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Gvbux was a bux site which was paying for the first few months after launch. Recently the site stopped paying and will be placed on our Not Recommended list. Currently Gvbux redirect to parked domain page. Obviously the site is slosed down without paying the debt to its members.

Things we didn’t liked at Gvbux.com:

Stopped Paying – In their payment proof section, you can see that there are no new payments since the end of October. Also Paypal has been removed from their system.

Forum removed – Their forum was removed. Obviously, they want to hide the bad words about their site. If there was a forum, it would be full of complaints about the payment delays and spam. This way, without forum the owner can hide the negative feedback on his site, and newly registered members may miss the true story about this site.

Frequent changes in the minimum payout – Initially, the minimum payout was set to $2.00 for the first payment. Later, it was changed without notice to $5.00 for the first and $10.00 for the second payout. Also, the referral earning were decreased. Clearly, a sign that Gvbux does not have enough funds to pay members.

A Bux site – “Bux” sites offer high click rate ($0.01) and self sponsored ads. For most of them, the main source of income is coming from selling memberships and renting referrals. Usually, at the beginning there will be sufficient income to pay the members, but as the time pass, more and more investors will achieve a positive ROI, the site will owe more to its members than the generated income, usually there is no big base of advertisers that will compensate the difference in the cash flow and the “bux” site, most likely will fail. Be sure to test this site if you plan on investing. It is a risky investment. Either you will get profit, or you will lose your investment if the site stop paying. The “bux” model has proven to be unsustainable. Bux site heavily relies on selling upgrades or referrals to pay members, and in most cases the main advertiser is the admin himself.

Non-responsive support – There are complaints that the site does not answer to support tickets.
Which is another bad sign. You can not rely on a site that does not take proper actions to resolve members issuses and problems.

Complaints and negative feedback – If you notice increasing number of complaints about a site, you can’t simly ignore them. Furthemore, most refback sites already marked Gvbux as a scam site. On the links below you can read complaints about Gvbux.

General Conclusion:

Gvbux was a poorly managed and non-paying site. A site to keep away from. The site now is gone and you should not expect that they will return online and pay off what they owe to their members.

Review Published: 6 Nov 2012

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3 comments on “Gvbux Review – Failed Scam Site

  1. Carol

    I requested a payout from Gvbux and was surprised that Paypal was no longer offered for a payout. Now when I try to go on the Gvbux site it no longer connects and comes up as Oops Google Chrome could not connect…..

    • Yes, they have removed Paypal as method for payout. Most likely their Paypal account is limited or they do not have enough funds to pay members.
      I am able to access the site, it's working fine here, however it is down for many other locations. On this website https://www.site24x7.com/website-availability you can check the site availability for specific locations.

      • Carol

        Hi, Thanks for your reply, I will check out the website you suggested. Thanks.