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legacyclix advertising service
failed PTC program status badge
Click Rate
$0.01 - $0.0005
Minimum Cashout
Payout Wait
24 hrs
Payment Options
Solid Trust Pay
Ads per Day
20 +/-
Affiliate Program
100 DR Limit
50% ref earnings
Avg Daily Earnings
$0.02 +/-
Country Policy
Vietnam must upgrade

Update Aug 5th 2017: LegacyClix has been down for over 3 weeks now. The website has been closed down without announcement and without paying off its members, therefore we are moving LegacyClix to the Failed Sites list. Apparently few months ago the original owners sold Legacyclix to Anton Baikov, a name that ties to several closed/scam sites like Adzpool.com, ClickyHits.com, PureProfitClicks.com, ClickyClix.com, Mysiterotator.com. So no wonder Legacyclix ended up as a scam.

Legacyclix Review – History:

Legacyclix was over a 3 years old Paid to Click program, launched on December 4, 2013. Legacyclix was originally owned by a team from the Traffic exchange industry (Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage). Under the original owners Legacyclix was paying without major issues, but then they decided to sell the website to Anton Baikov, a person involved into few failed scam PTC sites. And shortly after Legacyclix was closed down without a word from the new admin.

Note: Most of the information below is from the time when LegacyClix was online and it will remain intact for informational purposes only and will not be updated anymore.

Things we initially liked about Legacyclix.com:

Paying – Legacyclix is paying its members and payment proofs can be found on their website. We tested the site shortly after the official launch and we got paid few times.

Daily Payments – Payments to members are processed daily, within 24 hours after being requested.

Fixed Minimum Payout – You can request payment as soon as you reach at least $4.00 in your account balance. The minimum payout is fixed and does not increase after each cash out, and this is a good thing, there is no stepped cash out system or high minimum payout requirements.

Free Worldwide service – There are no registration restrictions, people from all over the world can join for free. Users can make money without having to invest any money to get started.

Downsides – Things to pay attention to:

Site gone – LegacyClix is down and there is no any notification or update from the new owner. The site went offline without paying its members, therefore LegacyClix has been moved to the Failed Sites list.

Site Sold to a Scammer – Few months ago the original owners sold Legacyclix to Anton Baikov, a name that ties to several closed/scam sites like Adzpool.com, ClickyHits.com, PureProfitClicks.com, ClickyClix.com, Mysiterotator.com.

Personal Information Required – Make sure to read their Terms of Service before registering, particularly the sections regarding collection of personal information.

– Users using false information, including full name, when registering or changing their personal settings will have their account suspended.
– For security reason, Legacyclix.com reserves the right to delay and cancel any payment request and ask for more information from member.
– For security reason, Legacyclix.com has the right to request proof that you are the rightful owner of both your payment processor and Legacyclix account should we find it suspicious.
– Failure to provide us with the documentation of proof within 5 business days, your account will be suspended and all earnings will be deleted.

You have to provide your real name when registering because when you try to cashout they will request a proof that your are the rightful owner of your Legacyclix account. Also you will have to enter your payment processors email ID when registering. There is no option to add it later, you will have to send support ticket and ask them to add your payment processor email ID, but take note that they will request additional proof such as screenshot of your Paypal account with your full name listed and the status of your account (verified/unverified). The same applies if you want to change your payment processor email ID.

lLegacyclix Require Screenshot of your Paypal account

So they may ask you to provide sensitive personal information but take note that the website doesn’t have a Privacy Policy so you do not really know how and for what purposes your personal information might be used. Personally, I would be concerned about how my personal information might be used. Which is why I stopped using Legacyclix when they asked me to provide them a screenshot of my Paypal account. In my opinion a privacy policy is a must for every website that require sensitive personal information. It is just plain, common courtesy to let your users know what is being done with their personal information. I would recommend to use caution regarding this privacy issue. Decide for yourself whether it is worth or not to give your personal information to a website that doesn’t have a Privacy Policy.

Self-Sponsored Ads – More than half of ads available for free members are self-sponsored. These ads are placed there by the admin, they are not from external advertisers that purchased advertising at the site, just the admin is promoting his affiliate links for other sites/products/services. The concept of self-sponsoring is bad because the site depends on outside sales/conversions to earn commissions in order to pay members for viewing these ads. It’s dangerous and risky when new sales/conversions are not generated, that means there won’t be any money to pay you for viewing these ads. This may possibly lead to cash flow issues, unless the site have proper budget for self-sponsored ads or other solid income streams. As it happens, PTC sites don’t make enough sales to cover the expenses for showing these self-sponsored ad. Anyone remember Clicksia/Incentria? They were showing self-sponsored ads as well and they closed down after operating in loss for years. Yes, they were paying for years, but at the end their owner admitted that they were in loss for years and he had to use his income from other affiliate programs to pay members. Which is another proof that self-sponsoring is not sustainable. IMO, it is sad to see that many PTC site owners are ‘opening PTC sites to promote their affiliate links’ instead of building a real PTC site that will entirely depend on advertising income.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Security captcha – If you see a captcha while you are navigating through the website
    you need to answer it. Do not try to get around it as it will lead to account suspension. The captcha could be case sensitive so you need to enter exactly what it shows you. It looks like this:
    legacyclix security captcha
  • Earnings per referral click – 50% from ads value
    You must view at least 4 advertisements each day to continue to earn from your referrals the next day.
  • Sign up Offers – Members can earn by completing PTSU Offers ($0.05 per completed offer). If you have followed the instructions and completed the offer successfully, the advertiser will approve the offer then the money will be automatically credited to your account.
  • Offers Wall – Users can complete offers from the SuperRewards Offer Wall network. Users will earn Virtual cents for completing offers. 1 Virtual Cent equals $0.0007.
  • Cashout Options and Conditions – Payments are made through PayPal and Solid Trust Pay. You have to use verified payment processor account in order to receive payment. The minimum amount required for cashout is fixed at $4.00 and it does not increase after each payout request. Payments to members are processed daily, within 24 hours of request. The withdrawal time frame for free members is 7 days. Members from Vietnam must upgrade their account in order to be allowed to request a payout.
  • Inactivity Policy – Members must log in at least once every 30 days in order to stay active. Inactive members could have their accounts suspended and forfeit any account balance, memberships, points, referrals and advertising credits.
  • Script: EvolutionScript
  • Owner: Anton Baikov Old Owners:Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage (USA)
  • August 05, 2017 – LegacyClix is no longer online, moved to the Failed Sites List.
  • June 14, 2016 – Moved from the New Sites list to the Legit list.
  • May 29, 2014 – SuperRewards offer wall added.
  • January 15, 2014 – Solid Trust Pay has been added as new payment option.
  • December 9, 2013 – Review published, site added to the New Sites List.

Review Published: 9 Dec 2013

Review Last Updated: 5 Aug 2017

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72 comments on “Legacyclix Review – Failed PTC | No Longer Online

  1. nothappy user

    DO NOT rent any referrals because you will get 100% dead referrals that don’t do shit.
    RR on this are all NOT active so the renting referrals to users is a RIPOFF.

    this site is SCAM !!! stay away !!!! NOT recommended !!!

  2. Thomas

    ive experienced the same things about a year ago.

    First they erased my paypal email (Which ive wrote when i first joined their site), Then they wanted a screenshot to re-enable it again.

    THEY DID!!! BUT ONLY AFTER I WROTE ABOUT IT ON E-MONEYSPACE, Then 1 of their moderators accused me of lying on emoneyspace RIGHT UP MY FACE.

    I hope theyll go bankrupt, F…… A……., And their support is some of the rudest ive ever experienced.

    I Knew it, Nothing but a bunch of lying scammers.

  3. erika12

    This site is only f.. scam!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t invest nor one cent!!!!!
    They suspended my account, because I didn’t know how to set my Paypal e-mail and when I requested new password,I never got it.So they don’t pay.

  4. ouandyoi

    i’m also having the similar problem like others. i was just about to cashout for the first time but then they ask me to provide a screenshot in my paypal personal information page to them. i provided the screenshot they asked, then they said i provide “fake information” and have my account permanently suspended. to make it clear, my legacyclix email & fullname is exactly the same as in paypal. obviously they just make lame excuse to steal these hard earn money from me.

    i have clicked almost 4000 ads, but don’t even receive a cent from this site. so i suggest to update the information in this page, because legacyclix don’t pay all of its members even for the first cashout, maybe only some members will get paid a few times before suspended, but most members will be suspended before the first payment without valid reason.

    • ouandyoi

      they replied me and said it was just a mistake. i’ve make a new cashout request and see if it success.

      • ouandyoi

        i received the payment within 24 hours. problem solved.

  5. Pushpalatha

    LegacyClix asked for my profile details of Paypal. When I submitted they suspended my account even without giving a reason. They may misuse my details I think. My suggestion to anyone would be not to submit the details, instead quit. They are behaving like scam. I have been paid to same paypal account by them earlier, but now they are acting suspiciously.

  6. Mike

    Fake one!
    I have rented 10 refs and only one has made some clicks.
    Also, the autopay is enable, but the nomber of days decrease for the ref who clicked just like the refs that doesn’t clicked any ad.


  7. new

    admin on legacyclix my account suspended for no reason and asked me personal data from identity card, Why?

    • panos

      I’m not a member of legacyclx. Curious for your question just read above on this page this section: Personal information required (in bold letters). You may do the same.

      • new


    • PTCCentral

      Did they mention the reason for suspension? I just updated the downsides section from the review above and included information regarding these privacy issues, you may want to read it again. They are asking sensitive personal information but they don’t have a privacy policy. That’s not acceptable for me which is why I have stopped using Legacyclix. If I were on your place, I wouldn’t give them my personal information.

      • LegacyClix is scam now ! When I disconnected my modem , i get new ip !
        Because, my ip is dynamic ! And then i loggoed in at legacyclix ! But, they suspended my account without any reason !
        I sent support ticket to them !
        And then he asked my username and country !
        I’ve gave him my name ! Also i told him my country is Bangladesh !
        After a few minuites he replied to me,
        Hey lier , your country is not bangladesh , IS JAPAN!

      • ouandyoi

        legacyclix suspended my account today. when i attempt to cashout for the first time, they asked me to provide a screenshot about my paypal personal information. i gave them the screenshot. both email & fullname i use in legacyclix is exactly the same as my paypal account

        but this is what they replied me in the email:


        As you have provided fake information on your Legacy Clix account, your account is now suspended on permanent basis. Do not try to open a new account, as this will be detected and suspended as well.

        Legacy Clix Team

        • ouandyoi

          the email was just mistakenly sent to me. after i submit a new cashout request, they paid me within 24 hours. problem solved.

  8. wolv

    Yesterday I made legacyclix.com account today when I appear to get “Your account is suspended.” wtf ????

  9. soufiane

    I need referrals. So please join my referral link.


  10. NILESH

    Friends, I request you to join as my referrals. My link is as under:

  11. pwvognet

    asks for photo-copy of paypal profile page to get account #’s and infro. Big scam. NO PAY

    • PTCCentral

      It is already stated in their Terms of Service that they can ask you to provide such proofs:

      For security reason, Legacyclix.com reserves the right to delay and cancel any payment request and ask for more information from member.
      For security reason, Legacyclix.com has the right to request proof that you are the rightful owner of both your payment processor and Legacyclix account should we find it suspicious.

      If they find suspicious activity in your account, they may ask you to provide screenshot of your Paypal account where your name is listed (the top left side, where it says “Welcome, Name Surename”). If the name on your Paypal account match the name in your LegacyClix account, that will prove that you are the rightful owner of both accounts.

      As they say, this is a security measure, since besides honest members, there are a lot of cheaters out there trying to take advantage of security flaws on PTC sites. Personally I don’t like this rule which is why I no longer use Legacyclix. They don’t have privacy policy but they are asking for sensitive personal information.

  12. I need referrals. So please join my referral link.


  13. No more instant payments on LegacyClix.
    But the whole process takes up to 48 hours.
    Of course, if you have a verified account on PayPal.


    • PTCCentral

      That’s correct, payments are no longer instant, usually it takes 24 hours or less to receive your payout.

  14. Legacyclix is paying!!! Payments are processed instantly!!!

    Join with my link: http://legacyclix.com/?ref=Stephanos9

  15. oiLvAcciNe

    Yuppiii …
    My second payment received …
    Request $4,0065 for paypal … fee of $0,0865 applied .. received $3,92

  16. Legacyclicks looks like a nice site.


  17. http://legacyclix.com/?ref=clixlovin
    Admin I waiting for new Rolater..Love Love PCT Central

  18. Mimi
  19. Phyllis Hunt

    I am not sure about this site. I joined not long after they opened, and it seemed fine. I got my payments with no problem. However, I have a large amount of rented referrals (45)’. That have never clicked. I have recycled some, and the ones I get still don’t click. I am not spending anymore money on this site, it looks like there are problems.

    • yes this correct .. renter not clicking .. very low earning ..

      • PTCCentral

        Which is why we do not recommend renting referrals. The vast majority of PTC sites will rent out bots and they control their performance. As a result, most of the time you will lose money on renting referrals. I would suggest to try to get some direct referrals instead.