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This is the Not recommended list. Previously we called it the Sites to Avoid list, now we are renaming it into Not Recommended list since we think it is more appropriate term for the sites we do not recommend. Here you can find mostly active non-paying scam sites, and under the failed sites category – improperly closed PTC sites that didn’t pay off the debt to members. If a site is placed on this list, it means we do not recommend that program due to the reasons described in the review of that site. The vast majority of sites listed here are scams, although you may find some sites that didn’t have intention to scam, however we do not recommend them due to some serious issues (long payout delays, selective payments, suspending users without a reason, resetting balances, associated with other scam sites etc). A site will go on this list due to the following reasons:

  1. Stops paying
  2. Site is paying selectively
  3. Site is abandoned
  4. Site is connected with other scam site, managed by admin responsible for other scam sites
  5. Resetting/converting balances/referrals without valid reason and without compensation/refunds for members
  6. There are drastic changes to payout policy (e.g minimum payout increased to $50 or so)
  7. Site is suspending users without a valid reason
  8. Site is offline for more than 7 days without any update
  9. There are other important unresolved issues

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1,042 comments on “Not Recommended List

  1. Nael

    Hi, Admin , Is SCAM , I Requasted A payment And It Still Pending Month Ago ? (I sure It Is Big SCAM , But I want Your Opinion Admin, Please ? )

    • It appears so, there are complaints over the web regarding pending payments, non-responsive support, disabled forum posting, not paying contest winners etc. The same admin also owns which is under “admin maintenance”.

  2. Can u tell me about

    • It is a scam site with bogus click rate. There is no legitimate PTC site out there that pays users $10 per click. My advice would be to keep away from those programs that claims to pay dollars per click, otherwise you are just wasting your time using them. None of them pays. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  3. Socialbux is a big scam.I had almost $3.00 and they made my balance go to 0.00.Dont click there

  4. Social-big bux scam erased the forum what he had written about his fraud. So I decided to make myself an article about what social robbed me. Please read this article where it included the documentation that proves possible social-bux is a scam site:

  5. CR

    few sites i had enrolled, but after reading about sevendollarclick review, im petrified.
    can u please check these sites for me, royatptr,magicptr,sevendollarptc,tendollarbux

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but those sites are scams. Don’t trust a site that claims to pay $10 or even $100 per single click. I would recommend to keep away from such sites. None of them pays.

  6. viviane

    hi ! Just want to know if socialbux is a scam !! I’ve be banned because i asked too much questions and I loose 180$. Without any expains, I’ve be banned !

    • I have to look into this site first, make my research and then publish a review. Till then I can’t say whether it’s a scam or not. But it’s no good if a site ban users just for asking questions. Usually means they have something to hide.

  7. anjani kumar

    is is scam site please give me your suggestion

    • It’s a scam. No legit PTC out there will pay users $0.10 per click. There is no payment proof page and no forum. Also you must have at least 10 direct referrals to request a payout. Even if you have 10 DR, when you reach the minimum payout you will receive this message “Payouts are disabled for today”. Moreover, it is a forced investment site and we do not review such sites here. It relies on money from new investors to pay earlier investors. It’s nothing more than a ponzi scheme. And ponzi schemes are doomed to fail eventually.

  8. si now Domain Suspended
    This domain has been temporarily or permanently suspended.

  9. Lourdes Bualoy

    Please provide your review about Thanks!

    • Sunriseptc is a forced investment program and we do not review such programs.

  10. prasannakumar

    please advice the is scam or legit

    • is a scam site with bogus click rates. No legit ptc will pay users $10 per click.

  11. ptclover

    hi Admin, thank you for all the efforts you have been making for clickers, it is very sad to see a lot of hardworking clickers not been paid by these scammers, and new ones keep sprouting like mushrooms. so far my ptc sites are still operating and paying.

    good luck admin and keep up the good work.

  12. prasannakumar
    • Trafficbux is redirecting to parked domain page, so I guess it is already gone.

      Albabux is forced investment site and we do not review such sites. It relies on money from new investors to pay earlier investors. It’s nothing more than a ponzi scheme. And ponzi schemes are doomed to fail. Members investments is their main income stream. The scheme will keep going as long as there are more new investors, but it will collapse when the new investments stop. Ponzi schemes by definition are scam. So I would not recommend joining or investing on Albabux.

      About Puritybux I have read a lot of complaints of members being suspended when requesting payout. They have changed the minimum cashout from $2 to $7.5 and now to $10. It looks to me like they want to make it harder to cashout. The average daily earnings for free members are $0.15. It is unsustainable with their self sponsored ads. If I were on your place, I would keep away from Puritybux. It is not here for long.

  13. sazzie

    Help please, would like to know if Click Paid and Profit Wealth Club are legit sites, and are they both down for repairs, cause cant seem to log in to both sites.

    • Sorry, I do not review or monitor forced investments sites / ad revenue sharing sites, so I can’t say much about these programs. In my opinion, they are ponzi schemes that are eventually destined for failure.

  14. Anyone tel me about this Site is it paying or not ? is it scam or not??

    • It is a forced investment site and such sites we do not review here. Members are forced to make purchase/upgrade in order to receive their earnings. This kind of sites relies on members upgrades as main income stream, to be able to pay other members. More or less, it’s a ponzi scheme. And ponzi schemes are doomed to fail eventually. Might be paying at the moment, but can’t sustain in the long run.

  15. Ronald De Jesus

    You should include JSSBux and PTCGeneration on your Scam site because this sites do not pay. Well at least I am speaking from my own expereince from these sites.

    • I have created a pending reviews list of scam sites and added these two sites to the list. Will publish a full review when I can.

      Though we’ve mentioned that Jssbux is owned by a scammer in the reviews of Batbux and XoxBux, all of them owned by Ashraful Abedin.

  16. Cheng Liang

    Admin please see this site:
    Is this site owned by the same person? Their welcome message is similar to Batbux.

    • I can’t say so, I don’t see any connection between them.

      • Cheng Liang

        And what about this site:
        Both their design and welcome message is similar to XoxBux.

        • When I first saw Myrightbux, I thought the same, however I did a research and found out that the owner is Youssef Awny and from what I can see, he don’t have connection with Shajjad, the owner of Xoxbux. Probably they have copied the welcome message from Xoxbux, as I don’t see any other similarities.

  17. Can you pls tel me about goobux, is it scam or not ???

  18. Parlin

    How about Is it a scam too?? because When I have minimum payout $ 40, (Until now I have $121) still not get that money..
    Problem is before payment request we should follow little survey. But the survey in my Nation/language is not there(they not support yet, I don’t know it’s true or not)… so automaticly i can’t to make request payment.
    Please give me some Information about that..
    Thanks for your kindness

    • That’s the catch. Even if you complete the survey, you will not be able to request your earnings. Remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes, the only person who benefit from the program is the owner of EarningSip. They’re making money off sharecash when user complete the survey.

  19. Parlin

    How about Please give us info..

  20. Devon Avis

    please include raisingbux and tripplebux.

    • Thanks for reporting, I will update the list shortly. It's still under construction, there are a lot more sites to be included on this list.

      • Devon Avis

        Thanks admin…Im a fan of your site!

        • Thanks, I am pleased that you like it.