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BuxLeader.com Review – Connected to other Scam PTCs | Site to Avoid

Buxleader.com is a site owned by admin involved into a lot of closed scam sites. This admin, Georgi Georgiev from Bulgaria is constantly opening new sites, one after another and closing down the older sites after a while. The Buxleader admin is responsible for at least 9 failed PTC sites, including 33bux.com, buxboss.com, canadabux.com, bigusabux.com, feeldollar.com, buxpromo.com, cashfreebux.com, bux2000.com, and etabux.com. Opening new sites to pay debt on the older sites is not the way to go. Eventually the admin is going to close Buxleader, as he already did with 9 other sites. We do not recommend sites from previous scammers, therefore our suggestion would be to keep away from Buxleader

Tomobux and Ceobux – Scam PTC Programs | Not Recommended

Acbux.com, Derbux.net, Bagabux.com, Tomobux.com, Buxbanker.com, Ceobux.com, Jwbux.com and Buxak.com are scam sites owned by a Chinese scammer admin. These sites are not paying and they have red flags all around them. For instance, they don’t have forums nor payment proof section. Payment proof page is available only on Jwbux and there are no payment proofs for over 3 months. All these sites are forced investment scams, meaning you have to add funds to become eligible for payout. Don’t do it, you will only lose your money, the sites are not paying. Moreover, the same admin also owned vampirebux.com, emoneybux.com and 66bux.com, all of them closed scam sites. I would not recommend any of the sites above. They are scams, managed by serial scammer, don’t waste time, effort and money on these sites.

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