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scam ptc program status badge is a new PTC site that will be added to our Not Recommended list. This site is from the owner of The same admin have already closed down few scam sites and currently is running a ponzi network, consisting of a bunch of bad sites. Since this admin have a record of running scams and closing them after a while, we do not recommend Read our review below and find out more details why you should keep away from

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Reasons why you should avoid using

Connected to Other Failed Sites – is showing connection to a few closed scam sites like,,, These sites are no longer online. Admin of these site was Dumitrache Andrei and this is the same admin of

Nodbux connected to other scam sites

A Ponzi Network – The same admin currently is managing few buxhost sites like,,, This network of sites is nothing more than a ponzi scheme. And as some of you know, ponzi schemes are doomed to fail. On some of these site you will find rules like 80% withdrawal fees, many restrictive cashout rules and many forum complaints regarding payments issues.

Sites owned by Dumitrache Andrei

The referral links of the self sponsored advertisements displayed on NodBux are same as the referral links of admin’s advertisements displayed on other sites owned by Dumitrache Andrei:

Same admin referral links on Nodbux, Lexbux and OjooclixSame admin referral links on Nodbux, Intbux and Ojooclix

As already mentioned above, also belongs to this admin. Both and are using the same DNS:

Ojooclix and Nodbux same DNS

Nodbux Review – Bottom Line:

Nodbux is owned by admin who operated scam sites which are no longer online. Moreover, this admin is currently operating a ponzi network that eventually will fail, as seen with already 4 closed sites by this admin. We do not recommend sites owned by admin who is known for closing down his older PTC sites after a while. Therefore I would recommend to keep away from

Review Published: 22 Jan 2014

Review Last Updated:

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2 comments on “Nodbux Review – A Scam Waiting to Happen | Site to Avoid

  1. prokopis it a fraud;can you give information?

  2. Asked my payment on 22 april 2014….still not been paid!