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InnoCurrent has been online for 7 Years 3 Months and 16 Days
Click Rate
$0.015 - $0.0005
Minimum Cashout
Payout Wait
30+ Days
Payment Options
Paypal, Payza
Ads per Day
20 +/-
Affiliate Program
No DR Limit
120% ref earnings
Avg Daily Earnings
$0.10 +/-
Accepted Countries

Update 30 June 2016: There are still payout delays at Innocurrent. We have received our 3 last payout requests on June 29 2016, with a delay of over a month for the first payout request of these last 3. As you can see on the screenshot below, the first payout request was approved on May 30 and processed on June 29.

Obviously Innocurrent is experiencing financial issues and if the site doesn’t get back on track with payment soon, then it will be moved to the Not Recommended list.

Update 11 March 2016: Moved from the Legit list to the Watch list due to payout delays. Innocurrent is not paying on time for the last couple of months. Moreover their support system appears to be unresponsive. As a precaution, we are moving Innocurrent to the Watch list and it will remain there until they get back on track with payments or it may be moved to the Not Recommended list if things get worse than they are right now.

InnoCurrent Review – Description:

InnoCurrent is a part of a network that has been paying members since 2010, it is a sister site of AyuWage (also moved to the Watch list). At InnoCurrent you can get paid for what you do everyday, surfing the internet. InnoCurrent offers different types of earning features, it is completely free to use – does not offer any kind of upgrade services. Using this site, you can earn money by doing variety of tasks, like surfing websites, answering surveys, searching the internet or completing offers. At InnoCurrent, you will earn credits for each activity on their website. Each credit is worth $0.0005. Once you have reached 10,000 credits (equals to $5.00), you will be eligible for a cash out request. You will earn not only from your activity but you will also earn a generous 120% of your referrals earnings.

Things we do like about

Long-Standing Site – InnoCurrent has been online and paying since February 2011. Most sites in the PTC industry don’t last more than few months, while InnoCurrent has passed the test of time and has been operating successfully for over 4 years.

Paying – InnoCurrent is still paying but with delays. Currently it takes around a month to receive payment. Below you can see our payments received so far:

  • 67th Payment Proof
  • 66th Payment Proof
  • 65th Payment Proof
  • 64th Payment Proof
  • 63rd Payment Proof
  • 62nd Payment Proof
  • 61st Payment Proof
  • 60th Payment Proof
  • 59th Payment Proof
  • 58th Payment Proof
  • 57th Payment Proof
  • 56th Payment Proof
  • 55th Payment Proof
  • 54th Payment Proof
  • 53rd Payment Proof
  • 52nd Payment Proof
  • 51st Payment Proof
  • 50th Payment Proof
  • 49th Payment Proof
  • 48th Payment Proof
  • 47th Payment Proof
  • 46th Payment Proof
  • 45th Payment Proof
  • 44th Payment Proof
  • 43rd Payment Proof
  • 42nd Payment Proof
  • 41st Payment Proof
  • 40th Payment Proof
  • 39th Payment Proof

Here you can find payment proofs from other users:
Payment proofs on InnoCurrent forum
InnoCurrent Payment proofs on eMoneyspace forum
InnoCurrent Payment proofs Google Search

Fixed Minimum Withdrawal – $5.00 (10000 credits) is the minimum amount to cash out and does not increase after each cash out. The good thing is that there is no stepped payout system. Each time you reach at least $5.00, you can request a payout.

Unlimited Referral Program – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site, which is excellent opportunity for members who can recruit a lot of new users. Big and active downline can greatly improve your earning potential. For every member you refer, you will earn a generous 120% of their earnings. When you have a big referrals base participating at InnoCurrent, your income will grow faster.

Free Worldwide Service – It is free to join and there are no restrictions, individuals from all over the world are allowed to join the site and earn with it. You can make money without having to invest any money to get started.

Downsides – Things to Pay Attention to:

Payout Delays – The biggest drawback of Innocurrent are the payout delays. For the last few months, Innocurrent is not paying on time, as per their terms they should pay withing 7 business days, however it takes around a month to receive a payment. In the recent announcement posted on their forum, they claim the reason for the delays is shortage of staff, and they said the issue would be resolved shortly. However even after hiring additional staff, the payout delays are still present. So it appears that the shortage of staff is not the reason for the payout delays, but most likely financial issues and instability.

Poor Support System – The support system appears to be unresponsive, so if you have any issue with your account and you contact them to resolve your issue, it is unlikely that you will receive any response. One thing is for sure, responsive support system is important for any site as it is the only way (despite the forum) to get in touch with the site’s administration. When members have an important issue or question, they expect the customer support department to resolve their issues, but that’s not the case on Innocurrent. Again they say it is due to shortage of staff and they claim the issue will be resolved soon.

Click Fraud – They have section called Standard Sites. When you visit a site from this section, you will also need to “click on contents that interest you”. From the instructions:

“You Must Click On An Advertisement that Interests You. Failure to do so will result in a warning which will add up towards to a permanent suspension!”

So they are asking members to click advertisements on other sites which can be considered as click fraud. Click fraud is an illegal practice that occurs when individuals click on website click through advertisements to increase the payable number of click throughs to the advertiser. Click fraud is type of internet crime and should not be supported by PTC site.

Inactive Rented Referrals – It appears that this site is renting out referrals that have not been active for months or years. So decide carefully before renting on this site, although I would not recommend to rent.

Geo-Targeted Ads – This site works best for US members. There are plenty of ads available for US members, on average worth around $0.15 per day. For all others, the number of ads will vary from day to day, even from hour to hour so you may want to check multiple times per day to see if there are additional ads to click.

  • Important Info About the Site
  • Changes and Updates
  • Viewing ads – InnoCurrent is not like your everyday PTC site. The number of ads is not guaranteed. Sometimes there may be more ads available for you, sometimes less. Ads are constantly added throughout the day, so you may want to check multiple times during the day to see if there are any new ads available.
  • Account Warnings – You may get a warning because you did not follow the instructions for viewing the site such as waiting 10 seconds before closing the site window or browsing the site contents after the 10 seconds. If you go over 3 warnings, your account will be permanently suspended along with your earnings. If you got a warning and If you do follow the instructions, your warnings will expire 1 by 1 after 24-48 hours.
  • Tasks – You can complete tasks and earn credits instantly in your main balance. There may be a tasks to categorize images or videos, make google searches, find particular information on a website, etc.
  • Radio Loyalty – Listen to the radio and earn credits every 10-30 minutes. You’ll be prompted to enter a captcha every 10-30 minutes to receive your credit.
  • Cashout Options and Conditions – All payments are made through Paypal and Payza. The minimum to cashout is $5.00 (10000 credits) for Paypal and $5.00 (11500 credits, 15% fee included) for Payza and does not increase after each payout request. As per the TOS payments are processed within 5-7 business days of request.
  • Toolbar – They have a toolbar with instant ads notification. Members who use the toolbar are more likely to see more ads. You can download their.
  • Inactive Accounts Suspension – Account that have been inactive for a period of 90 days or longer will be consider an inactive member. Inactive members will have all account activity and history removed from their accounts. Referrals and credit earnings will also be permanently removed from an inactive member account.
  • Script: Custom
  • Owner: Unknown – same owner of
  • March 11, 2016 – Moved to the Watch List due to payout delays.
  • September 18, 2014 – Payza has been added back.
  • May 9, 2014 – Radio Loyalty added.
  • November 28, 2013 – Payza removed due to Payza issues with US funds.
  • December 1, 2012 – Review completed, site added to the Legit List.

InnoCurrent Review – Bottom Line:

Innocurrent is behind on payments for the last couple of months. It has happened in the past and they managed to get back on track with payments, but right now the payment delays continue to persist for extended period of time. Innocurrent will remain on the Watch list for the time being. We’ll continue to monitor this site. Currently we would not recommend new members to join it because the site is experiencing financial issues. We’ll see what happens in the following period.

Review Published: 1 Dec 2012

Review Last Updated: 30 June 2016

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80 comments on “InnoCurrent Review – Is it a Scam? | Watch List

  1. This website is completely new for me. The payment proof has also boost my confidence in this website. I am going to try it. Hope it will pay. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rob

    Unfortunately I also have the experience that Innocurrent is not recommended: they pay the first time and after that they suspend your account. The reason they gave is ToS Violation: Using Known Proxy/VPN/Tunnel.

  3. Paul

    Signed up in October to Innocurrent, and Ayewage a few days later. They got away with $47.00 worth of work. Never paid me a dime, never assisted with any issues on their site, and never responded to the tickets I submitted. After trying to cashout $15.00 before working anymore to see if it was a legit site, waited 8 days and wrote to them telling them I hadn’t received payment. Two days later they suspended my account permanently. Not just my Innocurrent account, but also my Ayewage account both for the same reason, even though I had not been working the Ayewage site but a few times. Here is the email I sent to them and guess what, that’s right they never have responded. Innocurrent and Ayewage are getting paid to hire you, and getting free work by making up seasons to not pay you.

    Suspension reason / Direct Advertiser Complaint, Too Many Instructions Ignored [Explore Abuse – W]

    (Is the suspension our mistake? Explain why it is our mistake.)

    The Explore Site tasks haven’t been working for the last 10 days, I had sent in tickets telling you of the issue, but not one time did I get a response. No email either. I posted my issues in the members forum, but they kept getting deleted with no help from any staff. The issues were as follows: First Issue / Several of the websites had no external links. No advertisements, nothing. Here are a few sites that would not work even though there were external links. I made note to avoid these sites. Here are just a few that I copied.

    credit cards for small businesses
    usa university

    I seen other members posting the same issue, and no staff response

    Second Issue / after clicking on the task and accepting it, website would load fine, copy and pasted the URL’s as instructed into the innocurrent website and submitted the work. The page would just refresh it’s self, no green banner saying success and no red banner for failure. No credits nothing!

    The Search Site:
    I also had issues with the search site not working properly, work was showing but after submitting the task it would say you’ve already been credited for this task. Why was it there if it was already done? And the Spanish website about scuba gear never worked, I followed the instructions but it always failed.

    The Email Site:
    Stopped sending out email.

    Started out at 150 credits per referral went I started, then to 320 a week or so later, to 380, to 400 credits per rented referral.

    I cashed out $15.00 on November 24, 2016 to my PayPal, but never received it, I submitted a ticket, but never got a response, never sent me any emails. I have attached a screenshot of the payment request

    I hope you will make this right and that it’s not just a way to avoid paying people, and getting free work. You are getting paid by these companies. You should have the dignity and decency to pay the people who put their time and trust in you!

    I’ll be waiting to hear from you. Sincerely Paul
    I have over a half million members on Facebook and will be doing a review.

    • Alex

      Same with me. They suspended my account after 2 5-dollars cashout requests. Reason was “Suspension reason / Direct Advertiser Complaint, Too Many Instructions Ignored [Explore Abuse – E]”, without any warning received. They just turn to scam….

  4. zdomjus60

    Innocurrent just suspended my account for unclear reasons. I was waiting for two cashout payments – $5 each. Lot of wasted time.

  5. 45jon

    And I’m suspended after 5-6 days due to what they said use vpn tunnel proxy though I do not know what it is but I do not think my antivirus is no such possibility.
    Scam !!!

  6. Acer II

    If it’s time to pay, InnoCurrent is creating rules and reasons not to pay. It seams for this PTC-site his glory is waning

  7. Ales Novak

    SCAM!! After 5 days i got banned because they think I’m using proxy/vpn/tunnel but i didn’t!

  8. gerargamer

    Hello, good day, have suspended my account without any reason and q I do my ads as anyone can investigate if you like otherwise I take long to make points to q you I come to steal that way, I would like q enabled to again my account in order to follow up making money for me and ustedes..thanks..

  9. gerargamer

    Hello, good day, have suspended my account without any reason and q I do my ads as anyone can investigate if you like otherwise I take long to make points to q you I come to steal that way, I would like q enabled to again my account in order to follow up making money for me and ustedes..gracias ..

  10. Why my innocurrent account suspended i don’t know. Yesterday i requested for my first payment i worked this site tomorrow night. But today morning it is seeing your account account suspended because you violated our terms of service but i used only one account from my computer. They gave me a email id for appeal but is not a verified email id please tell me what can i do?

  11. Sumaya Sarmin

    Why my innocurrent accont suspended i don’t know. Yesterday i requested for my first payment i worked this site tomorrow night. But today morning it is seeing your account account suspended because you violated our terms of service but i used only one account from my computer. They gave me a email id for appeal but is not a verified email id please tell me what can i do?

  12. plz help me…my account is suspended …suggest me what should i do

  13. JASON


    Your account is blocked after it gets the minimum amount to withdraw.

    • Dark Metal Asuka Kazama

      Ouch! Sorry for what happened to you. All the times I’ve cashed out here I didn’t have this problem.

      Anyway…after what happened to you, I won’t use them any longer. Heck, I’m through with PTC sites for good. You just never know when they can suspend you even if one never does anything wrong.

      Now, I’ve been working these sites for six-and-a-half years, and I’m going to hang it up, fo’ real. Personally, I find I’m selling myself short on PTCs and this is the end of the line of that.

      Everyone else can stand this but I’m just going to stick with menial labor.

      Right….good luck and farewell, all!

  14. Van David Johns
  15. Amelia

    I am very dissappointed with innocurrent , my 2 cash outs were not paid until now . I dont know what is the issue , But I cannot recommend this site to people I know.

  16. Dark Metal Asuka Kazama

    I dare say, Innocurent is no longer worth using. Can’t earn as quickly as Ayuwage anyway.

    Ya know what? To fuck with Ayuwage and Innocurrent (sorry for the expletive but I needed to show my growing doubt).

    I’m-a stick with GPTs instead. They have lower payouts and pay quicker ( comes to mind…).

    New members to the Ayuwage network, beware! I cannot recommend them any longer.

  17. Rohit

    I don’t have pay pal account. Is there any another way for cash out in INDIA.I mailed my query direct to site also but till now i don’t receive any reply can anybody answer my doubt.

    • Paypal is the best option to withdraw money in India with almost no fees. Other option is Payza. If you go with Payza instead of Paypal then you’re a stupid.