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304 comments on “General Discussion

  1. not working for me, what about u?

  2. inukaze

    Hi there , yesterday , i saw the ads in , at the final i had 2.40 $ USD
    Today i try to login , and my acc don’t exist anymore , i register again , using the same info when i register first time in that site .

    Im looking for a screenshot i taked two days ago where its visible the “2.20 USD” in my acc in the tab “My Stats” .

    But now i dont have nothing , and i don’t know how i can use the Browser cache , for extract that information , for send to the support team . fo fix my account .

  3. Administrator hello:I would like to ask

    I would like to ask Click Ad Pays AdPackz
    site plans have have no major problems.

    Because just have the question to ask the Click Ad Pays Administrator me have Submit support ticket,But is Didn’t help me with replies to the questions.

    Yesterday my In Submit support ticket receive success message Notification,Today go Website See Yesterday support ticket Be deleted.

    Would like to ask Click Ad Pays AdPackz This kind of site it Is Scam or Legit.

    Now also Dare not investing Wanted to make sure people with experience In making the decision.

    Thanks Thanks!

    • PTCCentral

      Click Ad Pays is ad sharing network, investment scheme, not a type of site that we review or monitor, so I don’t have any details about it, but you can google it there are plenty of reviews about it over the net and see what other people have to say about this program. If you have any further questions, take note that I will move these comments to the General discussion page.

  4. hello admin of ptccentral.

    i am the admin of, is a site thats has been online for over 3 years and always paying.

    can you please make a review of my site?

    thank you so much

    i will aprriciate

    • PTCCentral


      You claim Adzclix has been online for over 3 years but the domain is registered on 13 February 2014 and the welcome message on your forum is posted on 15 February 2014. It means Adzclix is not even a year old. The site is very small and not eligible for review, it has only 1293 members, total paid $13.26 and there are no new payments since August 2014.

      • hello,, yeah iam sorry just 1 year since i buy it, the domain is older and the last owner had it with another template but the same name, is only 1 year with that template 😉 you are correct, i as a little lazzy promoting th e site so that the reason dont have much members, and we always pay, not to many have requested cash out but the ones who requested we pay 😉 thank you