz partnered with the GoldenGroup network which consist of scam sites such as Goldenclix, SilverClix, Adzpot, Clixdo and Balkanikaclix (gone, improperly closed). That means Twickerz is connected to other scam sites and literally Twickerz is supporting those sites to continue scamming. Secondly, the site became another Goldenclix under the disguise of Twickerz. We feel Twickerz is no longer a safe place to earn money, they merged with and support other scam sites, more or less they behave the same way as those scam sites and therefore we are moving them to the Sites to Avoid list. We should have done that in the first place when the merged with GoldenGroup, anyway we are doing it now. Better late than never.

PremiumClix Review – Failed Scam PTC Site

Premiumclix has been online since 17 December 2010. The site was paying as promised until 20 September 2012, when their Paypal account was limited. Soon after that, the site was sold. The new owner came up with cashout rule. According to this rule only few members can cashout only small percentage of their hard earned money. Premiumclix moved to Sites-to-Avoid List.

Ref4Bux Review – Poorly Managed PTC | Site to Avoid

Honestly, I have the impression that Ref4Bux administration seriously lack of managerial skills to run a PTC site. I mean they are constantly making changes to the program, as described in the review update above. In the eyes of members and advertisers, that is making them to look as unprofessional and unstable business program. We do not recommend using such poorly managed sites like Ref4bux.

GetBuxToday.com – Not Reviewable Program

Review completed. GetBuxToday is one of the few Buxhost sites which currently is paying without major problems. It is owned and managed by Brian Rooney, who also owns Trafficwave.net, an email marketing program. So far, Getbuxtoday is doing great and it will be placed on our Legit list.