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clixsense advertising platform is another scam PTC site that is showing connection to at least 4 other scam PTC sites owned and managed by the same admin. The Greenclix admin is responsible for the following scam sites,, and All these sites turned scam and stopped paying months ago and now the same is happening with Greenclix too, there are no new payments since January 8, 2015. Greenclix is just another scam owned by repeat scammer therefore it will be placed on the Not-Recommended list. From the attached screenshots below you can see the connection between Greenclix and the previously mentioned scam sites.

First of all, the Greenclix’ Paypal account has been already used on other scam sites owned by the same admin. It is the same Paypal account used on Totalclix and Mlmclix.
Greenclix Paypal account being used on other scam sites

Secondly, Greenclix is sharing the same website IP address and the same Domain Name Servers with,, and Greenclix same website IP and DNS with other scam sites

And lastly, the affiliate links of the self-sponsored admin’s ads displayed on Greenclix match with the affiliate links of the self-sponsored ads displayed on Mlmclix and Apclix, which are scam PTC sites owned by the same admin.
Same affiliate links on Greenclix and other scam sites
Same affiliate links on Greenclix and other scam sites Review – Bottom Line already turned into scam. No wonder, having in mind the owner’s history, he is responsible for at least 4 other non-paying scam sites. Apparently this admin is opening new sites one after another but all of them are turning into scam within short span of time. Greenclix will be placed on the Not-Recommended list, keep away from it. Any future site from the same owner will be not recommended.

Review Published: 26 Jan 2015

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11 comments on “ Review – Is it a Scam? | Not-Recommended

  1. i will try to use this, tnx for the information

  2. sanil

    clixsense is a most trusty ptc site
    join here Link

  3. Too many ptc scam sites

    • sabbajassi

      I want to show something, I have tried to access the ” ClixSense ” it cheated me. I make 1$ and some cents. It was running good. but today I found that it is saying me the Invalid login or expired while changing the password as new password through my email verification. It is not allowing me to inter the member page. I am very disappointed! First we do clicks the utmost clicks may be more than 1000 wasting our data (internet) + Time . and it gives the result so, little panny and embarrassing results. Annoying and panik. ! Get lost these ptc sites.

  4. gooder

    hey admin i want to sell my neobux account can you do it for me?

    • PTCCentral

      It is against their Terms of Service:

      2.5. Accounts are not transferable.

      Sorry but I can’t do something that violates their TOS.

  5. Chris

    Yeap! That’s right! I had a last gope that maybe this scammer will pay us, but i realise now that this will never happen!! One thing i can’t understand: why the advertisers still sending their ads?? They don’t know yet?? The site still working like nothing happend and shows that some payments given till Jan. 08, but i believe that this is also fake!! My payments still pending, for almost 30 days now!!

    • PTCCentral

      Most of the ads displayed on Greenclix are admin’s self-sponsored ads and probably there are some ads from ‘advertisers’, mostly from members that realized that they won’t get paid and used their balance to buy ads.

      • Chris

        Yes, that’s right too! LOL!! I ha to buy 25000 ads, to spend some of my balance. But even them i can’t see anyehere!!!! LOL!!