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This is the Not recommended list. Previously we called it the Sites to Avoid list, now we are renaming it into Not Recommended list since we think it is more appropriate term for the sites we do not recommend. Here you can find mostly active non-paying scam sites, and under the failed sites category – improperly closed PTC sites that didn’t pay off the debt to members. If a site is placed on this list, it means we do not recommend that program due to the reasons described in the review of that site. The vast majority of sites listed here are scams, although you may find some sites that didn’t have intention to scam, however we do not recommend them due to some serious issues (long payout delays, selective payments, suspending users without a reason, resetting balances, associated with other scam sites etc). A site will go on this list due to the following reasons:

  1. Stops paying
  2. Site is paying selectively
  3. Site is abandoned
  4. Site is connected with other scam site, managed by admin responsible for other scam sites
  5. Resetting/converting balances/referrals without valid reason and without compensation/refunds for members
  6. There are drastic changes to payout policy (e.g minimum payout increased to $50 or so)
  7. Site is suspending users without a valid reason
  8. Site is offline for more than 7 days without any update
  9. There are other important unresolved issues

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1,042 comments on “Not Recommended List

  1. tailoring

    You can add lexiadz
    Lexiadz and all of their programs are big big scammers. I got deleted and I didn´t violate their terms at all. I just requested payout, and they suspended me after I reached payout. They closed my ticket, not answering at all. , They dont pay users or they pay selectively to big investors and even investors have had their accounts deleted This goes for all the programs for their network which are UltimateClixx, LexiAdz, ClixBlue, and AdzBazar. They are all scammers.

  2. Thanks for this great list.

    I would like to ask, when was the last time updated?

  3. Marianna

    Beware of Bought a pair of sneakers they sent me the wrong ones. They said they would cover return cost so I sent them back got no shipping costs back and no shoes.



  5. Tapendu Mridha

    what about buxvertise, niobux, clixten, clixblue ,ultimateclixx? Can you please have thesevsites reviews in your list. I am interested in this site but don’t know whether it is scam or paying.

  6. Annu Srivastava

    Hi team,

    Can you please have grandbux site reviews in your list. I am interested in this site but don’t know whether it is legite or paying.

    Help me please

  7. the 10 doller bux need to be with the scam two
    inever got paid

  8. Aegina

    Tried to log in into today and it says website is closed…

    • Bhagyalakshmi S.Tirakappa

      littlebux cheated me also

  9. Bhagyalakshmi S.Tirakappa

    Has Ae Bux paid anybody friends.

  10. bebe

    I asked to pay for clicks made ojooowad worth about $ 8.00.Au been almost 2 (two) months of waiting and nothing.

  11. ikmal

    Please review yuWage and innocurrent

    • meet

      ayuwage totally scam, i got scam. after i reach $5 i cash-out and they dont pay me for 3 week and then i summit support ticket but they dot answer and then again i reach $ 5 and i cash-out ad then next day they suspend my account, how stupid this site is they dont have any problem when i am click ads but they close my account when i cash-out. personally advice you guy stay away from ayuwage they full of scammer.

  12. Please review Buxept. They didnt pay me

    • Annu Srivastava

      Buxept is scam site. Its not opening now. I have also loose my money

  13. fulvia

    please review about FORT AD PAYS website

  14. rohith

    please review about website

  15. Bhagyalakshmi S.Tirakappa

    little bux has not paid me from one week

  16. Jhony

    Adfiver é scam pois não paga nada eu não recomendo.

  17. Mark Daniel

    is a trusted ptc website? thank you for any response 🙂

  18. bishwakant lakharwal

    The form of is under upgradation(as site say’s). It,s been 4-5 days, how long does it takes for upgradation.
    I think sight has gone scam.

    Be ware.

    • Bhagyalakshmi S.Tirakappa

      Littlebux has paid me once. I am able to access it daily.It is working, I suppose

  19. Minu

    Mousebux did not pay
    very poor support system

  20. For the last 3 weeks I have tried to cash out my money with adfiver but all it tells me is too many requests. . They offered me a 10% adfiver bonus if I wait two weeks and now that I’ve waited it keeps saying the same thing, too many requests try later. I also contact support they said “We dont promise about your payment would be made.”

    So I transferred my balance to advertiser balance and spent the amount in advertising my link. But who knows that the traffic is real or just created by the bot.

    The big scam site …very bad. I refer only three sites really paying to the members.

    neobux, clixsense, and littlebux

    • bombomdada

      littlebux forum is down…my payment is delayed for a week now, might be on an exit scam already..i hope not…for the sake of those who invested..

    • bishwakant lakharwal

      Yes, adfiver is gone and they are asking to wait two weeks more for withdrawl every time. It’s scam.

      Friends, I think littlebux has gon scam. It’s form is not opening.