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This is the Not recommended list. Previously we called it the Sites to Avoid list, now we are renaming it into Not Recommended list since we think it is more appropriate term for the sites we do not recommend. Here you can find mostly active non-paying scam sites, and under the failed sites category – improperly closed PTC sites that didn’t pay off the debt to members. If a site is placed on this list, it means we do not recommend that program due to the reasons described in the review of that site. The vast majority of sites listed here are scams, although you may find some sites that didn’t have intention to scam, however we do not recommend them due to some serious issues (long payout delays, selective payments, suspending users without a reason, resetting balances, associated with other scam sites etc). A site will go on this list due to the following reasons:

  1. Stops paying
  2. Site is paying selectively
  3. Site is abandoned
  4. Site is connected with other scam site, managed by admin responsible for other scam sites
  5. Resetting/converting balances/referrals without valid reason and without compensation/refunds for members
  6. There are drastic changes to payout policy (e.g minimum payout increased to $50 or so)
  7. Site is suspending users without a valid reason
  8. Site is offline for more than 7 days without any update
  9. There are other important unresolved issues

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1,041 comments on “Not Recommended List

  1. sonia

    dimondclix soon boom!!!
    dont invest there

  2. Swacho

    Can anyone tell me how legit is pls?

    • sonia

      swacho are you crazy?
      never get paid there!!!

  3. hello everyone! i’m a ptc user and i search trustworthy informations about , , these are the 3 sites on the four that iam using the other is neobux and i know it is trustworthy.. but i was on familyclix and i have seen comments here and infos given by admin of ptccentral and now i quit with family clix cause i hate scammers.. just like to know if the 3 sites abose are legit if you have infos about them that would be great!!!

    PS: i also use and i have received a paiement of 0.00010000 btc ( about 0.09 cents on my bitcoin wallet! for those who are interested! i know that its a ridiculous earning but i tried to see without refs and without invests and seems that they are legit!

    ok well waiting for infos! thanks

    • sonia

      lexiadz is legit but hard to earn money with your own click!
      epicclix its legit since now but im not sure in soon future!
      dimondclix i think very soon gone scam!
      For your bitcoin yo can try 2 free faucets to earn free money. its legit and pays..
      i hope help you!!!
      ps neobux is hard to earn without Direct referrals.
      if you wanna more info about some trust sites tell me!!!

      • thanks for the info sonia! seems that dimondclix are honest and trying to increase seriously their notoriety! epicclix dont really have lots of info and just was scared that it was maybe another scam ptc’s admin’s site. I confirm that lexiadz is difficult to earn with own clicks and i have now 3 referrals but avg not very good.. i will come back here to tell how much profits or loss i will do with these 3 rented refs after their expiry dates just to see!
        i confirm btcclicks is correct and pays,
        freebitco i tried but with their multiplying game i think its not as fair as it seems, for me they offer bitcoins and they just want to get them back with the multiplying Provably fair game that looks like casino roulette.. i had 0.00022000 btc and i played tht game by beting only 0.00000001 btc at a time, just doubling evrytime i losted, at the end, lost every thing, i lost at least 30 times in a row by playing hi/low, stastisticaly impossible in playing martingale way.

        even if that site is legit, i really dont advise anyone to play Provably fair multiplying game on that site that is clearly made to make you lose the btc you won just before!, and without playing that game, that site dont offer enough btc compared to other btc clicking sites…

        i dont know bonusbitcoin but going to see and eventualy try 🙂 thanks again

        kindly 🙂

        • do you have infos about bitcoin mining? or bitcoin multipler sites? i see there is lots of scams but is there serious sites?

          best regards

      • hi sonia! i think that you are right for dimondclix, but i just wait to see cause if it do not go scam, it has potential to go far! but right now i have doubts concerning the buying direct referrals option, i think that all inactive members that definitly stopped clicking (members who totaly gave up, members who registerd to complete an offer on another ptc site etc) all these inactive members are sold to us active members ( 1$ per direct referral) diamondclix sell them because they are not rentable for them, they just try to get something of them but doing that, its active members that are scammed… i buy already 1 direct referral for 1$ and the referral is on dimondclicx since september 2016 and has done zero clicks.. soon it will be a week that he is my direct ref and still NO CLICKS.. i have writen to admin in “problems and doubts topic” 3TIMES and no answers… voila the latest news about direct referral buying system on diamond clix.. i almost have enough to withdraw and i will see then if they pay or not!

        • sonia

          Hello fabien. As i told you before dimondclix soon gone scam….
          Now for the minning program or something like that… If i can tell you about this i do it. But noone of this programs is stable. maybe one day pays and the other gone. so i you like to invest find some legit ptcs to do for the bonusbitcoin look my referral stats…
          To date you have 199 referrals and have been paid a total of 1.141.621 satoshi in referral…its ok and the counts countinue!!i have simple way to promote and get referrals in bonusbitcoin.regrats…soon i open my websitefor more infos about that!!

          • thanks for info sonia! getting direct refs is really hard, people know the business and dont want to give profits to other by getting affiliated… lots dont beleive in that business so it is really hard!! OH YEAH i also want to create a ptc website but i am still getting informations about how to proceed and how much it will cost! actually lots of ptc’s are scam and i think it is time to invest for a brand new 500% legit and trustworthy one, innovating is important right now cause all ptc’s are almost the same! congratulations for your ambitious project!:-)

            • by the way, dimondclix answered me about the direct referals problem, i repeat, the direct ref system is not trustworthy cause dimondclix sell all the inactive members to us who buys them! these inactive members sold to us are absolutely unusefull WE PAY FOR NOTHING! so their answer was: it is your risk when buying or renting referrals that these ones might be inactive, it is in terms of services, referrals are real people and some get no more active we can not do anything about that…) straight after they gave me a answer, they banned me of the forum! now when trying to write on it, it says that i do not have that privilege! lol BIZZAR i will answer them back but waiting to try to withdraw my little earnings to see if at least they pay! the answer i will give is::

              i recently asked clarifications on the forum in the topic” prblems or doubts” about direct referrals.
              It took time to have an answer and when i finaly got an answer, this one was not really clear because it said that direct referrals are real people and its our risk to buy them and have them not active.. ok i alrealdy know that but if dimondclix know that these referrals are absolutely not active, then why selling them to your actual active members knowing that your actual active members will pay for a referral that is already not active at all since a long time? do you find this correct towards the active members of your site (members who maybe wants to invest and stay as long as possible on your site and members who took the risk to give trust in you among all the other scam sites??)

              ALSO, i am wondering why i do not have access to the forum anymore… says that i do not have the privilege to see your forum.. the access to the forum changed straight after i had the answer about my problem and doubt about direct refs… what is the problem? why create a topic of “problems or doubts” if its for giving no real answers? why create that topic if its to ban people from that forum simply asking clarifications in that topic made for that??

              waiting for your answer.
              PS, screenshots have been done and just for informations, i have a facebook page and i joined lots of groups about online business with more than 80000 people in contacts that i will use to start showing everyone everywhere that you are not honest and not trustworthy (in case you close my account with my earnings in it for no reasons and in case you just want to scam me.!) i would like to trust you and your site but if it starts like this, it will be impossible!)

              best regards

              Here will soon be my answer 🙂 but i know that by writing this, they will ban me!

              • what is funny is that the inactive direct refs that members can buy, we can delete them! means that dimondclix can get them back when we delete them and they can sell them to other members lol one inactive direct ref can be sold many times by the site!

      • i tried but seriously this is losing time it is the same as the only thing diferente is that bonusbitcoin pays less but more often and freebitcoin pays more but less often… both are the same by giving possibility to multiply earnings in their multiplying game,(one is a rolling dice and the other is bet hi/low.. for me there is just a waste of time, we earn much more on ptc’s and spend much less time. also, freebitcoin and bonus bitcoin offer to get free bitcoins, ok, but wants to get them back by putting to disposition that multiplying game made to make you lose everything.. i have much more chances to win a minimum of 0.10 cents per minutes by playing directly to the roulette on casino games! SINCERELY, DONT LOSE TIME AND/OR MONEY IN THESE BITCOIN FAUCET! only things concerning bitcoin that are as good as ptc’s are btc’s (clicks for bitcoins) btcclicks is good for that and alrealdy payed me! voila my personnal review on freebitcoin and bonusbitcoin

  4. Rubab Javed

    Good job hero 🙂

  5. carlena harned

    Practical post . my friend earlier this week learned about to arrange pdf ! It’s comparatively efficient to apply and it’s practically peanuts – I received notice that they are giving a free promotion currently

  6. Clementh Martin Baroi

    Please provide reviews for the ptc sites clixblue and buxvertise

    • hakan yilmaz

      clixblue is a ptc site of farajalla. ( lexiadz, ultimateclix, offers4all also his sites)
      he is the biggest scammer of ptc history. he is very intelligent. pays %20 of people not paying rest %80 and these %20 barking in every forum that they are paying. actuallay not paying

      • thanks for comments, i will wait having the minimum cashout to withdraw on lexiadz and i will come back to share experience on that site!


    • sonia

      lexiadz is legit but its hard to earn with your own click!!
      Buxvertise you must upgrade the membership with 35$ dollars per month if you like to earn and rent some referrals then.

    • sonia

      clixblue its ok but slow earning.stay away
      buxvertise is ok but you must invest much money there to get a good profit.
      if you can invest much go for it

  7. I would stay away from Feclix, many people complained to me about not being paid by them.

  8. S.T.Bhagyalakshmi

    Yougetprofit was told to be genuine sit by somebody, here only.I clicked up to $2.55.They have put that out is $2. When I asked them to pay they are telling “please give all details.”Like this they are not giving correct answers.
    So many days I worked and now they are giving meaningless answers. I doubt very much.I don’t know how somebody has given positive comments about Yougetprofit.

  9. neobux is one of the best ptc site is also called king of ptc site
    here you can earn 100$ a day
    it is one of the trusted and legit ptc site and pay its costumer instantly
    but i will never suggest to get rented referrals work for direct referrals and you can earn passive income without any extra take my words u can join this site without thinking twice

    • hi¨! 100$ a day is imposible! i talked with the best members of neobux and with 11000 rented refs, dont expect getting more than 350$ pure profits a month between 10 and 15$ pure profits per day max so unless having 100.000 rented referals, it is impossible! or need thousands of direct refferals but goodluck to get them!imagine what costs just 4000 rented refs, recycling, extensions, the packs you have to buy also etc.. at the end youmake profits but not like you think! for that you need huge investments or invest in at least 10 ptc sites (trustworthy) best regards

    • sonia

      Neobux is the most clever ptc site to give pennies to memebers!!!
      its not scam but….its impossible to grow your income with neobux.
      the only way is to have many many direct referrals

      • exactly, you can grow income by investing in a gold membership (90$) and having 2000 rented refs and have minimum AVG 0.80 to have more than 1000$ pure profits in 2 years means about 45$ pure profits every months.. the fact is that you have to be patiente, and build your strategy to avoid losing time (money) avoid mistakes that every do to the begining.. investing in neobux is good to make a good passive income but renting 10000 refs is not the same as having 4000 refs.. more you have less will be the AVG. actualy the ones having 10000 refs dont have more than 0.68 of avg! imagine how low it is! but its enough to get 340 dollars a month that you can earn maybe after a year. what can be really great, is having 10000 rented refs with minimum avg 0.68 and having 5000 direct refs (active refs) and then you will be able to make minimum of 110$ pure profits a day! 3340$ a month! BUT GOODLUCK FOR GETTING AS MUCH DIRECT REFS (ACTIVE REFS).

        • if we could only have active direct refs, renting will have no utility but gettig thousands of direct refs, i dont think it is possible and even if it is, maybe more than the half would stop activity after a fews days so very very hard and only experts in marketing, social marketing have the keys for that.. i actually try to mak direct refs via social network and for the moment, zero 🙁

  10. Van

    Scam sites

    adzprox (suspicious)
    anaclix (not pay me)
    clickmoneymaker (suspicious)
    Coinofferwall (suspicious – no forum)
    crisclix (suspicious – no forum)
    clixbitero (suspicious same adming senseclix)
    egobux (malware, site virus)
    fastptctraffic (suspicious – no forum)
    gentleadzs (NO PAY)
    godptc (no pay)
    hashapple (no forum)
    justadey (suspicious)
    le-ptc (suspicious)
    lazybux (suspicious)
    likesclick (no forum)
    linelife (pending)
    megadcash (fake payment)
    mibux (no forum)
    mxrevshare (no forum)
    ptchub (no forum, no payment proof)
    randomadz (no forum, no payment proof)
    rewbux (suspicious – no forum)
    trafficsec (no forum)
    trafficusd (no forum, no payment proof)
    vertiseinc (not paying)
    zinbux (suspicious – some people not received payment in paypal account)P

    • clixbitero (suspicious same adming senseclix)

      Please delete your Comment : (suspicious same adming senseclix)

      This is not true.

      I’m the Canadian owner of since November 19th, 2016. is paying since the beginning.

      I’m working to improve it everyday, adding new Addons, Contest, etc.

      Last Payments were yesterday All withdrawal request was paid.

      Regards Owner

  11. Ashley

    would very much like a review of registered company that seems very hot nowadays..I wonder how ptccentral would review it.

    • sonia

      its hard site noone can understand how can give good money to members and also not turn to scam. its legit i made allready 17 paymenets!!! its worth to try!!!

  12. jayashree

    innocurrent is a scam. my account is suspended saying that i abused an advertisement[note that my payment was pending for 10 days]

  13. Ozan Cenker

    You are missing one of the most legit ptc sites out there. ! It has paid over $2 million to its members until now. I received nearly $18k via paypal in 2 years. I think it would be unfair not to add that site on your list.

    • Clementh Martin Baroi

      But Slow… Time killer

  14. Mr X

    GODPTC.COM ?? No review ?? Good ?? Bad ?? Evil ?? Please do your spying & investigation Admin, thanks.

    • GOD PTC is a 100% SCAM site, they just paid 2 payments and later they are not paid anything. And while I am asking for my payout after 10days of waiting time the admin simply disabled me to post in the forum. Support tickets not attending form 1st of September 2016. After banning me on the site he simply shown in his payment proofs section that he had paid $310 to me without paying. Here is the proof of scam.

      Even you can check lot of members are asking for payments in the forum and admin is deleting every post.

  15. Luisa

    QBITBUX is SCAM!!! Be careful. They do not pay. I am waiting for my payment a ling time ago!

  16. Luisa

    Otra PTC que no paga es QBITBUX. Cuando les mandé un ticket, me respondieron que tenía que esperar un mes para el pago!! Mucho cuidado. No inviertan un centavo en eso

    • henry

      hola luisa, de casualidad no sabes si godptc paso a ser scam?

      • Luisa

        Hola, Henry
        Hace rato godptc es scam, lo mismo que earningclix

  17. mangesh belorkar

    What@ following site?

    I am not getting paid by this site quoting some or other reason.
    Reviews are very negative.
    please investigate and display your report.

  18. crisclix , last payment on jun 11 , no Admin reply

  19. Hameed

    This is a website :

    It’s not listed in your site.

    So please check this website, it is Legit !

  20. Will you be doing a review of Phoenix Power Rising?